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We walk into the bathhouse and find some empty lockers. We could just unequip our clothes and keep them in our inventory, but using the lockers makes it seem more real. We grab our towels and head over to the washing area.


We spot a few people washing inside. A few of them looked over at us and turned away when they saw my extra package. It had made me a bit embarrassed, but I don’t feel the need to cover myself. I wonder if I am slowly adapting to this new body.


We sit down on our stools and start to wash ourselves. The area we are in looks like a murder scene with the amount of blood we washed off. For a while, instead of water, it was just a lot of red on the floor. Watching it go down the drain, I could only give a sigh.


“I think we need to learn how to skin monsters better, so we don’t get covered again.” I had said to whoever cared.


“I am sure there are ways to do it a little less messy, but once we start fighting the bigger stuff, we will be covered in gore anyway.” Replied Emiko as she was scrubbing her arms with a washcloth.


I glance over at Emiko, getting entranced by her toned abs and tan skin. She really is a beauty. I pull my eyes away from her and look over at Lenora. Even though she almost half my size, she also looks gorgeous. She has much fairer skin than Emiko, but it brings her a certain charm, plus she has a nice rack.


I quickly look away as I feel myself start to get hard. I rinse myself off and stand up.


“Well, I am done here. I am just going to relax in the hot bath now.”


I quickly make my way to the bath, hoping they don’t notice my growing erection. I think some of the other girls in the bath saw, but I am not in a state to really worry about that right now.


I reach the bath and get in, slowly submerging myself up to my lower face.

(I guess I am attracted to women. I keep finding myself staring at them. Maybe I should get a girlfriend?)


Lost in my thoughts, I am suddenly startled when two pairs of arms wrap around me. Quickly looking around, I see both Emiko and Lenora on either side of me.


“Eh! What are you two doing?”


“Emiko and I caught you staring at us. After you left, we had a talk and decided…that maybe…we could share you.” Lenora was saying while blushing. She did look adorable.


“What do you mean, share me?”


Emiko started to rub her chest against my arm as she spoke.

“It means that both of us don’t mind being your girlfriends, at least in-game that is.”


“What? Girlfriends? Isn’t that moving a bit fast?”


Lenora giggled slightly before replying.

“Silly, we already had sex. so why can’t we just advance our relationship?”


As I was thinking about being in a relationship with two girls, my cock instantly rose to full length. Seeing my reaction, both girls reached down and grabbed my erection.


“You are so naughty, Gwyn. Did you want us that badly?” Emiko purred into my ear.


I leaned towards Emiko’s face and locked my lips with hers. I begin to knead Emiko’s breast in my left hand while my right-hand moves down Lenora’s back before settling on her plump butt.


I jerk my hips in rhythm to their hands while Lenora latches onto my pink nipple and sucks on it. I move my hand down towards Lenora’s pussy, brushing her ass along the way, and finger her. She moans into my breast and begins to bite my nipple.


I move my hand from Emiko’s breast and move my hand down her back towards her pussy and begin to finger her too.


I turn my head to my right towards Lenora’s face. She is looking at me expectantly as if she wanted a kiss. I lean near her face as I tentatively stuck out my tongue and licked her lips, eliciting another moan from her.


I then bit down on her lower lip and nibbled on it before finally kissing her. Receiving my kiss brought her to orgasm as I felt her vagina constrict around my fingers. Shortly after, I can feel myself get close to cumming. Suddenly I feel the two girls let go of my cock.


“Not yet. I need a turn on this bad boy.” Emiko whispered to me.


Emiko straddled over me as she gripped my cock in her hand, rubbing the tip against her lower lips.


“Lenora already had a taste of this big guy. Now it’s my turn.”


Emiko then lowered herself on to my erection. I broke my kiss with Lenora as I let out a little moan due to how sensitive I was. Emiko leaned down towards me and licked the tip of my nose.


“Does it excite you knowing that other people are watching us right now?”


I was so caught up in the moment I forgot where we were for a moment. I glance around and notice some other people are watching us. Most of the other girls are looking away with red faces. I do see a few others that appear to be masturbating to us.


 Seeing all the attention we are receiving, I almost cum. Before I can, Emiko pulls me out of her.


“Not yet. I want to cum first, then I will let you.”


After a moment, she pushes me back inside and starts to fuck me wildly. The loud sound of water splashing can be heard as well as some moans from Emiko.


This goes on for a moment before I feel Emiko’s orgasm on my cock, which pushes me over the edge as I release deep in her depths. She eventually pushes herself off and rolls over, sitting next to me on the bath bench.


“That was so hot! It’s my turn now.”


Lenora exclaimed as she started to straddle over me. I quickly grab her by the hips and pull her off of me.


“No. Not like that. I want to take you from behind.”


I don’t care anymore about others watching us. There is no point in hiding anything else at this point, plus their moans are just adding to my fuel.


Lenora nods and keels on the bench. She placed her hands on the outside of the tub, getting on all fours. I walk over to her and tease her entrance with my cock.


“Gwyn, you tease! Please put it in me. I need it.”


I grab her head and turn it slightly towards me and give her a deep kiss.


“Well, since you asked me so nicely.”


I shove my cock into her pussy and start to pound her depths. Lenora starts to moan and babble incoherently, cumming several times.


Feeling myself getting close, I grab her arms and pull her into me as I feel myself release in her. I hear several stifled cries around me and can only guess that they came from the other women in the bath with us.


Feeling slightly exhausted, I pull out of Lenora and sit down in between the two girls. Both of them come snuggling up next to me, and I wrap an arm around each of them.


“You were right, Lenora; fucking Gwyn does feel good. That was my first time having sex. I have always used toys, but damn…that was amazing.”


I failed to hide the surprise on my face because Emiko laughed at my expression.


“What? Did you think I slept around or something?”


“N-no, not at all! I just thought that you might have had some experience, especially with how you acted.”


“I suppose I can forgive you. If I had to guess you were a virgin before us, right?”


“No, not really. I mean, I have had sex before but just not with a penis.”


Both Emiko and Lenora give me a surprised look.


“Oh? Wow…and here I thought you were the innocent maiden. Maybe you are the one who is preying on the innocent.” Lenora replies, giving me a sly grin.


“Stop it! You are making me sound like some kind of sexual deviant.”


“Honey. You are a sexual deviant. You took Lenora from behind in front of several other people. It was almost like you became another person. Your shyness is cute and all, but I want to see more of that, Gwyn.”


Hearing Emiko’s words, I go into thought. I don’t want to be a pervert, but I know I was also excited knowing other people were watching. The worst part was it was more so when I knew they were getting off on us. Am I a pervert? What do I do?


As if sensing my internal conflict Lenora comforts me.


“Its ok, Gwyn, we’ll love ya no matter what. It would be nice seeing a more confident you, though. Anyway, let’s get dressed, maybe get some dinner before going to bed?”


Emiko shoots up in excitement.

“Ooh! This will be like a first date! I can’t wait!”


Hearing Emiko’s words, I can’t help but smile.

“Yeah, a date. I think I would like that.”