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The marines and Luke glared at each other in complete silence just like the calm before the storm, Luke slowly raised his rapier and pointed it at the pink-haired marine captain "I don't know why you want my blade so much... But you made a mistake thinking you can just take it from me" he said this as he got in a stance.

The pink-haired marine captain smirked "Heh, you are too high on your measly strength give me the sword and I'll kill you quickly" he said as he raised his mace high in the air and dashed at Luke swinging it down with extreme strength.

But this did not faze Luke in the slightest as he said "Very well," and kicked off from the ground easily closing in on the marine before he could swing down the mace as he slashed with his blade however a spear came at him forcing him to stop his attack and dodge.

The spear quickly retreated as the mace smashed down on the ground smashing it to bits forming a small cloud of dust, the mace quickly swung back up as it met and blocked Luke's sword that was coated in armament as it made a cut in the hard and dense mace before Luke had to back away due to a spear coming at him again.

After he had jumped back the other marines started to shoot at him a few times which he dodged with ease before a spear came at him which he quickly hit away with his sword at the same time when the scabbard coated with armament in his other hand blocked the mace that swung at him from the side.

Before he jumped towards the pink-haired marine and cutting him across the chest and shoulder as he backed away before dodging the spear that came at him from the back by twisting his body around and getting a hit against the blonde marined as well stabbing him in his left arm making him back away as well.

Luke also jumped away from them as bullets started flying at him he cut a few before he reached the marines that were shooting at him, the marines one by one fell to the ground either cut down by his sword or knocked out by his scabbard.

While Luke was in the group of marines killing and beating them up his movements started to resemble dancing more and more, but it was rather vicious as blood would fly in the air every time he made a move.

The fact that he was surrounded by other marines made it very difficult for the blonde marine captain to attack him, but unlike him, the pink-haired 'gorilla' with a metal stick swung away uncaring whether he hit a marine or Luke.

Luke squatted down as the mace flew over his head sending a bunch of marines flying away with crushed bones while Luke squatted before he jumped at him the marine could not even react Luke's sword cut through his arm.

Though it did not cut through his whole arm it was enough as the weight of the mace and the power of the marine's swing took care of the rest ripping the arm off even further leaving it connected only with some muscle tissues as the marine captain screamed out in pain.

Luke attempted to take his life with another slash but before he could he noticed a presence suddenly appear next to him before he could even properly react he felt a powerful impact in his side thankfully he was able to use armament to defend himself.

However, the attacker was very powerful as the attack sent him flying he barely held on to his weapons as he bounced off of the ground a few times before he started rolling on the ground a long distance away from his original position, as he barely heard some of the marines yell out "Commodore!"

As soon as he slowed down he jumped up and glanced at what had attacked him seeing a man about his height may be slightly shorter with his fist out, he had green shoulder-length hair he wore glasses and seemed to be in his mid-twenties, he had the marine justice cloak as well and was wearing some white clothes.

This was all Luke could tell due to the distance because he only looked for a second before he jumped into the sea while quickly putting his blade in the scabbard then he dove under the surface, seeing this the marine that had just come jumped towards the sea as well.

However, unlike Luke, he did not dive in instead he kicked with his leg in the air as he was once more propelled forward in the air, almost none of the marines even saw this since they were preoccupied with the injuries they had or their injured allies

Of course, the spearsman saw it as he looked on in awe while he muttered, "Geppou... one of the 6 Rokushiki" the commodore jumped through the sky as he quickly reached the place where Luke dove inside the water and he also jumped in.

While this was happening Luke who dove inside the water quickly started to swim while looking around before diving for a hole he found on the seafloor, it was actually quite well hidden by three rocks about half his size as well as a lot of the plant life of the seafloor.

The only reason he saw it was thanks to his observation since he noticed the missing presence in the middle, the hole only left enough room for him to swim inside, and as soon as he hid inside the commodore had dove into the sea.

The hole was very dark leaving him to relly on his Observation Haki as he noticed the hole was deeper and that the commodore was swimming closer he decided to go deeper as he slowly maneuvered through the hole.

Though slowly he stopped thinking about the marine as he noticed the hole was getting wider and wider until he had enough room and he noticed that he was no longer swimming down and instead slowly moving up.

He started to swim faster as he was running low on air while he cursed inside his mind 'Dammit! Why was that guy acting like that then? Is he a direct subordinate? Isn't the Commodore supposed to be at the closest island to the reverse mountain?' he questioned himself before he suddenly broke through the water surface as he caught a breath and blinked a bunch of times before looking around, as he floated there he noticed he was underground.

The hole he had gone through had led to a cave about three meters tall and four meters wide, but Luke could not see this fact as it was completely dark however he could still feel the presence of rocks through his Observation Haki.

This discovery had left him rather speechless at his luck as he could only mutter "What the f*ck" (bleep it cuss why not)

I am a bit uncertain wich DF do you think should he obtain in the future?
  • Logia: Blood (You know what this is no need for explanation) Votes: 18 37.5%
  • Paramecia: Sound (Reason can be very op in the latter stages) Not gonna go into detail why Votes: 16 33.3%
  • Mythical Zoan: Kyonrinrin (Ancient text that have turned sentient with the shape of a dragon, Votes: 11 22.9%
  • Kyonrinrin p2- It can fold and shapeshift, ancient text for extra shait) voting here counts for Kyon Votes: 3 6.3%
Total voters: 48