Chapter 16
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Like the typical Xenomorph. I was extremely hard to spot in the darkness. The night sky looked beautiful. Just like Saturn, a ring of rocks now encircled earth and the aurora borealis that danced in the sky mesmerized me. The moon was smaller now most likely because it's distance from earth increased. The dim light from the aurora enveloped the entire area. And yet. It was still dark. System... was I really just out for two years? Why are there mountains that I haven't seen before? Is this even earth?

[Beautiful isn't it? This is one of the things that you would probably consider as "something good that came from the apocalypse". You are still on earth. It was just influenced by the gods themselves. This scenery isn't something new. What you're looking at now has been this way for 1 year and 11 months.]

Gods huh? Your creators? Why did they come here in the first place? What was their motivation behind terraforming an entire planet? And where were you earlier? You would have been a great help...

[Yes, my creators were talking to me. Wanna know something nice? Maybe you'll forgive me for my absence with this little development. I can now get a mortal body. I'm fine with one of the Xenomorphs that will be born. I do believe that there was no motivation behind all this. Even if there is, what am I for them to tell me their plans? I am, just like you. One of their pawns.]

System... I prefer this calm motherly voice you have. I would pick this over that enthusiastic secretary voice of yours... and why would I need to forgive you? Do you really think that I would be sitting here right now talking to you if I got mad in the first place? And even if I did I wouldn't just ignore you. You're my personal system afterall. This feels like a date dont you think? Feels nice. I'm wondering whether or not real dates feel like this or it's just the fact that we are both familiar with each other. It hasn't even been one day since we met yet I'm talking like we've known each other for years... strange huh?

[It's probably because you showed me the real you no? You thought of me as a system. An A.I that's why not only have I seen you're psychopathic side. But I've also seen this vulnerable side as well. Whether this is really the case is unknown to me. Since I cannon read your mind nor your actions.]

I guess? I'm not a psychopath though... but when it comes to this little talk were having right now. You're probably right. I've never shown anyone that I was vulnerable before. So talking like this is a first for me really. And I thank you for that even when I didn't open up my feelings or my concerns it still feels like a heavy burden has been taken off my chest.

[Have you talked about beautiful scenery with another person before? If not. Wouldn't that mean that you're in a way, opening up?]

I haven't actually. Guess you're right! Thank you system. Feeling like this is a first for me.

[You are welcome.]

Anyways. What should I do with this ring? It didn't disappear wouldn't that mean she still accepts me as her husband? It's also glowing brown. Unlike that guardians bracelet which was white.

[The color could easily be explained. The color could be blue and red there is also an in between the color which represents that they were formed with no good or bad intention while the color blue and red represents those two sides respectively. The lighter the color the greater the intention. Since it's brown the girl probably meant very little harm. Dont you wanna accept her? Besides losing the ring isn't as useful as keeping it. Since the ring can give you a portion of your partners power

Very little harm still has the word harm. And don't you think that having a lover you're attached to spells out blackmail? They can be used against you. You know that? For example. They can be kidnapped or used as hostage. You won't be able to do anything once that happens. Having someone you love is a massive problem. In my opinion atleast.

[I see. So you didn't get a lover because you had no choice. But because you're afraid of getting hurt.]

Well yeah. I am way more important than some stranger afterall. I mean. The idea of sacrificing yourself for someone just seems way too stupid in my book. You dont even know what they'll do after your sacrifice. Will they mourn my death? Will they stay loyal? Or will they move on and find someone else? I will always choose myself over somebody else. Simple as that.

[That's pretty complicated actually. The way you talk about moving on tells me that you're extremely possessive. And someone isn't a stranger if you wanna sacrifice yourself for them. Am I a stranger to you Matt? Do you have the will to sacrifice yourself for me? Or do you not? Putting yourself first is definitely admirable but. I think it's too much.]

Obviously not. Like I said. It feels like I've known you for years. Even if it's one sided. System. I wanna think for a few minutes. I'll call you once I'm done.