Chapter 74 – Return of the Pimp
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Seeing the adventurers in the doorway, Ailish also seems to realize that we should have introduced her to them in a bit different way, but the cat was out of the bag already.

I hastily stand up and raise my hands forward to defuse the tense situation. “As you can see, I’m great, so let’s not blow half of this inn up due to a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Can’t you see that the Succubus is right behind you? Did it charm your mind and erase its presence from you?” Kyrie asks.

“Nothing like that. I’ve fully subdued her. She’s no longer a threat to the villagers.”

“Subdued? But it is right there! Are you blinded?”

I sigh. “Kyrie, I’m well aware that it is behind me. And that is a she. I’ve captured her. She can’t go against my will now, so sheathe your weapons and drop the chants.”

“It’s as my Master says,” Ailish stands up too and makes a slight bow towards them.

“What? How? But… our mission is to kill her!”

“No, it isn’t. All that has been noted in the quest is to get rid of her and free the village from her terror. There is nothing said about how we should achieve that. By taking her away, I’m doing just that. The task will be completed properly and all the rewards will be issued without a problem, which I can assure you of.”

They finally hide away their weapons and drop the prepared magic, walking properly into the room and closing the door behind them. Kyrie still looks unconvinced though.

Before we continue, I quickly open my menus and navigate to Cornelia’s skills, borrowing the Hall of Serenity from her. She has been teaching me about it, but I still haven’t managed to properly learn the spell. I really hope I can get it at some point.

Anyway, I quickly cast the borrowed magic onto the room and look at the Crusader. She notices and most likely recognizes what I’ve done and speaks up.

“You are interpreting the quest’s description on your own! You can’t do that! It’s obvious that it asks us to kill her! It’s a request supported even by the King!”

“Yes, I can. In fact, I can do anything I want with this request.”

I summon a certain round and flat object from my new storage ring and toss it at her. When Kyrie catches and examines the token, her eyes widen in shock.

“No way…” She stumbles backwards a little.

“What? What is it?” Alan curiously steps closer and takes a glance over her shoulder. An audible gulp wanders through the room soon after.

Seeing their reaction, the rest of the squad leans onto Kyrie from behind too and each one of them reacts in a slightly different way but clearly in a surprised fashion.

“I take it you know what this is.” I cross my arms over my chest.

Crawford raises his eyes and looks at me. “This is the Royal Sigil of Evalitia. And I’m pretty sure it’s the one issued directly by the King! How did you get it? No, that’s obvious. The sheer consequences of forging or stealing such a thing are unthinkable. No scholar would ever even think about it.”

“Right. It was handed to me by the one and only. I guess it’s time we talk a little. There are a few things I should probably explain. But before that, Ailish?”

As I look at her, she nods and quietly turns into a puff of black smoke, disappearing into my body. That action surprises the group even more than my possession of the Royal Sigil. I sit down and gesture at them to do the same. Albeit a little stiff, they oblige.

“Thank you.” I nod at Kyrie as she returns the sigil to me. “Before we start, how is everyone? And did you escort the villagers back? I didn’t see them on my way through the caverns.”

Edgar is the one to answer. “We are fine. I’ve taken care of all the injuries we’ve accumulated in that fight. It wasn’t anything serious. As for the men, yes, we woke them up and took them back with us. After we healed up, we checked the chamber, but no one was inside and only some parts of your clothing were left behind. That and… a lot of… certain liquids… everywhere…”

He coughs and Kyrie’s face visibly grows flushed in a flash as she drops her gaze onto the table. A giggle echoes in my mind, from an obvious source.

“We tried opening the other doors but to no avail. Therefore, Kyrie decided we should take care of the people first and come back after some time to check if anything changes. You looked quite confident with the mons—woman restrained,” he continues.

“Good. That was pretty much the best choice. You wouldn’t be able to assist me in that fight anyway. But, as you see, I’ve won in the end and I’m fine too.”

“How exactly… did you…” Kyrie raises her eyes a bit and asks quietly.

“From your expression, I’m fairly sure you know how.” She quickly runs away with her eyes. “Yes, I fucked her silly until she collapsed. The leftover evidence should have been enough for you guys to add things up, no?”

~Fufufufu… You were so brutal and fierce… My pussy tingles at the very thought of it...~

~I could do much better than that, dear.~

~Fuck… I’m wet again...~

Alan’s brows rise in shock. “You beat a Succubus at… sex? How in hell?”

