Chapter 1: Master! A boy fell from the heavens!
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"Shut it down!" The captain of the ship gritted his teeth, his milky white skin- now, sweat filled skin made his fitted uniform stick on his lean body. The youth's gaze is filled with killing intent, lurking across the screen where their enemies mocking grin are shown.

"What now, Captain boy? Is your teeny tiny ship crumbling? I'll say it once again, Lee Yun Gyeong. I will be the star captain of Guanyi! It is your fault for plastering your pretty face like your big brother!" Do Yeon's sinister laugh resonated through the spaceships control room.

The youth's back straighten and adapted a calm figure. It is as if his impending death, together with his members, is just a trifle matter. Looking straight to Do Yeon's eyes, Yun Gyeong smirked at him like an overlord would look at a puny human.

"My big brother is way out of your league. I became the star captain because of my ability. You call yourself a pure-blooded vampire? What a shame! Harrith! Shut the spaceship down!"

"You-" The enraged man pressed the button for the nuclear core missiles. The youth must have forseen this action so he used his ability to control the ragged ship to dodge the attacks.

"But sir, we will get sucked in the blackhole! Why not-" Harrith looked at the struggling back of his captain.


The whole ship became dark and lost its control. The blackhole immediately pulled the ship. Whether they survive or not, their fate could only be death.

-----♪ ♬ ノ('︶'♡)ノ ♬ ♪-----

Same morning routine. Same hypocrite people. Same fake smile. The Movie Emperor, Han Jungsik, looked at his crazy fans from his car. He can't just drove over them (if he could, he would). His expressionless face soften as he thought of his baby back at his home.

'Did the maids fed him on time?'

'Is he bored?'

'Should I buy him more toys?'

"Borris, call"

"Yes, young master"

Borris knew that his young master meant to call the head servant to ask about his beloved cat. Yes, the coffin face is a cat lover.

"Young master, the cat has been fed on time, he played..." The head servant narrated the cat's whole activity without Han Jungsik ordering him.

The old head servant was about to end his report when an ear-piercing sound interrupted him. There was a big sound of impact that created a small shake to the villa.

"Check it." the low and calm voice of the young man soothed the old man's shaking heart.

After a few seconds, there was a astonished gasps from the receiver, coming with it aare the shouts of the rest of the servants who also looked at the area.



"A young boy just fell down from the sky!"


"It even created a big creater from the garden!"


Han Jungsik just wanted to ask whether his baby is okay or not.

Small theater:

Han Jungsik: Should I buy more toys?

The two big rooms filled with cat toys: ...

Small theater:

Old headservant: Master! A young boy fell from the heavens!

Han Jungsik: En. How is my baby?

The old servant: ...

Boy who fell from heavens, Yun Gyeong: ...

♪ ♬ ヾ('︶'♡)ノ ♬ ♪


I'm not sure how to use insert picture that's why I can't show you the photos of the characters. If you have time, you can see them at Wattpad, same title at @iamaducklingwriter. Thank you!