Chapter 101: Making life harder
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"That's the Kazekage? You sure he will win? He doesn't look that strong..." - Ukon said while chewing on his arm.

"Who said that he will win?" - Eiji

"Huh? Why did you warn Suna of the upcoming attack then?" - he stopped to chew and looked at Eiji.

"Just to make the life of Akatsuki harder." - Eiji smiled amused.


"So you the one-tail? I sure underestimated your village's security. Must be probably cause Sasori's husband was found out beforehand...yeah."

"Even if he was found out, he won't be able to say anything they want to know."

"..." - Gaara

"Not really talkative...yeah."

Gaara wasn't in the mood to talk with Akatsuki and made the first move.

But it wasn't long until he was defeated.

In the original timeline, he lost to Deidar alone, and now with even Sasori here, he didn't stand a chance.

"N-no way! Lord Kazegake lost!" - Suna-nin who watched the fight quickly retreated to inform Sunagakure of Gaara's defeat.


"Making their life harder? It looks like you did the contrary and made their life way easier." - Ukon

"Well, excuse me. I didn't think he would be dumb enough to take them- oh, at least Suna-nins show up after he's defeated."


A group of Suna-nins appeared with Kankuro leading them.


"Deidara, you go on ahead!" - Sasori

"I'm outta here." - Deidara took the unconscious Gaara and summoned a clay bird before hopping on it.

"STOP!!!" - shouted while Kankuro summoned his 3 puppets.

Other shinobis took out their kunais and waited for an opportunity.

"Sure brings back memories of my time when I lived in Suna..." - Sasori nonchalantly deflected every attack with his iron tail.

"You! Who are you?!" - Kankuro


"Uhm, I really think you fucked that up." - Ukon

'But nothing changed at all?! Just some more mob casualties! Damn you fate of this Naruto world!' - Eiji didn't show his thoughts and smiled amused instead: "Well, this was more or less the expected outcome anyway, just hoped those two Akatsuki fellows used a bit more chakra."

"Yeah...right. Do we head back now? You gathered your information, right? Seeing them fight made me want to have some fun too..." - Ukon licked his lips.

"No, we continue. Things will get even more interesting. Besides, I don't think Sasuke left a location for you to have fun..."

Hearing that, Ukon started to curse Sasuke again while chewing on his arm.


Naruto who after returning had a fighting match with Sakura against Kakashi was now complaining in front of Tsunade: "What? I'm not going on that kinda mission!"

"Eh? What, you got a freakin' problem?" - Tsunade asked with an annoyed face.

'Pleeease quit acting selfish...if she gets angry I'm the one who gets it!' - Kakashi complained internally.

"Geez...your personality hasn't changed one bit, Naruto..." - Iruka

"S-sorry, master! Just let me talk to him!" - Sakura tried to defuse the situation while shouting internally: 'YOU FOOL! YOU ONLY TALK LIKE THAT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HER WRATH IS LIKE! DAMN IT!"

"Hmph...the 3rd was way more understanding..." - Naruto


But suddenly a kunoichi stormed into the office: "Fith! E-Emergency!"

"Huh? What happened?" - Tsunade

"We received word from the Sand! The Kazekage has been captured by the Organization, "Akatsuki!"


"Team Kakashi, I'm assigning you a new mission..." - Tsunade


"Excuse us, but we can't let currently anyone into the village..." - a guard blocked the way.

Eiji and Ukon used the transformation technique to look like ordinary citizens, but since the was an emergency in Sunakagure, not even civilians could currently enter.

Eiji smiled: "I understand that you guys have a slight emergency, but don't worry, we're a neutral party..."

"Neutral party?"

Instead of answering, Eiji took out a scroll with a signature.

"Y-you are with the Shiki Ryuu? I-I'm sorry...but can you wait a bit, we need to ask our superiors first!" - with that, one of the guards disappeared.

The transformed Ukon looked questioningly at the transformed Eiji.

"I know what you want to ask...we have to wait a bit before things get interesting...don't you think it's better to wait while drinking tea comfortably or do you want to wait in the desert?"


I know I'm half a day late. Also don't worry, that you get only 3 chapters after waiting so long. There will be 3 to 4 more chapters in the evening/night (the usual time) and 4-5 chapters tomorrow. Which should when added up amount to a mass release.