“Well… Here’s the answer.”

I summon my status window and throw it in between us. All of them instantly lean forward to analyse it. I’ve hidden the skill list, but the Information and Stats sections were left unchanged, and the latter is the first thing to be pointed out.

“What in the name of the Goddess is wrong with these numbers?” Edgar grabs his magical focus hanging around his neck.

“And that’s a Tier 3? Impossible,” Crawford adds.

~Are you sure about showing it to them?~ Ailish asks in my head.

~I’ll ask them later to keep that a secret, but even if they wouldn't, who do you think would believe them? A Tier 3 scholar with a Sexmancer Class having broken stats?~

~Fair enough.~

While Alan stares at the window with his chin resting on the floor, Kyrie glances at me through the semi-transparent table.

“You said you were a Spiritual Weaponmaster, but here it says… Sexmancer?”

“I apologize for lying to you, but I think you understand why I haven’t gone with that and chose something else instead.”

She nods.

“To start clearing things up, I haven’t been delegated for this task as one of the scholars from the castle knowledgeable about the Succubi. I have been directly asked by the King to deal with this specifically because of my Class and its nature, as you can imagine. My resistance to charms is quite high. It would be hard to join an A-ranked party with something like that, thus we had to mislead you a little bit.”

“He is right. Most leaders would most likely laugh at it and send the person away without even checking their worth or demanding to see their status,” Alan finally collects himself and comments.

“I bet. Now, this whole quest was pretty much given to me. Full rights. Without sugarcoating it, you guys were just my means to get here via official channels through the guild. Of course, no one doubted your capabilities as a high-ranked party. It’s just that, instead of me assisting you, from the very beginning it was you guys who were meant as my support. Sorry for that.”

Kyrie shakes her head. “There’s no reason to apologize. You were fulfilling your job and so were we. It’s not something new for the guild to pull the strings from the shadows like this, and for the kingdom too.”

“You are taking it fairly well, huh.”

“What else can we do? It’s not like getting angry at the guild or the King would change anything. We aren’t newbies. We are used to things not going exactly as planned or not being as they initially seemed. And considering that you are letting us know instead of further deceiving us, you don't seem like someone malicious… More like a… good person… Anyway, what now? What are you planning to do with that mons—uhhh, that… woman?”

With my mental permission, Ailish materializes herself behind the sofa I’m sitting on and bows her head a little, startling them a bit.

“Hello again. My name is Ailish and I will be following Master to work for him. I hope you won’t take to heart our past grievances. I was just defending myself.”

“Ah, yeah, about that,” I interject. “It looks like I was right. They were willingly coming to her in secret, and at some point, the mayor found out about the Succubus. They didn’t want to expose themselves so they agreed to the raid. They pretty much stormed her house, so it’s obvious she would respond in kind.”

Kyrie sighs. “Men are such a scum… Ah! Sorry! Not all of them, of course! Ekhm. What do you mean by work? They will let a Succubus into the castle?”

I chuckle a little and shake my head, at the same time, summoning a certain business card, times four. I lay them down on the table and lean back on the sofa.

“Rather than being a scholar, I specialize in a quite different area.”

Everyone reaches to pick up the cards and examines them.

“What? Utopia? What’s this?” Kyrie asks, slightly confused. 

Meanwhile, all of the guys have already checked the backside and their raised eyebrows clearly indicate their surprise. I do not notice any initial discontent or contempt. 

Then, Kyrie rotates it too and immediately turns a notch more crimson when her eyes find the short list of a few interesting services.

“Well. To avoid any additional misunderstandings, yes, I’m the owner of that place. It’s a brothel that employs non-humans, be it the categorized humanoid races or monstrous species. Keep these. Now you know where to find me. For whatever reason.”

They all turn to stare at me and Crawford’s gaze meets Ailish’s for a brief moment.

“Fufufu~♪ Don’t be shy~♪ We can always pick up where we left before~♪”

She seductively licks her lips and the old magician visibly shivers. I chuckle and glance at Kyrie.

“That is if you aren’t part of the anti-nonhuman extremists. You were quite determined to lob Ailish’s head off earlier and I won’t let anyone who could potentially be rude to my girls any close to them.”

She keeps her unfocused eyes on me until she finally realizes she has been staring straight into mine and looks away. “N-No… We aren’t exactly like that… I mean, we do not care about that whole prejudice surrounding the demi-humans, but you know, we are adventurers, and it’s a little bit different because of that. It’s one of the basic rules to attack first and ask questions later when in front of a monster, no matter how humane it might look. But, we aren’t exactly following that abusive belief present in the capital and the bigger cities. Right?”

