C12: Yule’s Operation
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“Alright Mr Rong, we’ll inject you with a numbing agent then extract your bone marrow which we’ll then immediately transfer over to Yul Ryeong,” Doctor Kim said as he injected Wol Ryeong.

Wol Ryeong hummed then hissed in pain, turning his head, he looked over at his son lying on the bed beside him and felt a tear slide down his face, biting on the inside of his cheek, he said “Please save my son Doctor, can you make it so that he doesn’t feel any pain?”

Doctor Kim and the nurses smiled, looking down at Yul Ryeong who was fast asleep, he said “As much as I wish every one of my patients to be free of pain, pain is just an indication if something worked or not. If Yul Ryeong doesn’t feel anything after this then he could be paralyzed, but I can assure you that your son will be safe and within a few day’s he’ll be all better after two weeks then you can take him home after three weeks.”

Just as he finished speaking, Wol Ryeong felt a pinch in his spine and gritted his teeth, another pinch was soon felt and everything was over. A nurse came over to him and took care of him while Doctor Kim immediately started operating on Yule.

Wol Ryeong was given pain killers and put to sleep.

Taekyun was in complete panic mode. Hwan Shik was resting on a chair in the waiting area along with his daughter Tae Rah who was introduced to the father and son an hour before.

Taekyun had no time to prepare himself for the surgery because he had morning sickness from hell and was craving all sorts of nice things but couldn’t stomach it. Yesterday he had been feeling ill and slept most of the time, waking up this morning when Wol Ryeong and Yule were being prepared for the surgery.

Tae Rah and her father watched Taekyun pace around them amused. Tears were leaking from his eyes like it was nothing and the nausea wasn’t helping him one bit. Thirty minutes into the operation Wol Ryeong was wheeled out asleep and the first one to stop the nurse was Taekyun.

Taekyun looked down at Wol Ryeong and examined his face, looking at the nurse he asked, “Why is he asleep, Doctor Kim didn’t inform us about putting Wol Ryeong to sleep.”

The nurse smiled at Taekyun and assured him, “Your husband was worried about your son making his heart rate speed up so Doctor Kim instructed us to put him to sleep because he needs to be calm and rest. If he is stressed out it might prove fatal for him as the donor.”

Taekyun sighed, relieved and followed the nurse with Tae Rah skipping behind them.

Hwan Shik wasn’t minding his own business, but has been keeping an eye on Wol Ryeong and Taekyun since before the surgery and noticed that Wol Ryeong was taking extra precaution towards Taekyun even to the point where he was telling him what to eat and what not to eat.

All of that partnered with Taekyun’s uneasiness and his queasiness as well. Tapping his foot against the tiled floor Hwan Shik asked himself, “What are we going to do if he is pregnant? What will my grandson say? What if there is another grandson? Maybe a granddaughter? Taekyun did a good job raising Yul Ryeong, how will he raise this one?”

Tae Rah soon came back to his side and sighed, Hwan Shik looked at his daughter and asked, “What is it?”

Tae Rah looked at her father then rolled her eyes, “Do you think he is pregnant with Oppa’s child?”

“Your brother never did like the idea of having many partners so it is likely a probability,” Hwan Shik answered.

Tae Rah raised a brow, smirking she asked, “Why don’t you seem surprised at all?”

Hwan Shik looked at his daughter knowingly as he answered, “He has been defying me since that omega and Yul Ryeong entered his life, it just shows that he is no longer immature and can handle stuff on his own. So it’s not surprising that he had another child, even I would impregnate him if I lost the chance with my first born.”

Relaxing her legs on his thighs, she said with her hands folded behind her head, “That Omega’s name is Taekyun and you shouldn’t be so hard on him dad. He isn’t after money and his only concern is for Yul Ryeon’s well being, if he was really after your money wouldn’t he have showed up right after Yul Ryeong was born or a year later? He solely looked after the kid and you must admit that it’s amazing that he got a job, provided for his son and managed to put him into school not to mention all the bull shit he has been put through and even while all of this was stressing him out he managed to raise your grandson into a better version of you and Oppa, I won’t mind getting to hold Oppa’s baby in my arms.”


Taekyun returned from the bathroom after throwing up and washing his face to find Wol Ryeong sitting upright in the bed with an exhausted look on his face.

Taekyun smiled when he saw Wol Ryeong and just this smile made Wol Ryeong’s heart beat fast, he looked up at Taekyun with a slight blush saying, “Hey.”

Taekyun chuckled and sat down on the bed, he rubbed his hands through Wol Ryeong’s sweaty hair and kissed his cheek, “Are you feeling better?” he asked.

Wol Ryeong cupped his that was kissed and smiled, “I’m still in pain, but okay, how's our son doing?”

“We’re three hours in, we were told a few minutes ago that Yule’s body is accepting the transplant and his complexion is already improving, I saw him about an hour ago because he woke up during surgery and wanted to see me. They moved him to a different room where he is sleeping, your father and sister is with him so there is no reason for you to worry about him,” Taekyun said while wiping away his tears.

“Thank goodness,” Wol Ryeong sighed relieved. He wiped away Taekyun’s tears and pulled him in for a hug, kissing the top of his head, he said, “It’s not good for the baby if you’re stressing like this so stop crying okay.”

Taekyun shook his head, “I’m just happy that both of you are safe and doing well, so soon, all we have to do is wait for Yule to get healthy then its home sweet home.”