C15: Education
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After his family’s visit Taekyun wasn’t the same.

The Jo family returned the next morning and blew up a fuss because Hwan Shik had his bodyguards at Yule’s door and told the receptionist not to allow them in. Taekyun’s phone was being blasted nonstop too.

Yule woke up the next morning and found his mama lying next to him with puffy eyes, and sniffing. Wol Ryeong came over to get Taekyun away frown Yule while he pretended to sleep and over heard them talking about a baby and how Taekyun was putting himself at risk with worrying about his family.

“Yule baby, how are you feeling?” Taekyun asked as he walked into the room.

Yule looked at his mother and asked, “I’m fine ma are you? You’ve been crying nonstop and vomiting like its nothing? Are you sick like me?”

Taekyun chuckled, “I’m okay baby, mama’s just stressed.”

“About what?” Yule asked curiously.

Taekyun looked at Yule tiredly and said, “Nothing baby, its just grown up things.”

“Grown up things? Mama, when have you ever kept secrets from me? Is it because daddy’s here now?” Yule asked annoyed.

Taekyun shook his head and wiped away a tear, “Baby, it’s not your father’s fault. Let’s first focus on your recovery before we start thinking about anything else.”

Yule looked down at his hands and grumbled, “But I am fine already.”


Later in the evening, Hwan Shik came over to babysit while Wol Ryeong and Taekyun went home to change.

It was getting late and Yule wanted to sleep, looking at Hwan Shik who was on his phone he said, “Old man, read me a story.”

Hwan Shik looked at Yule and put his phone away, “Only if you ask nicely.”

Yule stared at his grandfather from under the blanket, only his eyes could be seen and not a peep was made.

The seconds went by and all that happened was Yule staring him down. A good three minutes went by and Hwan Shik rubbed his temples thinking, ‘This little shit.’

He picked up a container on the side and started reading, “Caution for external use only. Do not apply on sore or broken skin. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid eye contact and inhalation. Keep out of reach from children.”

He placed the container down and saw that Yule’s eyes were closed.

Hwan Shik couldn’t believe his eyes, either he was hallucinating or this child was dropped when he was younger.

An hour went by and Hwan Shik who was busy reading a magazine heard, “Why is my mama crying so much?”

Hwan Shik looked at Yule but was quiet. The child on the bed wasn’t asleep right?

“Are you awake?” Hwan Shik asked to confirm that he wasn’t senile.

“Yes,” Yule answered.

“Why aren’t you asleep, its been hour already,” Hwan Shik said confused.

“I just want to know,” Yule said.

Hwan Shik sighed, “Alright, as long as you promise to sleep afterwards.

Yule turned around and looked at his grandfather from under the blankets. Hwan Shik put the magazine down and looked at Yule, “Do you know the difference between the genders in our world?”

Yule nodded, “Besides male and female, there’s beta, alpha and omega.”

“Mn,” Hwan Shik hummed.

“Do you know what sex is?” Hwan Shik asked Yule.

Yule shook his head, Hwan Shik sighed, “Sex is what two people do, whether man and woman, two men, three partake or all females, like your two dads. There is consensual sex and non-consensual. Do you know the difference?”

Yule shook his head.

“Consensual means, yes we can have sex. Non-consensual means no, leave me alone, I do not want to have sex with you. And in this world with Alpha’s and Omega’s, Alpha’s tend to force themselves onto Omega’s for instance with how you were made and how all my children were made. And in most cases, Omega’s release their pheromones unintentionally but that unintentional mess up will lead to rape and that’s what happened ninety percent of the time and because it happens, when an Omega is born into an all Alpha family, there is the risk of unintentionally raping that omega and the way society sees omega’s are as whores, sluts and cockroaches that shouldn’t exist. We also have the omega association that all Alpha’s are legally bound to pay a sum of money monthly because if we don’t keep the whores off the street, who knows what will happen.”

“In your mothers case, his family found out that he was an omega and kicked him out because they didn’t want a whore living with them that was a potential threat and your mothers grandmother took your mother in and let your mothers two uncles rape him but now after so many years of ignoring your mother, they think that now that he is dying, they can be freed of that burden.”

“But my mama isn’t a whore or a cockroach,” Yule said with a sniffle.

Hwan Shik nodded his head, “Most people aren’t level headed like you and me. I may have forced myself on an Omega and I am a scumbag so to say, but I would never abandon my child even if he or she was an omega and look, although I don’t care much for your mother, I am tolerating him because of you, if you were anyone else’s grandchild, you would have been on the street with your mother or separated from your mother while you lived with your father or grandparents.”

“Then why are you nice?” Yule asked suspiciously.

Hwan Shik smirked, “The more Dominant Alpha’s my line can make the better.”