Chapter 13: Adequate Compensation
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Authors Note: Thank you all so much for 14k+ views. This chapter and next one will be sexually explicate.

Thanks for your support, I Love You guys.


Weeks had passed since I arrived in Shikishima and my life had fallen into a wearisome routine, woodcutting, spending time with the sisters and the kids, I was even helping Caroline cook and serve the rabbit stews.


I’d been spending most of my time at Shinobu’s side cleaning laundry or out on the monthly hunts, Oh and I finally ditched those putrid rags, I’m now an honorary member of the nun’s of the Flanade church.  Well, not quite, but I’m wearing their garb so might as well play the part.


Much to my chagrin, my stamina was still dismal and every endeavour I’ve undertaken to learn magic has ended in agonizing failure.  Further more I haven’t been able to establish contact with Velvet since the time the bitch made me think my head was going to explode.


So until things change I’m just Mari an ordinary girl from a village in the middle of ass nowhere, I was skeptical of Shinobu’s claims that Shikishima was one of the safest places to be considering there’s a great war raging threatening to engulf the entire continent of Ascar.


Dynasties and warring factions didn’t concern me, it grounded me knowing that though this world held countless divergences that human avarice and insatiable hunger for dominion carried other from earth.  How homely, I thought.


I returned to my room from another revitalizing soak in the bathes. Unfortunately, I was by my lonesome this time around as Shinobu had taken off saying she had business to attend to.  I rested my head on my pillow and was ready to nod off after another laborious days’ work.


As I was about to drift away a knock came against my door, I rubbed my eyes, rolled over and let out a yawn, “Who is it?

“it’s Shinobu, Can I come in?”

“Yeah.” I said.

“Thanks, coming in.”


Shinobu entered my room and sat at the edge of my bed, I sat up and stretched waiting for Shinobu to tell me why she’s here.  


“So what’s up?” I asked.

“Oh..I just wanted to heal you, You’re body must be killing you from all the hard work you’ve been doing.”

“I’m a little stiff, I guess, now that you mention it.”

“Then lie down and let me heal you alright?’

“Sure, sure work your magic sister.”


I laid back down and closed my eyes, Shinobu was the true embodiment of a nun, kind, caring and always looking after those around her, I almost felt guilty for pleasuring myself over her.  I mean, she’ll never know, so no harm done.


“Oh lord of fire, I am your emissary, bind my flesh with flaming chains, Ardeat torque”

“Wait… what the hell.”


In the blink of an eye my arms were bound in flaming chains and tied to the opposite ends of my bedpost, the chains didn’t burn but they were tight enough that I couldn’t free myself from them no matter how hard I struggled.

“What the fuck are you doing Shinobu?”

“You’re a naughty girl, Mari.”

“Playing with yourself like that”

“You… You saw me?” I said.

“I watched the whole thing, it was quite the show.”

“Hey Mari, were you thinking about me, did this body send you into a frenzy?”


 Shinobu removed her clothes and crawled onto the bed. She was straddling me with a teasing grin on her face.  Her pink nipples were hard as diamonds, telling me she was thoroughly enjoying this.  Nothing about her previous behaviour gave any sign she had this personality.  Was the tranquil and benevolent Shinobu just an act?


“Yeah, you’re right, I saw your body and couldn’t stop thinking about, so I came back here and masturbated.”


“Using me without compensation is terrible now than, how should I punish you.”


“Punishment, huh? What’ll it be you going to exile me, expose my lecherous ways to other sisters, or are you going to go medieval on my ass and just straight up burn me to death.”


Shinobu smirked and moved closer till she was a few inches from my face. As she spoke I could feel her icy breath pressing against my face.  I worried about what she was planning on doing with me, but that fear measured out with a burgeoning excitement this position was titillating.


“Don’t be afraid, Mari, I will not hurt you.”

“You’re not?”

“You’re a terrible listener, I already told you what I want, I want adequate compensation “

“So you don’t care that I buttered my muffin to you?”

“God, you’re dense, Look, I’m just going to take my compensation now, okay.”  


Shinobu’s pussy engulfed my face as she ground vigorously, her moans filled my ears like a sweet song.  “How do you like my pussy Mari?” Shinobu pulled away and I gasp for air.  

“Compliment my pussy, right now.”  

“It’s perfect.”

“Damn straight it is, now stick out your tongue”


I complied, and Shinobu slammed her crotch into my face again, moving her hips up and down.

My face was drenched in her pussy juice; it was all I could taste and all I could smell.  I had underestimated Shinobu, I had her pegged all wrong.