C17: Just Maybe
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The news of the baby took Yule by surprise.

He wanted a sibling, but not this way.

His father just came into their lives and he just got better, he wanted to spend time with his parents alone and for a baby to suddenly arrive? Why?

How did the baby get here? And not only that but his parents seemed happy about this.

After he was told about the baby, his parents could see that he wasn’t happy about the news and it placed Taekyun in stress mode.

Yule’s mind was racing on how the heck the child suddenly got into his mother’s stomach. Him thinking all of this over, made his parents worry because they did not know what he was thinking and it made him not talk to him and instead absent-minded.

Wol Ryeong hoisted Yule up and carried him in his arms out of the hospital room to reception where Taekyun and the old man was waiting for them.

When they arrived at reception, Yule swapped to being carried by his father to being carried by Hwan Shik who grudgingly took him.

Hwan Shik handed Yule a huge cup of strawberry milk shake and walked out of the hospital with his grandson over his shoulders.

Hwan Shik shoved Yule into the back of the SUV and climbed in after him.

Looking at Yule who sucked down most of the strawberry milkshake and asked, “Are you happy to finally be going home?”

Yule nodded his head, “Mn, but I don’t want to go to school.”

Hwan Shik chuckled, “No one said you will be going to school, its still too early, you might catch an infection if you go back to that place.”

Yule raised a suspicious brow, he knew for sure that the old man was talking nonsense.

Shrugging Yule gave the empty cup to the old man and asked, “Can I get another one, I want the vanilla one too.”

Hwan Shik nodded his head and looked out the window at the two who were walking over idly. He turned to look at his grandson and said, “I heard you are going to be a big brother but you aren’t happy about it.”

Yule who was thinking about how to get rid of the brain freeze, looked at his grandfather and said, “Oh I don’t mind, it just that I don’t know how the baby got into my mama’s stomach.”

Hwan Shik watched as Yule played with his fingers while he looked at him innocently. Turning his head he bit on the inside of cheek thinking that it has nothing to do with him.


Yule fell asleep in Wol Ryeong’s arms while they were on their way to their new home.

Combing his fingers through Yule’s hair as he looked at him, Wol Ryeong asked, “Do you think he’ll be okay living with me?”

Taekyun shrugged his shoulders, looking at Wol Ryeong he said, “Honestly I don’t know right now, I thought he’d be happy to hear that he was going to be an older brother but he doesn’t seem happy about it, we’ll just have to take it one step at a time.”

Wol Ryeong sighed as he looked at Taekyun and said, “He’ll have to accept it, there is no way I am letting you three live on your own in an unprotected environment.”

Taekyun looked at Wol Ryeon for a moment then looked away.

It seemed like since they had sex, things were going well for them as they could connect emotionally but he did have this unsettling feeling.

It was understandable that they were from two different sub-genders but Wol Ryeong liked woman mostly, it was only because of the pheromones that they had sex, could they reach the point in their lives where they did not need the pheromones?


They arrived at Wol Ryeong’s estate and Taekyun felt so out of place.

When he got out, they were immediately greeted by two rows of gangster’s male and female dressed in suits who bowed and greeted, “Welcome home boss.”

Wol Ryeong nodded and walked along the path they left open.

Taekyun looked at all of them who were looking back at him suspiciously as he followed behind Wol Ryeong who was carrying Yule.

When they made it into the estate, the place was so huge and breathtaking.

Taekyun bumped into Wol Ryeong’s back and groaned rubbing his back as he bent over.

“Taekyun, are you okay?” Wol Ryeong asked as he turned around.

Taekyun peaked through his fingers and shook his head, “Why are you so hard?”

Wol Ryeong looked at Taekyun and raised a brow, he looked down at himself then at Taekyun and said, “I’m not hard.”

Taekyun chuckled, “I didn’t mean that, anyways, where’s the bathroom, I need to use the toilet, your child is sitting on my bladder.”


“Mn,” Yule stirred awake and looked around in the dark room.

He sat up on the bed and found himself in a huge bed with Taekyun lying to his right fast asleep and his father on his left.

Yule frowned as he looked at the rest of the room. This room was too wide and nothing like their apartment.

He squirmed then shrugged Wol Ryeong awake, “Wake up, I need to pee.”

Wol Ryeong quickly woke up from the slight shrug and looked at Yule, “Yule, what happened?”

“Nothing happened, where is the toilet?” Yule asked amused.

“Oh,” Wol Ryeong mumbled and got up picking Yule up with him.

He walked Yule to the on-suite bathroom and watched him use the toilet.

When Yule was done, Wol Ryeong picked him up again and carried him back to the bed.

He tucked Yule in then cuddled up to him and said, “Sleep, its very late.”

Yule groaned and fell asleep.