Mysterious Cave
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The marine commodore looked through the water a few times looking for Luke but he could not find him no matter how thoroughly he searched.

While he was doing this the other marines were taking care of the injured and removing the dead bodies of the pirates and marines, they had also made the townsfolk help as well as having their doctors and nurses take care of their injured.

They had even stopped any treatments and surgeries that were being done on the inhabitants of the island that were caused by the pirates, after all to him a marines' life was way more important than that of a random inhabitant of an island in the middle of nowhere.

He cursed after having scurried the sea once more and finding no trace of Luke "Damn it! Where did that bastard disappear to?? Is it a devil fruit ability? No, it can't be I saw him jump and swim in the ocean he would have fallen like a hammer if he had one."

He looked at the setting sun before he muttered "There isn't much time left, I best hurry up" he said before he dove into the water.

As he was thinking three stones at the seafloor covered in all sorts of sea plant life entered his sight, "Could it be?" after squinting his eyes he quickly dove down and swam towards the rocks as he started to get a closer look.

Just as he had thought the rocks, seaweed, and algae hid a secret that he only saw when he moved the plants slightly, there was a deep dark hole there.

He clenched his teeth in anger before he kicked the rocks sending them flying through the water while they shattered into bits and dust before he quickly dove inside.

Luke pulled himself out of the water and sat down on the cave floor he and his clothes were completely wet, he wanted to hurry up and find some way to dry and nicely clean his sword.

He caught his breath while he looked around before he continued through the cave using his observation to look around due to the darkness of the cave, so far the cave was nothing special it was pretty much just a normal cave.

Well, it was pretty normal until he barely caught the presence of a thin string strung to both sides of the cave wall right bellow his foot, he slowly took back his foot and looked around noticing that on the left wall it was tied to a loose stone.

Carefully looking at it with his Observation Haki he noticed that the stone was on some slab that was pushed down by its weight, he didn't know what would happen if he had stepped on the string and the stone was pulled off the small plate but he didn't want to find out either as he just passed over it and started to carefully move forward careful of any other traps.

Time slowly passed as he slowly passed over trap after trap some obvious like a giant hole in the ground filled with spikes and some more discreet like a simple stone on the ground but thanks to his Observation Haki he could see it even in the pure darkness.

After walking slowly for at least 10 minutes he saw a white light at the other side of the dark cave, he could see that it expanded into a wider space though he could not see where the light came from.

He smiled as he started walking faster though still cautious of where he was stepping, though he saw the end it didn't mean that there were no more traps even the light might be some sort of trap.

Though he stopped in his steps as he heard a trap trigger behind way back in the tunnel, "I guess I didn't escape after all," he muttered as he moved on towards the light starting to see what is in the cave room.

The cave had a sharp turn to the left after reaching the spot where it expanded and the light shone, at this point, it was no longer a cave but a cavern as it had expanded becoming way more expansive as Luke looked around in amazement and confusion.

The walls of the cave were adorned with a variety of sizeable and small pure white crystals that shone in the same color lighting up the whole place, there was even a small body of water that had come from the cracks in the wall, seeing this Luke muttered in surprise "How the F*ck?"

Luke stood there for a moment before he heard a noise from the back that indicated that another trap was triggered, he frowned slightly as he continued through the cavern searching for anything of interest, though the whole place was just that, he did not have time to look into it or admire its beauty.

After he looked for a few minutes he found a weird dilapidated wooden door that barely stood connected to its hinges, Luke stopped and looked at it for a moment before he heard "Where are you rat!"

His gaze turned sharp but he decided to go through the door instead of fighting the marine, he wasn't so sure he could win against someone who knew Rokushiki yet, and he did not want to risk it after all he only had one life, and this was no longer just an anime he watched, it was now a real-world, things won't work out if you just try hard enough.

Though he liked to be brazen he did so based on his subconscious felling, and right now he felt a small tugging towards the door, throughout his whole life he had done so and that was why he had found his joy in writing, which had allowed him to live comfortably and do what he wished to do.

Upon opening the door it fell to pieces creating noise for the marine to discover his general location while Luke rushed inside taking in the sight of the rather well carved out hallway that led to another stone door this one lasted much better than the wooden one.

While he ran through the hallway he was cautious of traps but spotted none before he pushed open the stone door with slight difficulty and looked inside to see a room carved out from the stone just like the hallway.

However, the hallway and this room were very different, firstly the floors of the left and right side of the room were nowhere to be seen instead replaced by two pools of a red liquid, and through the stone walls, red pulsing lines could be seen all along the walls and ceiling.

In the middle, there was a stone bridge that led to the middle of the room and on it a circular red object that the lines were connected too while it pumped like a heart, Luke looked around stunned "Seriously what the f*ck?"

Now that he looked at the fruit he also noticed some kind of writing behind it, but hearing steps behind him he did not waste his time as he quickly ran to the fruit and picked it up as the red lines gently extended following it.

Now that he was so close he could clearly see that it was a red fruit shaped like an apple with drop-like shape running down the fruit, it also had small lines running through the fruit, it was clearly a devil fruit and it was pretty obvious for what it was the only question Luke had was whether it was logia or paramecia.

'Should I eat it or try to win without it?' Luke thought for a moment before he had decided 'Screw it, why should I miss out on something that is clearly something big?' He smiled as he heard the stone door get kicked open as he opened his mouth and bit into the blood themed devil fruit, without even thinking about how he would leave the cave after the fight was over.