C19: Am I in trouble?
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Yule came barging through the glass doors of their home and ran through the living room.

Taekyun saw Yule and frowned, “Yul Ryeong,” Taekyun called him.

Yule froze in his steps and turned his head to look at his mama.

Taekyun patted the couch beside him and said, “Come here.”

Yule pouted as he made his way over and asked, “Am I in trouble mama?”

Taekyun looked at his son after he sat down and said, “No but we do need to talk, we can’t keep ignoring this.”

Yul nodded his head slowly and asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

“About the baby, are you not happy that you are going to be a big brother?” Taekyun asked him.

“Mama it’s not that I am not happy, it’s just that I don’t understand, why are you having a baby when you are not married to my father and why are we living with him?” Yule asked.

“Don’t you want to live with your dad?” Taekyun asked with a frown.

Yule shook his head, “No, he likes to annoy me and hug me.”

Taekyun burst out laughing, he pulled Yule in for a hug and said, “Oh my Yule, you’re so adorable.”

“Ma~ please no smothering me,” Yule complained.

Taekyun rolled his eyes and said, “I will smother you with my love even when you are an old man. Now, about your father, he loves you very much just like how I love you. He wasn’t in your life to raise you and he feels so bad about it and is trying to make up for lost time, not only for you but for himself too. I am sure you noticed that the house is guarded by scary looking men and your dad deals with all sorts of things, you will understand it sooner than you think so for now just bear with it. And I know for certain that you love your father too because as much as he annoys you, you annoy him too and he likes it very much.”

“Fine,” Yule moped.

Taekyun rubbed his head and said, “Now about the baby, you weren’t too happy when we told you at the hospital, its been two weeks already.”

Yule looked at his mama with obvious conflict and worry in his eyes and asked, “Did he hurt you again?”

Taekyun looked at Yule confused and asked, “Hurt me? Yule baby, what are you talking about?”

Yule looked down at his feet and said, “You know, like how I was made.”

“Ah Sae Dum,” Taekyun said and hugged Yule to his side tighter, he kissed Yule on the side of his head and said, “No baby, not this time. Your father and I made a baby this time together and we are so happy that there will be another addition to our small family.”

Yule didn’t believe his mama but took his word for it. Wol Ryeong seemed to be wanting the best for them and the only bickering within the house between them was that Wol Ryeong didn't want to eat vegetables.

Secretly Yule hoped that things could stay this way and that they would be a family but what he wanted to see was not the awkwardness between his parents and genuine love.