She glances around at the others and they all nod. Well… Besides Alan. He seems to be very focused on that backside of the card.

“Amongst adventurers, you can still find people like that, but most are just following the usual guidance they receive from higher-ranked colleagues with more experience. It’s a dangerous occupation and hesitation often leads to death.”

I nod at her. “Yeah, that’s understandable. I’m actually glad to hear that. I was a little worried there that you’d turn hostile towards me or something like that.”

“Ermm… Excuse me?” Alan awkwardly butts in.


“It says here that there are plenty of diverse girls and beings to pick from. I’m just curious what the latter part means.”

“Ah, that’s simple. Our first employees were actually Slimes, and while they technically can take a form of a girl while also replicating some more detailed body parts, they are still genderless in the end.”

“Slimes?” Crawford asks with a little spark in his eyes.

“Yes. Queen Slimes.”

“QUEEN SLIMES?!” he shouts as his eyes open completely wide.

“That’s right. We are quite new on the market, but you can currently ask for the company of a Queen Slime, a Dark Elf, a Tiefling, an Orc or a Harpy. Soon much more to come. Besides the obvious service, you can also partake in bathing or dining with someone by your side, and that expands the list to also include a half-blood Dogkin, a High Elf, a Lizardfolk or a Satyr. Oh, and we of course can’t forget about Ailish, isn’t that right, dear?”

“It is, Master. I can’t wait to see my new home and meet your friends. And obviously, to show you that you can count on me,” she responds with a smile.

“Oh, and also, services for women should have been already opened while I’m away too,” I add while glancing at Kyrie.

She has been slightly calming down but my gaze makes her blush again. “T-That’s great, but… I don’t think many women would decide to… do it with a male prostitute…”

“There are way more ways for a woman to have some fun alone than with a partner, you know?” I wink at her. “And that’s exactly what we are specializing in. You can rent a whole Pleasure Chamber just for yourself, filled with tons of interesting items.”

“Now, that’s something new,” Alan butts in again, unintentionally rescuing Kyrie from my teasing.

“You are all welcome to visit us. First order free. As long as you promise to whisper a word or two to your fellow adventurers that you know aren’t extremists too. And if it actually turns out into a constant stream of people coming from your referral… I might consider further bonuses.” I show them a wide smile.

It’s clear that at least one—scratch that, two people seem to be considering that option a lot. Looks like I haven’t been able to lure the priest that easily. Oh well. You will soon fall into depravity too, young cleric. Your friends will make sure of that, hahaha. Thank the Goddess that their powers and magic aren’t depending on the vows of celibacy.

“Anyway, that’s it. Back to our quest, as I said, you will be getting the rewards as promised. The threat has been eliminated and all that’s left is to report the completion of the task. I’m fairly sure you’ll get at least some fame from getting known as the party that has defeated an Arch Succubus. You okay with that, Ailish?”

“I do not care for the words of random strangers, Master. The only reputation I have to uphold will be that of the best girl in your establishment, fufufu~♪”

“That’s a bold claim.”

“I will work hard to achieve that goal~♪”

I chuckle and return my gaze to Kyrie.

“I don’t think we are okay with taking the credit for this…”

“Well, you don’t have to outright lie that you have taken her down alone. You had help from the castle, right? Just mention that the scholar played a big factor in the fight and that’s all. Oh. As to how, here, you can have this. You still should have the ones I handed you before.”

I summon some vials with liquids of various colours and place them on the table. They pick up one each.

“What are these?” Edgar asks.

“The same thing as the glass grenades you have and I explained before that their contents are Ailish’s weakness. For non-succubi, it’s just some fruit juice. Like literally. There are strawberries, watermelon, some citruses and other things mixed in there.”

“So, what you are saying is, a mix of some fruits burned my body like molten lava?” Ailish asks, visibly surprised.

“Yep. I found out about it by accident. But, it’s not like these mixes are random. The specific combinations work as libido-boosting aphrodisiacs for men.”

Pfffffffffffft, cough, cough, cough… What?!”

I quickly lean to the side to avoid the discharge of liquid created by Alan’s surprised reaction. He stares at me with wide eyes.

“Oh, don’t worry. It’s nothing that serious. These aren’t the usual exotic ones you might have heard about from somewhere. You might stay hard for a bit though.”

