C18: Day at the park
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Wol Ryeong was sitting on the couch in the living room watching Taekyun walk up and down in the kitchen while he prepared lunch for the day he had planned.

Taekyun looked over at Wol Ryeong because he felt a piercing stare. When his eyes met those of Wol Ryeong he smiled and asked, “What is it?”

Wol Ryeong shook his head and stood up, he walked over to Taekyun and cupped his face.

Taekyun pulled his face out of Wol Ryeong’s hands and turned his back on him and said, “You don’t have to force yourself.”

Wol Ryeong placed his hands on Taekyun’s shoulders and turned him around. Cupping his face again, he lowered his head and placed his lips against Taekyun’s and sucked them into his mouth.

Wol Ryeong suddenly frowned as he felt goosebumps running down his spine and shivers on his face. He pulled away, kissed Taekyun’s cheek and neck, he hugged him and said, “It’s not that I am forcing myself.”

He ran his hand up and down Taekyun’s back and continued, “You are the mother of my children, if I cannot love you before we get married, how will I be able to face our kids? Please just bear with me until I can kiss you and make love to you without the pheromones.”

Taekyun wrapped his arms around Wol Ryeong’s waist and said, “All I want is for you to be a good father to my son and the baby on the way, I am not here to take that away from Yule.”

Wol Ryeong sighed and held Taekyun at arm's length and said, “I want to give you my love Taekyun.”

Taekyun sighed deeply and answered, “Let’s leave it to fate. Go wake your son up, it's almost time for you two to leave.”

Wol Ryeong’s eyes brightened as he quirked his brows and said, “Yep, I’ll go, don’t work too hard okay.”

“Mn, just go and let me finish preparing,” Taekyun said and rolled his eyes.

When Wol Ryeong left, Taekyun felt all the energy leave his body. He leaned on the island for support and sighed, rubbing his stomach he said, “Your daddy is exhausting but cute.”

Wol Ryeong reached Yule’s room upstairs and said, “Yule, get your ass up!”

Yule frowned but did not move. 

Wol Ryeong smirked and walked over to the large bed and climbed on it. He lied on top of Yule and said, “Wake up, you and I have to go on a date.”

Yule groaned and tried to push his father off of him and said, “Daddy, you’re heavy, you’re crushing me!”

“Are you going to get up?” Wol Ryeong asked Yule while poking his nose.

“Yes~ Just get off of me,” Yule complained.

Wol Ryong rolled off Yule and lied next to his son who got comfortable and continued sleeping. Wol Ryeong pulled the blanket off him and said, “You are still sleeping.”

“Why aren’t you at work?” Yule asked while peaking at his father.

Wol Ryeong frowned and asked, “You know that we made plans for today.”

Yule sighed, the more he heard his fathers voice the cleared things got for him. He kicked the rest of the blanket off him and sat up on the bed. 

He turned to look at his father and said, “You are really annoying.”

“You are going to start school soon, you need to stop sleeping in so late,” Wol Ryeong said.

Yule shook off a yawn and nodded his head. He scratched his head as he climbed off the bed and asked, “Where’s my mama?”

“Your mother is in the kitchen waiting for you, your clothes are on the dressing table, go wash up and get dressed so we can leave,” Wol Ryeong said.

“It’s too early to talk so much,” Yule answered.

Wol Ryeong sighed and mumbled, “It’s past ten in the morning Yule.”


Wol Ryeong carried Yule over his shoulder while he held the picnic basket in his other hand. Two of his guards walked behind him, one holding a ball and the other holding a bamboo mat and a blanket.

When they found a spot to sit within the park, everything was set up and the guards disappeared into the background.

Yule walked over to a clearing with the ball in his hand and looked around in the park. There were children playing by the swings and on the slide and had their parents watching them or guardians, it was very lively and it had been a while since he saw so many people.

Wol Ryeong walked up to him when he saw Yule looking around and said, “If you want to go make friends, go ahead, you do not have to stay here with me.”

Yule frowned and looked at his father, “Are you sure?”

Wol Ryeong nodded his head, “I have the whole day off,  we can spend time together tonight or later, there is nothing wrong with making friends.”

“What if they don’t like me?” Yule asked nervously.

Wol Ryeong smiled and said, “Want me to go with?”

Yule pressed his lips together and nodded his head.

The two walked towards the others and Wol Ryeong went to sit on one of the benches near the parents.

He greeted them and kept his eyes on his son while he also made sure that the surroundings were cleared of any threats.

One of the boys that looked to be around Yule’s age, saw the ball in Yule’s hands then ran up to him, he stopped in front of a surprised Yule and said, “Hi, I am Seo Jae Jeon, do you want to play with us?”

Yule looked at the other children who were behind the boy and nodded his head, “Okay, I’m Cha Taehyun.”

The boy put his hand on Yule’s arm and dragged him away to play with them.

Wol Ryeong almost jumped up and screamed at the boy but bit down on his bottom lip instead.

“Nervous?” A woman said and sat down beside him.

Wol Ryeong turned to look at the woman and quickly looked away with a sigh - if it was the old him, he would have paid attention to that pair of melons that look like they are about to pop out.

He held his hand out to her and introduced himself, “Cha Jeon.”

“Seo Ha Jin, Jae Jeon’s mother, your son?” She asked, flashing a smile.

Wol Ryeong hummed and nodded his head, “Mn, Taehyun.”

Seon Ha Jin looked around and said, “And your wife, did she come with?”

“No, it's just Tae and I today,” Wol Ryeong answered.

Seo Ha Jin continued asking him questions but Wol Ryeong dodged every one of them. She could easily tell that Wol Ryeong was a dominant male while she herself was an alpha who was neglected by her alpha.

Yule came running over and tripped. Wol Ryeong hiss and ran to his son, “You have to be careful Taehyun.”

Yule looked at his father annoyed and said, “I’m not going to break, but I am hungry.”

Seo Ha Jin came over and crouched down beside the two and asked, “Are you okay Taehyun, you fell pretty hard.”

Yule looked at the woman then at his father and raised a brow. Wol Ryeong forced a smile and said, “Tae, this is Seo Ha Jin, your friends mother.”

Yule looked at the woman then his eyes fell to her boobs and he didn’t stop staring.

Wol Ryeong gave them a quick look then scooped Yule up and said goodbye to Seo Ha Jin. As Yule was being carried away he said, “I’m telling mama.”

“Yule~ You should never do that again, she probably likes it,” Wol Ryeong warned.

Yule nodded his head and said, “I did it on purpose.”

“I know!” Wol Ryeong said as he placed his son down on the blanket and dropped down beside Yule.