Chapter 33: Palace’s Scheme
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Han Jungsik kissed his lover deeply as they bid each other goodbye. He had already informed the demon king and his soldiers as they set out.

Even if he didn't want to leave Yun Gyeong's side, he had to do it to avoid aggravating his pregnant partner and also, to ensure the paranoid old emperor that he is staying 'true' to their agreement.

"Come back to me quickly.", the youth whispered to man.

The both of them stared at each other. As if they were burning each other's images in their mind. Han Jungsik pecked his forehead one last time and then hopped in his black stallion.

The Emperor watched by the distance, internally worried at his son's expedition as he is his only son. Looking at the pregnant man that his son loves so much, he ordered the eunuch to give the youth some tonics that will help the child inside to get stronger.

As Han Jungsik left the human kingdom's border, he suddenly feel something wrong but it disappeared quickly. It didn't matter. He knew that before the youth became his wife, he was a prince and a soldier first. Strong enough to be on par in terms of their strength.

4 months had passed, Han Jungsik's first victory spread wide one after another. For all these days, Wei Yun Gyeong was treated like a real crown princess in the Lotus Courtyard. The Emperor also started to accompany him and acted gentle as the baby bump grew larger.

The child grew very fast and within 4 months the baby bump became large like that of a seventh month pregnant. The Emperor issued that the baby conceived by a male is a miracle itself and it is natural that the child will not develop like normal babies would.

Because of this, Wei Yun Gyeong safely conceived his son with the Emperor's 'protection'. However, this sparked a suspicion and ruthless scheme from a certain prime minister.

Supporting back and complaining about the woes of being pregnant, Wei Yun Gyeong held the Emperor's edict. As the crown prince's only consort and bearer of the future prince, he needs to arrange a celebratory banquet for his husband's achievement in conquering the demon continent.

The Emperor was against it at first but was (forcefully) persuaded by the stubborn officials and nobles in the court. The old man massaged his aching head. Who would celebrate their clan's death?

Although the old emperor hated the demons, his 'daughter-in-law' is a demon and the anger from this celebration might affect the child. Deep inside the Emperor's heart, he was most afraid of Wei Yun Gyeong suddenly killing him due to hatred.

Wei Yun Gyeong enjoyed the Emperor's worry on his child and worry on his existence. The old man was generous and treated him carefully while also distancing himself. It was such a funny sight.

However, he truly underestimated the human's dark nature— the corrupted noble's scheme and the Emperor's paranoia.

During the banquet, the Emperor suddenly fainted. His mouth vomited foam and his eyes rolled back to his head. The prime minister hurriedly called the royal physician and ordered the youth to be arrested.

The only thing Wei Yun Gyeong saw before his body suddenly went limp and dragged away by guards is the prime minister's sinister smile at the emperor.

Bastards! The wine that he had poured on the Emperor was actually poisoned! He also drank from the same wine to dispell the emperor's suspicion and it backfired to him!

The new poison is too strong, it has no taste nor smell. Fortunately, he was immuned to this since he was a child, together with his other brothers.

However, he forgot that his pregnancy made him weak! His strength will be transferred to his child until it returned into its foundation state.

Wei Yun Gyeong was thrown inside a cold jail. After watching the guards to leave, he tried to touch the jail's entrance but was thrown away by a force causing him to throw up blood. The gate has an array barrier for demons and only few people knew that.

Who is it!? Who is the one who leaked that he is a demon!? Only the human soldiers under Han Jungsik and the Emperor knows he is a demon. Who is it!?

Clutching his big belly as he felt the child move, as if worried about him, he stroked the moving feet in his skin and then calmed himself down.

He remembered the prime minister's smile at the emperor. Could it be...

That's it! The prime minister's daughter is the empress! The damned old man must have been swayed and spilled it in their pillow talk!

Wei Yun Gyeong gritted his teeth. He really underestimate the filth deep in the human's heart. For the sake of the throne and authority, they are not afraid to get their hands in blood!

Two months had passed since the banquet assassination of the Emperor. The Empress and the prime minister was irritated because the old man was still alive! Although, the Emperor was hovered between life and death and was weakened. The imperial physician said that the Emperor can still live for 8 years!

Wei Yun Gyeong was transferred back to the Lotus Courtyard but was under a house arrest. His due was near and the baby was too impatient to be born causing him to be in pain everyday.

Sure enough after 2 weeks, he was put into labor and his strength was too weak to even put a struggle.

"Young master, quickly push! Push! The baby's head is out! You must persist!" The emperor was wait in anxiously outside and the whole courtyard were surrounded by imperial guards. The empress was unable to accompany the emperor, it was said that the emperor hated the empress after he woke up from coma.

Wei Yun Gyeong scolded Han Jungsik who was away, scolding that the man didn't tell him that child birth is painful to death and then he cried in pain as he felt the baby going out. As he panted, he gave all the mothers a salute in his heart. He would rather go to a battle and get stabbed than do a childbirth!

At exact midnight, a white fat baby crying loudly filled the courtyard. The emperor hurriedly went in and watched the youth embrace his son. The healthy baby didn't look wrinkled like other babies but was fat and white like a jaded tofu.

Looking at the red eyed youth, the Emperor sighed and withdraw himself and his servants and let the youth bond with his newborn.

"Emperor, should I—" The prime minister was cut off by the emperor, he was anxious that the old emperor will change his mind because of the child.

"No, We* will let him be with Our grandson for a week. Arrest him after that." The emperor walked away and didn't see his prime minister's smirk.

(*We, Our, Us— this is how Emperors refer to themselves when they speak)

The paranoid Emperor believed that the youth tried to kill him during the banquet. The evidence are all pointing towards that man and even if the Emperor favored the youth, he can't still save him.

Han Jungsik didn't know what had transpired in his wife's courtyard nor did he know that Wei Yun Gyeong will be publicly executed for 'assassinating' the Emperor.

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