Edgar and Crawford laugh at him while Alan makes a defeated expression. Kyrie avoids looking at him with her freckled cheeks still a little rosy.

“So. As much as I want to fully trust you guys, I need to ask you to swear on the Royal Sigil that you won’t speak the truth about this operation to anyone else besides each other, me and the King. And that you will keep my status to yourselves. It would be great if you could not disclose what the potions are made of too, saying that they were concocted by some alchemist or something. Succubi aren’t exactly as lethal monsters as you imagine and this could turn out badly if someone decided to launch a crusade against them in the future with this.”

They all look at each other for a moment and then back at me, nodding in sync.

“Yeah. We promise,” Kyrie confirms their agreement.

“Great. Let’s enjoy this feast together and report to the mayor tomorrow morning.”

We then proceed to do exactly that. While I and Ailish continue stuffing ourselves with now slightly less warm food, the other four keeps asking questions about either me and the brothel or her and the proceedings in the cave.

It doesn’t take long before Kyrie is reduced to a tomato from all the details Ailish shares with them after being asked about our fight and why she actually submitted herself to me. It’s no help that the story with her narration sounds way more overblown when it comes to the whole sex marathon and she emphasizes every single action and sensation her body experienced from whatever I was doing to her.

Even for me, already partially used to the girls chatting about sex with me while I’m present amongst them, it’s quite too much to take and I’m sure I turn slightly red from time to time when things get to the intense parts or when she shivers and assumes almost a moaning voice as she recalls those.

We end up with a slightly awkward atmosphere and everyone leaves to return to their rooms for the night. Since I’m not that tired due to me and Ailish taking a short power nap, I chat with her some more, mostly answering her questions about the brothel and all the related things.

And, before we finally clock in, Ailish lures me in for a fast, spooning quickie. I’d have never thought Succubi could make something akin to puppy eyes and her pleading look is just too cute to deny her a little more fun. Well, I guess they are experts in charms, magical or not.

Right in the morning and after a joint breakfast, with Ailish now staying inside my Soul Realm, we move out to meet with the mayor. He and many women that are present in the meeting room again—most likely coming after they heard the rumour to confirm it on their own—are very excited and start cheering after we confirm that the Succubus won’t be pestering them anymore. 

Some men dragged here by their wives don’t look as happy, but well, it’s partially their own fault too. They could have tried to de-escalate the conflict if they were enjoying her company so much instead of just following after the mayor. Maybe even changing him or something. As far as I’ve seen, men are more numerous in this village and could have been able to join votes.

Kyrie refuses any additional rewards that are attempted to be handed to us by saying that we’ll be paid amazingly by the guild and we somehow escape the celebrating mob. She is proving to be a nice girl with some good principles. No wonder the rest follows her lead.

We agree that staying here any longer would be pointless and retrieve our horses, leaving while most of the villagers are busy being happy or heartbroken. Or bonerbroken. Well. You reap what you sow.

On our way back to Evalitia’s capital, Evaneheim—which I now know has been named after that Primordial guy who founded the first kingdom, Evan—nothing as dangerous as the last time takes place and we make it back safe and sound in six days.

I’m eager to return home and check on everyone and the business so we head straight for the guild. Elise is found right at her post as usual and gladly leads us into a meeting room to comfortably write down the completion report with our help.

She doesn’t seem any suspicious of our story, even though it lacks a little bit of detail, especially during the fighting part, and officially confirms our success. She takes us back to the reception and we receive our payout. My rank instantly jumps from F to E thanks to this. To the outsiders, it might look like I was carried by a high-ranking party, but we know how different the truth is, and that’s what’s funny.

Afterwards, we bid farewell and split up, promising to be in touch. I’m fairly sure I’ll be seeing a few of them soon enough, hah. We’ll see how long it takes for them to cave in.

I chat for a bit with the cute receptionist and we initially set up the date of our little interview for tomorrow. It seems that she was thinking a lot about my mysterious offer and is looking very forward to hearing about it. Our reception might be getting some new staff soon.

With that promise, I pretty much run out of the guild and head towards my mansion. I’ve been in contact with Cornelia and already know today is a free day they rescheduled specifically for my return. The management team has been experimenting a little with the business days too, just to be prepared for situations like this.

Getting in front of our gates in a flash, I make my way to the front entrance. But, before I push the door open, I stop myself and smile, knowing well what always greets me after even a slightly longer outing than usual. Fully prepared for an expected-this-time impact, I walk inside.

