First Date
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We walk into the locker room passing by the other women, some of them staring at us with lust-filled eyes. Did we just initiate a quasi-orgy?


I dry myself off and pull my clothes out of the locker and get dressed. I realize that I need other things to wear, I can't keep wearing the same stuff. The armor is good as it goes over the top.


"Do you want to see if there are any clothing stores open?" I said, turning towards Emiko and Lenora.


"Clothes shopping sounds fun. Then later, we can get some food." Emiko seemed excited about shopping for clothes.


"Sounds good to me too."


Getting both of their approvals, we head outside. The sun was setting, but it wasn't twilight just yet. We spend some time walking around town looking at the shops until we found a promising clothing store.


We walked inside, setting off a bell.


"Hello! Welcome to my store. How can I help you?"


A young woman appeared from the back. She looked cute in her simple dress with her brown hair tied up.


"We are just looking around for right now," I say to the woman.


"Ok, if you need any help, let me know."


I walk over to a shelf and start to dig around some of the items. Emiko walks over to me and looks through some of the clothes with me.


"Since you are going for that ranger build right now, might I help you pick some clothing?"


"I suppose that is fine. This is my first game, so I don't know what I am doing."


"Oh! Really? You never played anything before? That's ok, I got you." Emiko gave me a surprised look as she responded.


"These leather pants and fitted cloth shirt here would be good, they give you plus 2 to your DEX. Also, these hunter boots increase your [Sneak] by 10%."


The pants were form-fitting dark green leather. The shirt was a dark grey, thick stretchy shirt with half sleeves. The boots were a dark brown and came up mid-calf and had just a slight heel. I think I know why Emiko picked this out for me.


"These look good, I will get them."


"Now that we got you some combat clothes, let's get you something cute to wear around town."


I spend some time with the girls roaming around the shop, each finding something to wear. Emiko found the underwear section, and I decided to get a few.  We all pick out clothes for each other and pay for everything.


We head back to the inn and change into our new clothes. Lenora insisted on me wearing the white sundress and sandals she picked out for me. Once I am dressed, I head downstairs to meet up with them.


"Hey, cutie. You ready for our date?" Emiko says, giving me a sly smile.


"Yeah, but I just feel weird dating two people at once. I feel like it is cheating."


I really did feel like this. It brought too many memories of what Kaito did to me, and I didn't want to do the same to these girls.


"Gwyn! Stop. You are not cheating. You understand? Both Emiko and I talked about this, and we agreed. We don't mind sharing you, but we don't want you doing it behind our backs." Lenora

 looked a little scary as she scolded me.


"All right, I get it. But what I don't understand is why you two are so accommodating, and why do I feel like you expect me to go around picking up other women?"


"Eh, just call it a hunch. You seem like the person who tends to pick up strays even if you try not to." Lenora said with a smug look on her face.


"Makes sense seeing as Emiko is a catgirl and all." I say, holding back a laugh.


"Ok, that's enough standing around. Let's get this date going now." Emiko shoves Lenora and me out the door of the inn.


It was now twilight, and the town had a pleasant atmosphere with the deep red of the sky contrasting against the blackness of the encroaching night.


We walked around the town, taking our time to explore the shops. I found a lovely jewelry shop and decided to look around. It was fun watching Emiko and Lenora look at the different pieces. I secretly watched them taking note of what caught their attention. I bought some of the items while they were not paying attention.


After leaving the store, we walked hand in hand with each other. I noticed some of the other players gave us some looks, so I tried to ignore them. It must look kind of strange with Lenora's height as well.


I spot some of the restaurants I had seen when I first came to the town and decided to bring the girls there. It had an outdoor area that looked nice and chose to dine there.


"The things in this menu seem…exotic, to say the least. Blood wolf steak? Flame scale salmon?" I had noted while looking through the menu.


"I guess some monsters are considered food in this game. I say we try them." Lenora replied, looking much too happy to eat monsters.


We all ordered our food with myself getting the blood wolf steak. It wasn't long before everything came out. Mine looked just like a regular steak served with some kind of vegetable and a wine.


"Oh! This is good!" I blurt out after taking a bite.


Lenora looked like she was in heaven with her water lizard topped with sautéed mandrake. I have no idea what any of this stuff is we are eating, but it all sounds fancy.


Spend the rest of our meal excitedly talking to each other until our dessert comes out. Before digging in, I get both of the girl's attention.


"I just want to say thank you for being with me. Even if it is just in the game, it means a lot to me. So as thanks, I want you girls to have these."


I presented a silver bracelet with an amber stone to Emiko and a shiny blue, green metal necklace with a purple stone to Lenora.


The two looked on in shock for a moment before reaching out to the gifts. Lenora breaks the silence with her questions.


"When did you get these? I didn't see you buy them."


"Ha, one of the benefits of a high [Sneak]. I saw you looking through some of the items, and I took note of your expressions. Then I got them when you weren't looking."


Emiko and Lenora lean over to me and kiss me, bringing in some stares from the other players again, but I am too happy to care.


"Let's eat our dessert now, and then we can have another dessert in our room later."


After saying that, both girls look at me in surprise, then slowly turn to each other and smile.


"I think she is slowly starting to open up." Lenora was the first to speak.


"Yes, she is. Tonight will be fun."


We finish our food and stroll around the town, making our way back to our room. That night I showed them exactly what I could do. Lenora said it was a good thing every room was a private instance; otherwise, everyone would have heard us.