The Manager and the Devil Make up
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Now came the big event that most people would be waiting for were they watching a TV show, waiting for the next episode to arrive. That being what Rame and Juuto were going to do now that they were alone in this park. Away from all their friends.

“Well, um…” He spoke up first. It was hard for him to speak, considering the supposedly poor terms they were on. The man had never had to deal with the drama of having a fight with a friend. Mostly because he never really had any major disagreements with other people. So this was new territory for him.

“Yeah, we should…” Of course, as a demon lord, Rame obviously had no experience with this either. Though for her, that was only because any major disputes between her and others were settled in only one manner. That being her to kill them with her overwhelming power. Of course, she didn’t want to do that to him.

“…” Well, neither of them could come up with something to break this silence between them. It wasn’t like she had even known of this place’s existence until a few days ago, and he hadn’t been here since he was a kid. So they were just a couple of people standing in the middle of this park, unsure of what to do or say next.

It was terrible, he didn’t want this bad blood between them since he did want to continue being her friend. At the same time, unbeknownst to the man, she felt the same way. Something was going to have to be done before today just ended up ruined.

“Look, maybe we should just.” Rame was about to just give up and separate from him as well. To her, maybe now wasn’t a good time. The girl wasn’t prepared for this moment, and it was clear neither was he. Or perhaps even that their rift was unable to be fixed.

However, he had something else on his mind. One that was a bit more bold than the man was used to doing, but in the heat of the moment he felt no other option. Suddenly, Juuto took her hand and pulled the girl along with him as they moved away from the busy crowd. “Whoa, where are you taking me?” She asked.

“Just… Somewhere more private.” He told her. Juuto thought to himself how strange it was to somewhat forcibly take her by the hand here. However, he was aware that she possessed much more strength than him, even in her weakened state of being on this planet. So if she didn’t want to come along, she would’ve already put a stop to this.

What was he thinking? That was what was running through his mind. There was no plan, no idea of what he was going to do or say once they got alone. All the man knew was that he wanted a certain end result from all this. There just had to be something he could do. “Look, we need to talk.”

“I know that.” She said, scanning around their surroundings. It seemed he took them somewhere that no one could see them. “But come on, I’m a demon lord. So talking out my problems aren’t exactly my strong suit.”

“Yeah, but they’re the only way I solve mine.” He replied. “And right now, I just want to hear you say sorry to me.”

“Eh? Just me?” She was hoping that they could just do it at the same time. That was something that happened in those manga she read where the apparent lovers do it at the same time because they both felt bad. At least that way she wouldn’t have to actually say those words out loud.

“Well, I did nothing wrong.” He knew for a fact it wasn’t considered a bad thing to be hanging out with Migane. While whatever was going on with her apparently disappearing confused him, it didn’t matter in the end.

“Fine…” She relented. “I’m… I’m…” As a demon lord, it wasn’t easy to say sorry either. There was never a time in her life where she needed to ever apologize to someone else. Mostly because other people she interacted with she either killed, or… No that was it, just killed. “S-s-s-s…” It was really hard to get those words out of her mouth.

“Wow, I didn’t realize how impossible it was for you.” He commented. Most of the time, people were pretty quick to apologize around him with a quick bow of the head. “Or… Are you not sorry for what you did?”

“I mean, it’s not easy to see you act all carefree like that.” She responded. “I just wished you would’ve taken my view of that too.”

“I think we all knew she was safe.” After all, none of the others thought she was dangerous. And considering their last conversation together, he was certain she wanted to help him in her own way. “But I realize now that the truth is I want to stick around you guys.” There was some concern for him to continue to stay with the group. Not out of fear, but rather because of his own personal feelings of care for them.

However, once he had gotten closer to Asaga, Akitomo, and Marie. The man knew where he wanted to be. And he knew who else he wanted to be a part of that. “I know that I’ve always liked you, so of course I still want to be friends.”

“Oh…” A tear dropped down on her face from hearing that. For the first time, the demon lord shed a tear of joy. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She rushed up and gave the man a tight hug. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Now a word she found nearly impossible was now flowing from her mouth smoothly like a river.

“Ahh, I can finally say I forgive you.” He breathed a sigh of relief. Though there wasn’t much more breathing for him from how tightly she squeeze him with her inhuman strength. “O-okay, can you let go of me now?”

“Right.” She let go, a smile on her face now that things seemed to have been handled between them. “I gotta say, that was a lot easier than I thought.”

“What do you mean?” It seemed she was struggling heavily just moments ago. So to treat it as apparently simple was odd coming from her.

“Well, it was done a lot faster for starters.” If she had any issues risen with those she didn’t like, it would take a war campaign and lots of bloodshed to end things. “I never thought one could simply talk to end their grievances.”

“It’s not like we don’t have wars either.” He explained. But it did show him a bit about what demons were like on Enatis. Apparently there were struggles within the demon war where they fought each other. But they really didn’t think to try to fix things in a different manner? Not even an attempt? Those creatures really jumped into combat and violence as their first response.

“Anyway, I’m just happy that I’ve got you back.” She said. “Now I’ve got the best guide I could ever hope for.”

“Yeah, I guess I’m still that for you.” He sighed. “But if that’s the case, then how about I guide you around the park then?”

“I’d love that.” She accepted and finally they were able to start enjoying this day. “You know, I hate to ask, but is it true about you and Migane?” Rame had been informed of this news by Akitomo and Marie of all people. It was like they were actually on her side for once.

“Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be seeing her ever again.” He replied. “Like I said, I was just checking some things out. It’s just how things go for us humans sometimes.”

“But not us, right?” She sounded worried about the idea of having to break up the way they did. “You’re a cool guide and all.”

“Sure, we’ll stick together.” He said that, but the man knew that to be a lie. It seemed she hadn’t noticed, or forgotten the point where she wasn’t from this world. That might not make a difference if she wanted to stay on Earth, but as far as he was aware. She was planning on making an attempt back to Enatis when she was capable. If that ever happened, then of course they’d have to bid farewell forever.

“Ooh, what’s that?” She pointed over to another popular place with tons of people. It seemed they were lining up to multiple booths with other people had what seemed to her were odd helmets. “Why are they wearing that?”

“Looks like a virtual reality showcase.” He commented. “It’s something us humans created so that we could find ourselves in other worlds, essentially. The tech’s still new, so it’s far from perfect. Still, I’m sure it’s a lot of fun.”

“We should do it.” Her eyes lit up upon hearing his explanation on how it worked. Somehow, a person who already has felt what it was like to go into a completely new world wanted to experience what is technically an inferior method to what she had done before.