“Welcome back, Master!”

But, to my surprise, there’s no speeding bundle of green jelly heading straight for my chest. Instead, there are two rows of beautiful girls on each side of the long carpet; all of them in either maid uniforms or suits and bowing respectfully to the middle.

Cornelia stands at the very end of these two rows, dressed in her enchanting working attire. She slowly walks through the middle and stops in front of me with a wide smile.

“Welcome home, darling.” She throws her arms around my neck and pecks my lips.

“Care to tell me what all of this is about?” I chuckle and peck her back.

“Fufufu~ Just our little welcoming ceremony. Did you like it?”

“You girls have done something completely unnecessary again. But... Yes, I did.”

During our little talk, Sirgia, Elea, Neira and Astrea make their way to us too, also in their maid uniforms, or a suit, in Neira’s case. I’m surprised even Astrea is now wearing one.

Cornelia steps a bit to the side, moving her arm from my neck to wrap it around my waist, and lets the other girls come closer. I kneel down to greet my adorable dwarf with a soft kiss and then do the same for each of them. Truly a surreal sight. Not in my wildest dreams I have imagined scenes such as this one.

“Well then, while the girls prepare the table for you, why won’t we talk a little about our respective experiences during the last two weeks as we take care of you in the bath?” Cornelia suggests and they all nod.

Something has changed. I’ve never taken a bath with all of my lovers at once before. Or even with half of them. Yet, even Sirgia doesn’t seem to object, although I can already spot a slightly embarrassed blush on her cheeks.

Deciding to see where all of this will lead, I leave myself in their hands and we arrive at the bath. Cornelia and Elea help me undress while the other girls quickly jump out of their uniforms and go in first, most likely to prepare things.

Then, I help the remaining two with their clothing too and we enter the main area. As expected, Sirgia, Neira and Astrea are waiting for us on the side by a spot dedicated to cleaning yourself. I sit down on a stool and they all take care of me at once.

Sirgia and Astrea wash my arms and legs respectively, swiftly dancing all around me. Neira and Elea take the font and the back while Cornelia ends up with my hair. They move nimbly and never walk into or inconvenience each other. It looks way too coordinated. This is definitely not improvised.

After enjoying their caresses and the sight of their incredible bodies, so different from each other, I’m led to the pool and we all take a dip in the hot water together. Sirgia quickly snuggles to my chest, clearly staring at Astrea, who squints her eyes a little at the dwarf and takes a place on my lap, leaning back onto the free part of my front.

The other three giggle and just sit down in whatever free space they can find and I end up between Neira and Elea while Cornelia jumps onto the edge of the pool and moves behind me, pulling my head between her charming thighs and letting it rest on her smooth tummy.

If this is not heaven then what is? Wherever I look, there’s a smiling face turned to me, or a slightly emotionless one with a faint trace of rosy blush over its cheeks. One arm pulled into the heavenly chocolate valley and the other sunk between two admirable thighs. It’s hard to believe they all came up with the initiative to accompany me by themselves.

“Surprised?” Cornelia’s voice arrives from above me. She is getting better at getting a read on me.

“I would lie if I said that I’m not. I would have never expected all of you to work together like that. But, don’t misunderstand me, it’s not that I thought you wouldn’t be able to get along or something. It’s just… dunno. Very surprising. Especially since you agreed to take part in this too.” I glance at the clingy dwarf and peck Sirgia’s forehead.

“Fufufu~ We had a lot of time to talk and do all sorts of other stuff together. Almost two weeks. We used that time to get a little closer and learn more about each other. In the end, we all want the best for you, besides wanting to have a cherished place in your heart,” Elea explains and smoothers my arm with her impressive chest.

“It’s very embarrassing, but… If… If doing it with more than one of us is what you would like… Then I… I don’t want to be left out… I want to do it for you too, Mast—… A-Alastair…”


My eyes widen a little at the unexpected statement coming from the heavily blushing Sirgia. But maybe it’s more because of her attempt at using my name while looking me in the eyes, even if just for a fraction of a second.

“I do not know what day it is, but with the number of atypical things that are happening today, it’s certainly not a normal one. You sound really cute when you call me by my name, Sirgia.”

She gets even redder and I pull her chin up for a short kiss before leaving my embarrassed dwarf to cool down a bit. She’s clearly pushing past her usual boundaries with all of this.

