C16: Oh…
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Dr Kim looked down at the scale Yule stood on and nodded, writing down his weight, he tapped Yule on the shoulder and said, “You can jump off now.”

Yule nodded his head seriously and really jumped into the air and land squarely on his feet, giving Taekyun, Wol Ryeong and Dr Kim a fright who chuckled after.

“As you can see, your son is as healthy as he should be. His hair is already growing back and there are no signs of the cancerous cells in his body but just to be safe, please do come in for a check in four weeks,” Dr Kim said and gave Yule a high five.

Wol Ryeong and Dr Kim shook hands and Wol Ryeong walked him out.

Taekyun rushed over to his son and tackled him down on the bed and attacked him with many kisses, “My baby, you’re all better!”

Yule sighed and the bed and wrapped his arms and legs around Taekyun who was hugging him, “Mn, I thought I was going to die,” Yule said.

Taekyun’s heart trembled hearing his son’s words. He looked up at his son and shook his head, “Do you know, that mama had full faith that you would fight it through till the end my Sae Dum?”

Yule groaned, “Okay, okay, just please stop calling me that.”

Wol Ryeong walked in and smiled at the two of them. He walked over to the bed and kissed Yule on the forehead who scrunched his nose.

“Son, you’re all better now, isn’t that great news?” Wol Ryeong said and started tickling him.

Yule was exhausted from being tickled to oblivion by his parents.

After a brief stare at each other, Taekyun said, “Yule, we have something to tell you.”

Yule settled in his father’s arms and looked at his mama.

Taekyun took a deep breath in and asked, “What is the one thing you wanted the most from me?”

Yule frowned as he ran the question multiple times in his head. Yule shook his confused, “I don’t remember, I just wanted to get better mama.”

Taekyun smiled, he moved closer to the two of them and said as he held Yule’s hands, “Baby, I am pregnant.”

Yule stared at his mama blankly as the words registered. A frown formed on his face and he asked, “You’re having a baby?”

Taekyun nodded his head nervously.

“With who?” Yule asked.

Taekyun looked at Wol Ryeong who nodded and said, “With your father.”

Yule bit back on his molar’s and said, “Oh…”

Taekyun and Wol Ryeong frowned, wasn’t he happy?