Chapter 5: First And Fourth Dates
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It was Friday and Kat was freaking out. This was her first-ever date, not counting the one time in grade school when Kevin had asked her to have dinner with him and then thrown up due to a bad reaction to spoiled milk. Not that she’d been interested in him to begin with, being nine years old and gay as a maypole, but it had definitely killed any interest she’d had in the boy to begin with. But it had also left her completely unequipped to deal with the fact that she was about to have her first ever date with a beautiful girl, and she didn’t know what to do. What was she going to say? Was she supposed to say anything? What did people even do on dates? Did they wear something different? She was sure they did, but her Sunday best would look ridiculous. 


She’d been stressing out most of Thursday, including the fifteen minutes they’d spent before class mumbling good-mornings at each other and complaining about it being too early, and then most of Friday as well. She wondered if Millie felt the same way. Friday had been a day off, so they’d agreed to meet in the early afternoon. Kat had, for the first free day in a while, completely failed to sleep in. She’d tried to, but she’d woken up at eight AM sharp, staring at the ceiling, going from deep slumber to wide awake in the span of half a second. She’d tried to study in the morning, but that hadn’t happened either. So instead, she’d been stressing. 


In the end, she’d decided on wearing a loose-fitting sweater and jeans, something she could be comfortable in, and easily take off if… if it got too warm because of the weather. She wore her favourite top underneath it, the softest shirt she owned. 


She’d told her mom she was meeting a friend for mid-afternoon studying and dinner, but when her mom had asked if it was Violet -- Kat had informed her mom of her friend’s bet at the first opportunity, if just to make things easier on herself -- Kat had dodged the question, earning her a raised eyebrow. With a “Be safe” and a pat on the head, her mom had let her go, however, and she’d taken the bus to school, where they’d agreed to meet. 


Kat got off at the bus stop across the street and already saw Millie sitting on a bench in front of the school, seemingly completely relaxed, legs crossed and one arm tossed over the back of the bench. Gosh, she was so cool. But it had taken Kat a second to recognize her, because Millie was dressed entirely differently than she was used to. Instead of the usual leather-goth-punk look, Millie wore a red dress, in a fifties rockabilly style, her hair even done up in a cute jet-black bob. She absolutely rocked the look, and Kat had to swallow and take a deep breath before she could even consider crossing the street, knowing she’d have a hard time keeping her cool around the cool-as-shit and now also hot-as-fuck girl. Not that Kat didn’t usually feel that way about Millie lately, it was just going to be a lot harder to pretend otherwise when Millie was dressed like that. Another deep breath and, looking both ways, Kat crossed the street and waved at Millie, who gave her a smile so wide and warm it gave Kat an almost painful case of butterflies.


“Heya,” Millie said, and got up a little too fast. Kat only noticed because the other girl also immediately tried to straighten her dress. It struck Kat only then that, maybe, Millie was a little nervous too. It helped, in a sense, knowing she wasn’t the only one screaming internally, even if this was a special occasion.


“Hey you,” she said, trying to sound nonchalant and failing miserably. 


Millie laughed softly, nervously, and scratched the back of her head, looking down at her dress. “Do, uh, you like it?” she asked. 


Kat almost screamed. Not out of anger or frustration, but because Millie looked adorable. This was the first time she’d seen Millie look vulnerable and less-than-utterly sure of herself, and it was a precious sight, especially on top of the wonderful outfit. She was utterly and completely honest when she smiled warmly and looked Millie up and down. “You look gorgeous,” she said. This elicited a blush from Millie, which was another first. 


“Hey! No fair, catching me on the back foot. Besides,” she said, “you look beautiful too.” Now it was Kat’s turn to be bashful. They stood there awkwardly for a moment, Kat almost hiding behind her purse, feeling self-conscious about even bringing it, until Millie finally broke the silence again. “Shall we?”


Kat nodded gratefully, and they began walking side by side, Kat trusting Millie to lead the way to wherever they were going. Quickly, when they’d both stopped thinking about just each other for a moment, conversation came easy. They talked about class, about the weather, and found more genuine ways to complement each other, both in clothing and, once the accolades and praise had become a playful game of pin-the-blush-on-the-girl, each other’s personalities. 


“Where are we going, anyway?” Kat asked as they went down a side-street into a suburban neighborhood after a few minutes. She vaguely recognized the area, just behind the school. 


“My place,” Millie said matter-of-factly, looking straight ahead, navigating the two of them across the street. Because of that, she didn’t see Kat's mouth fall open and her beet-red cheeks. 


“O-oh,” was all Kat managed, before Millie walked up to a house that looked largely identical to most others in the street, and opened the door. For some reason, Kat had expected Millie to live in a house that was somehow different. Maybe a four-story mansion, or a creepy ghost house. A two-story suburban house hadn’t occurred to her, but now that the beautiful girl was holding open the door for her in a pretty red dress straight out of the fifties, it seemed to fit her perfectly. 


“Well?” Millie asked, and Kat realized she’d been staring. She stammered a nothing and went inside, Millie softly closing the door behind her before leading her on a tour of the house. Apparently she lived there with her parents and two younger siblings. All of them were out for the day. It was, after all, a Friday. The house wasn’t big, per se, but it wasn’t small, either. They had to have enough room for five people to coexist and it definitely seemed like they did. 


Finally, Millie took her to a dining table and suggested she sit down for a moment. Kat looked up at her with a question in her eyes, and Millie was happy to answer.