“What made you change that?” I ask.

Neira steals the answer. “As your future wives, we felt like we should start using your actual name more, for some of us to grow accustomed to it, like in Sirgia’s case, and also partially just to show others that we are close to you. Most of the other girls still call you Master even outside of work.”

“Future wives, huh?” I lean my head back and look up at Cornelia’s face, slightly obstructed by her supple breasts. “What the hell happened here while I was out?”

She chuckles softly and strokes my hair. “It’s as Elea said. We’ve talked a lot. And came to a conclusion in terms of a few things. Are you against this?”

“Hell no. I guess asking each of you if you are fine with this is pointless now. As long as everyone is happy. Wait. What about you, Astrea? We are quite fresh.”

The catgirl rubs the top of her head into my chin and purrs quietly. Neira frees my hand to allow me to wrap it around Astrea’s waist.

“You are my sworn mate. It’s already like a marriage for Humans, no? Since you accepted the traditions of my kind, I will obviously accept the ones from yours too, Alastair. As long as I can stay your mate.”

Well, it truly looks like they have all the bases covered. I can’t sense any discontent from them through our bond. It obviously doesn’t mean that they miraculously have no differences in opinion, but they are quite determined to follow me together. That’s quite amazing.

“So, in the end, whose idea it was?”

Most of them chuckle a bit and all the eyes point above me.

“Figured. You are just too good for me.”

“Fufufu~ I’ve already said it before. With your natural charm and character, without mentioning your Class and other things, you are bound to attract the attention of many amazing girls. But, someone has to step forward and take the initiative and help you steer this huge relationship. They had nothing against leaving that role to me. But of course, I’m not deciding on things by myself; it’s a group effort.”

“So, from a second-in-command in the royal castle, you switched to second-in-command in some guy's harem. What a promotion." I chuckle.

“How can you compare that measly castle to this exalted palace, fufufu~?”

She clearly catches on my sarcasm and we both laugh.

“Well then. I believe you would like to hear at least some summary of the last two weeks. All in all, it went great. There was and still is a small but gradual increase in guests coming after various services. The girls were fine too. I believe we’ve passed the test on operating without your assistance with flying colours,” Cornelia changes the topic.

“That’s great to hear.”

“A few days after you have departed, we finished the Pleasure Chambers and added them to the menu, starting to promote the service too. A certain fair lady helped a lot with this for a promise of the first run of the VIP one and she was so ecstatic after her try that she immediately recommended us to many other women. If we haven’t moved the opening day for tomorrow, you’d most likely have walked into the main hall and got confused why there are groups of women with masks standing around, waiting for their turn. We have clearly underestimated the demand.”

“Woah. Are the noble ladies really that… thirsty?”

“Well, it’s clearly different than cheating in their eyes so there’s almost nothing stopping them from coming here. On one day, the queue started being so long that I needed Elea to help me man the reception.”

“Oh, Goddess. If that fair lady you mentioned is who I think it is, she’s gone and did something outrageous. Not even Rossberg’s word changed this much. But, you can rest assured, I’m looking into something that could be of help at the reception.”

“I won’t deny nor confirm that, fufufu~ Anyway, since we are talking about pleasure rooms, during the test runs, the topic of you working in the service department has been brought up by one of the individuals, not exactly related to just that service. We’ve discussed that possibility within our ranks and wanted to know what’s your stance on that since you’ve never explicitly stated that you would never do it, and considering your character, there’s surely more to this.”

“I’ll go with whatever is more comfortable for all of you. That’s what is important to me, whatever your decision would be. Personally, I do think it’s a little unfair that I’m making others do it while I’m just having fun with you and other girls whenever I feel like it. At the same time, I do have you who are really close to me and I don’t want to seem like a man who only cares about sticking it into every single random girl to you. It’s a bit hypocritical and bothers me sometimes, but I’m obliged to at least this much for all the love you’ve shown me.”

They all exchange glances and nod at each other. I’m pretty sure they have already predicted my response. Elea is the one to continue.

“Considering your Class and how amazing it feels thanks to it—obviously not disregarding your skills and knowledge in any way, Alastair—it could easily make girls addicted to you and that could get very inconvenient or annoying for you at some point. Personally, I think we shouldn’t do that. I have no other reason to be against it.”

Neira speaks next. “Perhaps we could allow it under special circumstances or for special customers, also letting Alastair be the one to have the final say on who could qualify for the offer. It could be a secret, resulting in a lifetime ban if leaked.”

