C20: A New Start
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A month later

“Are you sure you have everything?” Taekyun asked Yule who looked at him annoyed.

“Yes mama, you already asked me that three times,” Yule groaned.

“Be nice to your mama, you know he is just worried about you,” Wol Ryeong said.

Yule glared up at his father then kicked his ankle. Wol Ryeong winced in pain and started hopping around.

“Yule, why did you kick your father?” Taekyun asked him.

“That man is not my father, I will never accept it!” Yule growled as he looked at Wol Ryeong.

Wol Ryeong pouted as he looked at his son and said, “You know what?! That is getting old you little human!”

Yule looked away and smirked.

Wol Ryeong smiled too and said as he looked at Taekyun, “We should go in now, they are expecting us.”

Taekyun was not too happy but nodded his head. Wol Ryeong wrapped his arm around the small of Taekyun’s back and led him inside with Yule following behind him.

When Wol Ryeong found out that Yule was having a tough time at school because of his birth, he immediately looked for a private school who was less biased and would not over step their boundaries when it came to his son and Taekyun.

As they walked through the hallways of the private school Yule was amazed and so was Taekyun. This place was so out of their league and it only made Yule more and more excited.

They stopped at the office and went in. The secretary greeted them and looked at Taekyun’s stomach briefly then smiled, “Welcome, are you the Cha’s?”

“Yes,” Wol Ryeong answered.

Taekyun went to sit on the chairs and pulled Yule with him while Wol Ryeong dealt with the rude lady.

Yule had a frown on his face and said to his mama, “I don’t like her.”

Taekyun looked down at his son and said, “Yule, I did not raise you to dislike other people, if they do not like you just move on, you are what matters not them.”

Yule bit the inside of his cheek and nodded his head, he was so excited about today but this woman ruined it for him already.

“Alright Cha Taehyun, you can say goodbye to your parents and follow me to your classroom,” the secretary said.

She and Yule waved his parents goodbye. The secretary looked down at Yule and asked, “Are you nervous?”

Yule looked up at her and shook his head, she raised a brow but did not say anything.

They arrived at Yule’s classroom and said, “This is your classroom, 1G.”

Yule forced a smile and asked, “Can you show me where the toilet is please, I suddenly feel nervous.”

She nodded her head with a smile and showed him the way. When they arrived at the toilets, she went in with him and showed him around.

Just as she was about to leave, Yule’s smile turned to a frown and he released his pheromones. The secretary fell to the ground as she was suppressed by his pheromones and could not even open her mouth to say something.

Yule crouched down and looked into her eyes as he said slowly, “DO NOT EVER DISRESPECT MY MAMA AGAIN OR I MIGHT JUST KILL YOU, UNDERSTAND?”

The secretary held onto her neck because she felt like she was choking and nodded her head.

Yule raised a brow then stopped releasing his pheromones and stood up. He walked out of the toilet leaving her behind and went to his classroom.


Walking into the classroom, all the children stared at him and it made Yule feel self-conscious.

“Hello young man, who might you be?” The teacher asked him.

Yule forced a  smile and said, “I am Cha Taehyun.”

“Oh yes, the principal said we would be having a new pupil. Come on, don’t be shy, introduce yourself to your classmates,” his teacher said cheerfully.

Yule took in a deep breath and looked at the class. He bowed then introduced himself, “Hello everyone, I am Cha Taehyun. I will be in your care.”

A boy stood up and said very loudly, “I wondered when I would see you again.”

Yule looked over and saw that it was Seo Jae Jeon from the park. Yule smiled at him as he said, “You are so loud.”

“Come sit here by me,” Seo Jae Jeon said excitedly as he patted the seat beside him.

Their teacher pushed Yule gently to go that way with a smile and said, “Don’t be shy.”

Yule went over and sat down beside Seo Jae Jeon and he was immediately hugged.

Another boy turned in his seat who was sitting in front of them and asked, “So where are you from Cha Taehyun?”

“From Suwon,” Yule answered.

“Ah, I am Gong Sang Hwan, nice to meet you,” the boy introduced himself.  The two shook hands displeasing Seo Jae Jeon but he did not say anything about it.

A girl sitting beside Gong Sang Hwan also turned around and asked, “Why did you move all the way here to Busan?”

Yule shrugged his shoulders and said, “I was treated badly at my other school because my mother is a male omega.”

“Is that so? I heard that if a child is born from a male omega there is a high chance that he or she is dominant, one of those who will stand up on top of everyone else,” another boy suddenly said excitedly and went over to them.

Yule looked at the boy surprised and asked, “Why are you so close?”

Seo Jae Jeon turned and pulled Yule towards him and threw his eraser at him and said, “You are making him feel uncomfortable.”

Gong Sang Hwan tsked and smirked, he looked at the boy kneeling on the floor and said, “Ah, I don’t think we can make friends with someone who already has a boyfriend.”

The other children snickered but Yule did not find this funny at all, he turned to look at Seo Jae Jeon and asked, “What are they talking about?”

Seo Jae Jeon patted Yule’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry about them, they all are a bunch of idiots.”


After school most of the children stayed behind irritating their guardians and parents. 

Taekyun’s car arrived at the drop off zone and he climbed out of the car. Yule ran up to the car and hugged Taekyun from the side and said, “Mama, you did not have to come.”

Taekyun smiled as he looked down at his son and said, “Why would I not? You are my baby and this is your first day at school.”

“No it is not mama~” Yule squealed.

The children suddenly walked up to them and looked at Taekyun with many curious looks and excited smiles.

“And this? Taehyun, are these all your friends,” Taekyun asked as he looked down at Yule.

Yule shook his head, “Mama, these are all my nosy classmates.”

Taekyun twisted Yule's ear, making him jump in pain, “What did I tell you about being rude?”

“Ah Taehyun’s mama, don't hurt him, it’s true, we are nosy,” Dong Sang Hwan said as he jumped forward.

“Oh?” Taekyun said, surprised; “And what exactly are you all nosy about?” Taekyun asked.

The boy from before stepped forward with a smile and placed his hands on Taekyun’s stomach and asked, “Is the baby and Taehyun both dominant alpha’s?”

Taekyun looked down at Yule surprised with a questioning gaze following and said, “Taehyun is a dominant alpha but we do not know about the baby yet.”

Seo Jae Jeon pulled the boy away and said, “You are too much Ha Jo L.”

“You are being too much Seo Jae Jeon, you are even protecting your father-in-law too,” Dong Sang Hwan said, catching Taekyun’s attention. He looked down at Yule who sighed beside him but kept his questions for later on.