Taking a photo, and the siblings
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Luke was slowly walking down a dark street towards his boat, since it was night time no stores or restaurants were open so he was going to be eating fish till tomorrow, the marines have left the island for a while now and his boat was safe since they didn't know it was his anyway.

However, after walking for a bit his Observation Haki noticed a presence hiding behind a building, the reason he was using Observation was simple he wanted to use it as much as possible and get better at it, it was a sort of passive training.

Thanks to that he noticed the person hiding from him, he smiled as he walked up towards the small old man who was hiding in a box while trying to take a picture of him, the old man panicked and closed the box trying to hide.

Luke took out his blade and cut the box vertically as the photographer yelped out part of the box slid off revealing the old man with a camera in hand, he had a fishing hat on, and a small piece of it fell off.

Luke smiled as he started to put away his sword inside the scabbard before he heard the camera click as it took a picture while it was pointed at him, then it spat out the photo and Luke took it.

In the picture, you could see him from the chest up, the clothes he wore were slightly tattered and bloody while his face was slightly above the middle of the picture his blood-red eyes shone as he showed his friendly smile to the camera you could see the full moon above his head as it shone down on his white hair, also a small portion of the bottom was taken up by his rather beautiful sword.

Seeing this picture Luke shrugged "You are taking it for a bounty right? Well, this one is good enough then" as he said this he gave the picture to the old man before walking away, seeing him leave the old man fell on his ass as he breathed laboriously while sweat ran down his face, his arms couldn't help but shake as he sighed out in relief.

Luke went back to his boat and cleaned himself up a bit while cooking some fish and eating them after which he lost to his sleepiness and went to sleep while hugging his sword, he woke up the next morning to someone poking him in the cheek as he groggily opened his eyes.

"Oh he is awake" as he slowly woke up he heard a familiar voice, he frowned as he looked at the girl he met yesterday as he spoke "Why the hell are you on my boat?"

"Oh sorry mister, we tried to call you but you just didn't wake up no matter how loud we were" as she was explaining herself Luke pushed himself off the ground as he realized that he rolled around while he was sleeping, probably because of the soreness he felt through his whole body.

He got up and streched as his body produced popping sounds 'Why do I feel so tired and sore? Was I that exhausted yesterday?' while thinking he stopped stretching and looked at Lea as she spoke "Mister, did you get taller?"

Hearing her Luke just looked at her confused before he took a look at himself before looking back at her "No, how could I become taller over a single night, also don't call me mister I am not that older than you" though Luke was technicaly around 30 considering his previous life and this one.

However in this life he was around 16 years old and Lea and her brother weren't much younger maybe not even a year of difference "Anyway what do you want, I hope you have a good reason for waking me up"

"Mhm" Lea nodded "We wanted to travel with you" as she said this Lake who the whole time stood silently behind her nodded huriedly, hearing this Luke smirked "Ha! Why would I bring two weaklings with me? You would just take up space go away" as he said this he shooed them away with his hand.

Seeing this they didn't want to give up as Lea attempted to convince Luke "We might be weak right now but we'll get stronger! I swear we won't be a waste of space! Lake also knows how to treat wounds! And I know how to cure disease and poison!"

Luke thought for a moment as he sat down on the boat while resting one of his legs on the other while calmly talking "Even still, the place I am going will be dangerous beyond belief I cannot protect you around every corner we turn, so its still a no"

Lea bit her lip as instead of her Lake pitched in "Sir I promise we will get strong enough to protect ourselves so that you don't need to worry about us, however if we don't do this you can just throw us off deck whenever!" hearing him Luke looked at him for a moment before he saw Lea nodding with hopefull eyes.

Luke lightly stomped his foot on the deck of the boat as he once more stood up "Show me a good place to eat and I'll think about it" the moment he said this the faces of the siblings lit up as they nodded furiously as Lea said "Follow me!"

Luke got off as well and followed them, while he was following them he noticed that the locals were giving him odd gazes 'What's that about... they don't look so happy to see me...' though he realized this he ignored it and just followed the two.

They brought him to some restaurant he looked at it as Layla said "This is the best restaurant in the whole town, we'll treat you" Luke just nodded with a thanks before walking in as he was rather hungry.

Inside nothing important happened they just choose a seat looked through the menu and ordered a bunch of stuff and ate it all, especialy Luke who was rather hungry, after that they simply paid the bill and left satisfied with the good food.

As they left Lea smilled at him and said "So have you decided?" Luke patted his stomach with satisfaction before he heard Lea and stopped as he thought for a moment as he came up with something on the spot.

"I've decided I will show you how to train two special abilities that can be possesed by any living being, if you can learn to use both in a week I will take you with me" Luke said with a smile as he saw their faces smile in excitment as they nodded wordlesly.

Luke decided to explain the basics of the two haki abilities "The first one is Armament Haki" as he said this he held up his fist and drew his sword, "Armament haki hardens your body and protects it from attacks" While talking he armed his hand and slashed it with his sword leaving no wounds as the sword created small sparks.

Both of them looked on in amazement as Luke quickly continued "The second is Observation Haki, it allows you to observe the presences of others even if your eyes are closed and you could see attacks coming even from behind you and it helps you percive faster attacks without the need for looking with your eyes" he said this while pointing at his eye as he had no way of showing them.

As he finished he turned towards the two and said "So, do you accept my challenge?" as soon as he said this both started nodding furiously.