“Hmmmm…” Cornelia ponders above me. “And he could also help with Pleasure Chambers. That is if you would like to, Al. You do know much better how to use the appendages there. Penetrative play wouldn't really be required and you would just lend a hand with the devices. Or a finger. Or tongue. What do you say?”

“Are you girls really fine with that?” I make sure to glance at each of them and they all nod.

“I told you,” Elea continues. “We have talked a lot. Especially about this. That special treatment idea is not bad, isn’t it? It could be beneficial.”

“Well… I did say I would go with whatever you decide and I’m still staying by that. This does give lots of leeway as you said. I guess someone needs to help me practice a bit first, though. Isn’t that right, Cornelia?”

As I look up at her with a mischievous grin, she pulls her thighs together and squeezes her breasts between her arms too, hiding her surely red face behind a closed valley of dual peaks. I lightly slap her thighs in a playful way as I chuckle, letting her know that my head would have been squashed if not for my high constitution and strength.

“Alright. We’ll speak about it more later. Before we leave and join others for dinner, there’s someone I need to introduce. Don’t get startled. She will be joining our establishment starting today.”

After they all nod again and Cornelia relaxes her hold on me, I look forward and they follow with their gazes. A puff of black smoke flies out of my chest and stops above the surface of the water. Ailish materializes herself from it and stays floating in the air just above it. Cornelia, Elea and Neira gasp softly at her entrance.

“Hello everyone. My name is Ailish and I’m an Arch Succubus. Nice to meet you. After meeting me, Alastair offered to let me stay here and I accepted. I’m looking forward to spending time with you and the other girls.”

“Beautiful…” Sirgia mutters under her breath.

Ailish chuckles softly. “Thank you, little one. You are quite a fair lady too. I can see how Master could fall for you so hard.”

Sirgia hides her blushing face in my neck but a faint smile shows on her lips. Ailish then dematerializes her demonic almost-clothing, revealing her privates, and steps into the water too. After walking closer to us, she spins around, showcasing her whole figure, especially the wings and tail.

“So? What do you think? How long will it take me to become the most popular girl of this establishment, fufufu~?”

Elea sneers at her playfully. “Don’t think my friends will let you win that easily.”

“A challenge? How amusing~♪ I already can tell I will love it here~♪”

“Just don’t suck out all the life of our guests and we will be fine,” Cornelia instructs her.

“Don’t worry. These are some overblown rumours. Master knows that I’m a good girl~♪ Right, Master?”

She moves closer and leans forward, prompting me to pat her head. I oblige and stroke her hair with a smile. Her thin tail swishes happily behind her butt. 

“Then, I’m sure you will feel welcome here, Ailish. We are glad to have you,” Cornelia smiles at her and the two share a nod.

We’ve already overstayed in the bath so we quickly move out to dry ourselves up. As expected, the girls take care of me together again. But, while Astrea deals with her part, which is my crotch, she somehow ends up with my member in her mouth. 

Cornelia places her hands on her hips and shakes her head, but in the end, they allow her to continue. Expecting Sirgia to get a little dejected, I act fast and pull her close to me and shower her adorable lips with a myriad of kisses until Astrea finishes. Elea scolds the catgirl for delaying us and we head to the social area after dressing up.

I then share a pleasant chat with everyone present at a small feast they prepared and also introduce our new resident. It’s very interesting to listen to their personal reports—or rather stories—from when I was away. They also enjoy my own tale, but I’m fairly sure Ailish’s version gets much more attention.

The rest of the day flies by in a blink. I visit the Pleasure Chambers with Mafaris and Cornelia, check on Sirgia’s forge and the things she had created during my absence, take a look at the portraits Neira had painted and were hung in the corridors, and do many, many other things.

I leave reporting to the King for another day and write down all the new things I have to keep track of, like my tomorrow’s date with Elise or the day of the next gathering of Beastkin under the city, which Astrea informed me about in the bath. Ross can wait a day or two for me; he will have already heard the official completion report anyway.

For the night, I actually manage to guess my sleeping partner. It’s Sirgia. I gladly slip into the bed with her and we snuggle together very closely. She is such a lovely girl you just want to pamper and protect all the time.

I feel like the next few days will be hella hectic. I need to accustom myself to many new things. Let’s see what the future will bring us.


And we've wrapped up the Succubus arc. Partially, at least. Time for something really interesting now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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