C14: The Jo’s
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“Hello? Can I help you all,” Hwan Shik asked as he looked at them.

The family of eight looked at Hwan Shik confused, who was this man?

No one really knew who Hwan Shik or Wol Ryeong because they worked within the underground with underhanded matters and means.

Taekyun’s father spoke, “We’re here to see Jo Teakhyun.”

“Jo?” Hwan Shik repeated and looked back into the room. He saw that Yule was watching them and frowned, looking back at the family he said, “I don’t know a Jo Taekyun but my son-in-law is Park Taekyun.”

Taekyun’s father raised a brow, “You accepted that whore as your son-in-law?”

Taekyun’s grandmother hit her son on the shoulder and said, “Hush you if you’re going to be disrespectful!”

Inside the room, Yule leaned over and shook his mama awake, “Mama, wake up!”

Taekyun groan, “What is it? Why aren’t you asleep?”

“Mama, wake up, there’s people here talking to grandpa,” Yule moaned.

Taekyun frowned and opened his eyes. Turning his head, he focused his gaze at the door and saw that the people he hated were here!

Taekyun stood up, looking at his son, he said, “Yule baby, go to sleep, mama’s going to be back soon.”

Yule grumbled, “But maaa~ I don’t want to sleep.”

Wol Ryeong opened his eyes after hearing the continuous bickering and rubbed his eyes. Sitting up, he watched as Taekyun put on his jacket and walked out.

Looking over at his son, he asked, “Yule, who are those people with grandpa and mama?”

Yule looked at his father and grumbled, “Mama didn’t tell me, he said I must sleep.”

Wol Ryeong smirked, winking at his son, he said, “You should get some rest son, you don’t want your mama to be angry at you right.”

“Fine~” Yule grumbled. Turning around, he covered his head with the sheets and closed his eyes.

Outside, they all looked at Taekyun and could see the hostility in his gazes.

Hwan Shik said, “They are asking for a Jo Taekyun.”

Taekyun looked at Hwan Shik and frowned, glaring at his family he asked, “What do you all want?”

“Taekyun-ah, we heard you were sick and came to check on you,” his grandmother said.

Both Hwan Shik and Taekyun could see the eye roll of everyone one except Taekyun’s grandparents.

“Do I look sick? And are you sure you came here to check on me or gloat, happy that I am about to die?” Taekyun said in disgust.

“That’s some mouth you got there,” Taekyun’s brother Taehyun said.

Taekyun glared at him and said, “When adults speak, children should shut up.”

“Taekyun wait, calm down,” Hwan Shik urged him.

He looked at the family and said, “You all seem to be here to see Taekyun but as you can see, he doesn’t want you here and I don’t think any of you really want to be here, please leave, Taekyun wasn’t the one who was sick in the first place, so I think it is best that you all leave.”

Hwan Shik looked at Taekyun and saw that he was trying to keep his tears from coming out, “Go inside,” he said.

Taekyun nodded and was about to open the door and froze when he heard his grandmother ask, “Taekyun, the nurses said that you have a child, is he okay?”

Taekyun turned his head to look at her, but Hwan Shik answered, “He is fine. If you want to see him, please come back tomorrow morning, it’s late now and he is sleeping.”

Hwan Shik grabbed Taekyun’s arm and dragged him down the hallway to the bathroom.

Taekyun rushed to the sink and washed his face. When he calmed down, he closed the tap and looked at Hwan Shik.

Hwan Shik folded his arms and asked, “What happened? I only know that they kicked you out, but for you to even be angry at your grandmother who seems to care for you?”

“She doesn’t care,” Taekyun said as he tried to not choke on his tears.

Hwan Shik raised a brow, “Why do you say that?”

Taekyun shook his head, he didn’t want to talk about it.

Hwan Shik sighed, “Listen, I can keep them far away from you so why don’t you tell me, I at least need a good reason for why I should keep them from you and Yul Ryeong.”

Taekyun was quiet as he collected his thoughts. Wiping away his tears he said, “After my sub-gender test, I was kicked out of the house. I was on the street for about a week when my uncles, my father’s brother came to find me and take me back to my grandmother’s place. At that time, my grandfather was overseas and when I arrived there, she said I could stay with her. After a month of staying with them, my uncles started harassing me; one day things went bad and my youngest uncle, beat me up. I was beaten to the point where I couldn’t move and he… he… he rape me. My second uncle walked in and didn’t bother stopping him, instead he joined in, taking turns on me.”

Turning around, he hugged his arms as he trembled, continuing, “When my grandmother came home, she told them to stop but that was it. They stopped and once she turned her back on us, they started raping me again. I was only fourteen and they did that to me! I was almost paralyzed and they didn’t even care, it went on for a week and even though I wasn’t healed, I managed to leave and went to the omega welfare; my grandmother came looking for me there but they didn’t allow her to see me because I told them that she allowed it. I am certain that she just took me in to feed me too those beasts.”

“Alright!” Hwan Shik said and left the bathroom. Comforting Taekyun wasn’t his job, all he needed was a reason.

When he left, he found Wol Ryeong standing outside the door with a blank look in his eyes. He didn’t say anything and just left.

Wol Ryeong on the other hand was thinking of ways to get hold of those two and hurt them so badly for hurting someone who brought him joy!