“I just have a little bit more work for dinner,” Millie said sheepishly. “I thought I’d be ready in time. Can I get you something to drink? Mom said it was okay if we had some wine.” It was strange for Kat to hear Millie talk about her mom in such a domestic setting. Part of her saw Millie as having an eldritch abomination as a mother, or possibly Morticia Adams (or both), but going by the house, Millie’s family was perfectly wholesome. 


Kat nodded, and then had a quick change of mind. “Y-yes, but only if you let me help you with cooking.” It was a bold move, but she was about to find out if it would work. Besides, she wasn’t going to spend the next half hour or however long sitting awkwardly by herself. Even if it was in silence, she preferred to be doing something with her hands. 


Millie smiled and nodded. She guided Kat to the spacious kitchen and poured them both a small glass of white wine, and got to work. Apparently ‘a little bit more work’ meant quite a bit more, as the vegetables still needed cutting and cooking, and the meat hadn’t even marinated yet. Not that Kat minded; she was happy to be spending time with Millie in whatever setting. She got to work chopping bell peppers for what seemed to be a healthy stir-fry, lost in thought, occasionally looking over to Millie, who was a little less self-assured in the kitchen than she was anywhere else, and couldn’t help but smile. When Millie caught her, she quickly looked away with a smile.


She was so caught up in what she was doing, she was shocked out of her reverie when two arms wrapped around her waist and she felt a soft breath that made her skin tingle. Then a pair of lips softly kissed the back of her neck and she almost cried out, so completely unsure of what to do or how to respond. What came out of her mouth was a deep sigh. After a few seconds or possibly a century and a half -- Kat had lost all track of time -- Millie pulled away again.


“W-what was that for?” Kat stammered. Millie looked as bashful as she felt. 


“I -- Didn’t you --”


“N-no, I loved it! I just… I don’t know where that -- I mean… I didn’t know we were, yknow…”


“I thought… I know you’re taking it slow, but…”


“What do you mean?” Kat asked.


“Well, after a few dates…”


“Wait, what?”


“Isn’t this, like, our fourth date?”


“I thought it was our first!” Kat said, her eyes wide but smiling.


Millie laughed and took a step forward. “Am I going too fast?” 


Kat thought about that for a moment. “No, it just took me by surprise, that’s all. I wasn’t even sure you, you know, liked me.”


Millie rolled her eyes. “Yeah, that’s why I’ve been spending as much of my free time as possible with you. Because I think you’re just okay.” She looked Kat in the eyes and every fiber of Kat’s being wanted to fling herself out the window. “I like you, Kat, that’s why I invited you over to my place for dinner.” She took Kat’s hands in her own and Kat was acutely aware of the short distance between them. “Is that okay?”


Kat nodded and decided that, since she’d been the useless one all this time, it was time to change the roles, even if it was only for a few minutes. She wasn’t sure how long she’d be able to keep thinking straight like this, so she decided to make a move while she still had a few brain cells operating at minimum capacity. She pulled Millie closer and the other girl stumbled forward with a soft, almost inaudible ‘oh’ until they were pressed against each other against the kitchen counter. Kat felt her breath on her face, and her underbelly was doing the butterfly thing again. Their fingers interlaced and they looked each other in the eyes, flicking left to right, as if looking for something, trying to get a read on each other.


“You sure?” Millie asked breathlessly, and Kat kissed her. It was passionate and real, and Kat’s very first kiss. She was so drunk on the other girl that, even if it was for just a moment, she stopped worrying, stressing, thinking altogether, completely absorbed in the softness of Millie’s lips. They stood like that for an eternity, albeit a short one, neither wanting to pull away, until their inexperience forced them to breathe. When the kiss finally ended, it ended with the satisfying sound of a good kiss. It had been, all in all, a proper smooch.


Neither knew what to say, and went back to making food, both now terribly distracted. Kat failed to chop a single cucumber with any consistency, constantly biting her lip, and stealing glances over at Millie, the other girl’s lipstick still on her own lips. 


When dinner was finally done, they ate it in the living room as they watched a movie together. They didn’t say much more. Some barrier had been broken and, at least for that day, no more words were needed. They ended up cuddling, Millie in Kat’s arms, as they watched the screen. If afterwards anyone had asked them to say a single thing about the movie, they’d both have been utterly unable to recall a single detail. They could have written a book about the other’s eyes, the softness of their lips, and gentleness of their embrace, however. 


When it started to get dark, Kat had to get ready to go home. There was a bus stop nearby, so that wasn’t going to be a problem.


“I-I had a great time today, Millie,” Kat said, blushing. She had trouble looking Millie in the eyes. Every time she did her voice got caught in her throat, and she wanted to kiss the other girl. Suddenly, she realized that she could, took a step forward and gave her a peck on the lips. Millie smiled with surprise, a smile that became a wide, happy grin.


“I did too, Kat. I’d… really like to see you again.”


Knowing full well she didn’t mean ‘at school on Monday’, Kat nodded. “I’d like that too. I have to go, I’m going to miss my bus.”


“I’ll see you soon?” Millie asked, and Kat noticed she looked a little nervous, so she took the other girl’s hand, squeezed it, and then gave Millie another kiss, this one softer and more intense. It took both of their breaths away.


“Very soon. I’ll call you.”


The ride home went by in a flash. When Kat came home, her mom was about to ask her something when she saw Kat’s blissful expression and couldn’t help but burst out laughing. 


“That good, huh?”


“Aaa!” Kat said, and shuffled off to her room to scream into her pillow.


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