Chapter 57: Slaughter
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"Hmph, and he vowed to defeat me? Losers should accept that they were born as losers." - Neji

"Naruto..." - Lee

Nothing changed in the fight, Yoroi was still sucking Naruto's chakra.

Naruto tried a few times to use the shadow-clones jutsu to escape his opponents grab, but because his chakra was sucked, he couldn't control his chakra at all and the activation failed.

This made him look even dumber.

Prior to this, most didn't have any expectations for him, but now they even questioned what he is even doing in this exam.

"Oh man, why couldn't Naruto be my opponent..." - Shikamaru

"Yeah, even I would have probably won..." - Ino

'Naruto. Come one. This isn't like you! Didn't you have displayed some awesome skills against Orochimaru?' - Sakura

"This is easily the most boring fight of all today." - Kiba


"AAAAAARGHHHH!!!!I HAVE ENOUGH!! HOW MUCH CHAKRA DO YOU HAVE?! Whatever I will just end it now. And because you wasted so much time of my time, I will kill you." - Yoroi

He took out a kunai with his other hand, while still grabbing Naruto's head, so he couldn't move.

The scatterbrained Jonin, wasn't sure if she should end the fight and Kakashi was also getting ready to step in.

But Yoroi wouldn't let someone intervene, he needed to blow his frustration off.

His kunai was only distraction.

He still held his kunai and did like he was about to slash anytime, but he instead increased the power of his grip, to squeeze Naruto's head like a melon.

"Your village is really funny. You have some awesome guys and then you have such unbelievable losers like him. And coincidentally he is the one who barked the loudest. And now he is about to die." - Kankuro said that to Eiji who was next to him.

"If I were you, I wouldn't underestimate Naruto. He is easily the strongest of all of us here." - Eiji

"What? Are you serious? No, you are probably joking around aga-"

"No, I'm not joking. You know, your village isn't the only village, who is sealing monsters into humans." - This time Eiji said that with a huge grin while looking at Gaara.


'How does he know?' - Kankuro was starting to sweat.

'This boy is dangerous, if he somehow knows about our plan...' - Baki

Gaara was almost jolted awake and had big eyes when he heard that.

Meanwhile on the battle stage.

For Naruto the time seemed to froze.

Then there was a voice only he could hear: "Stupid boy, I can't let you die here, or else I would die in such a laughable manner."

Kakashi was right about to step in, when suddenly everyone could hear a pulse.

It seemed to be soft, but at the same time you could hear it all around in this hall, it spread like a shock-wave.

Unfortunately Orochimaru fiddled with his seal around, so Naruto's chakra and Kurama's were mixing together in an unstable way.

Which means, Naruto got more chakra from Kurama then he needed to defeat an significant charakter like Yoroi.

Red chakra started to flow around Naruto's body and his eyes were fox-like.

"What the - ARGHHH!!!" - Yoroi's arm was grabbed by Naruto.

He felt how his bones were crushed just from Naruto's grab!

'Looks like I don't need to intervene anymore,, it doesn't seem like Naruto lost control and even when, with Lord Hokage here I don't need to worry.' - Kakashi

Neji who was spectating, lost his indifferent expression, when he felt that this chakra was even more powerful than Sasuke's with the curse mark.

Even more, the chakra felt terrifying, something he felt for the first time in his life.

He decided to use his Byakugan.

"Who... no rather, what is he?" - Neji had a complete shocked face.

"Naruto..." - Sakura was completely worried.

First Sasuke got some strange power after being bitten by a pedo snake, and now Naruto displayed some strange power as well!

"You don't have to worry Sakura. This is something which belongs to Naruto since a long time. It isn't something he got from Orochimaru." - Kakashi

"My god, this chakra feels even more terrifying than Gaara's..." - Kankuro

Eiji was just shrugging his shoulders, while Gaara locked like he is about to lose control and molest some child.

Anyway, Yoroi was pretty unlucky.

For such a weak and insignificant character like him to have to face a powered up Naruto was - you could only describe it as him being totally slaughtered.

Naruto started to attack him, while Yoroi was send flying from one wall to another.


Didn't we fell in love with Naruto for those awesome power-up moments? So why not just increase those moments hehehe...