Chapter 83: Just Killing Time
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A two months had passed since Mirai had taken the risk of conjuring a devil luckily for the goddess favored him that evening as his bonding was a smashing success. After resting for a few days he joined his Mistress back on the front lines.

Vanica and vice commander Shingen had blazed a trail of victory alongside the othe royal divisions, the combined forces of the empire were soundly beaten into a hasty retreat as their dominion shrivels day by day the time to invade the capitol drew near and thus Mirai had the privilege of joining his Mistress in the final war council.

The meeting was held in an encampment at the base of Mount Koajiro and would be attended by all members of the royal family and retainers of their choice. Additionally the Commander of the general Hyogo Military was also in attendance.

Mirai’s gaze wondered as they rode into the camp it was sprawling with soldiers clad in black and crimson stretching for as far as the eye could see, a stupendous flag featuring a gold phoenix on a white field the insignia of House Hyogo he had come to know it well in the months since his defection.

“Welcome Princess.” A guard in heavy armor greeted.

Mirai remained quiet as they were led to the largest tent at western end of the camp, it was thrice the size of the others and was surely large enough hold a dozen members of royalty.

“I don’t belong here.”

You belong with me, so just shut up and look pretty.”
“I can shut up but I’m not pretty I’m afraid.”

I don’t know that white hair of yours is dashing.”

Pretty and dashing are completely different...”

Shh…” Mei said cupping his cheeks.


They were ushered into the tent and from the moment he stepped inside Mirai was suffocated the formidable aura of having all of the members of the royal family gathered such a confined space.

Mirai had joined Vanica as being Mei’s persona attendants for the gathering there were some faces that Mirai recognized such as Prince Seijuro and Lady Norn but the rest were strangers.

“You’re always late sister.” A crimson haired boy spoke.

Chastised by Shigure The Indomitable, I’m crushed.”

Prince Shigure Hyogo the youngest of the Kings five children he had cultivated a reputation as a prodigy becoming the supreme commander of the largest and most critical division of the kingdom’s military at the young age of sixteen.

“I fear unworthy of such a grandiose sobriquet.”

Don’t be bashful Shige, now give your big sis a hug.”

Mistress lept into the arms of her brother forcing a reluctant embrace, Mirai scanned the room locking eyes with Lady Norn the two of them sharing a wink and nod.

So Mei Mei’s brought a boy home!” A petite girl robed in a pale blue kimono approached.

Yuki!” Mei yelled with joy releasing her brother and coiling around the girl like a snake.

“It’s been way to long, Yuki.”

Yes four months, time flies.”

I’m so happy to see you again, Mei Mei.”

Me too, Yuki.” Mei smiled.

Let’s gossip, Mei Mei.” Yuki snickered dragging Mistress away.

Mirai froze up unsure how to proceed ultimately he choose an unoccupied corner of the tent and tried in vain to diminish his presence as much as humanly possible. The excruciating awkwardness was elevated by a most unexpected source.

“Excuse me Sir, You’re Mirai correct?”

A guard dressed in dark steel from toe to crown stood behind him his face was concealed behind a thick helmet, at his side as a spiked halberd that stood taller then then the guard themselves.

“Hello, do you need something?”

Sorry to disturb you but there’s somebody who wishes to speak with you, if you’re not busy.”

“No I’m just killing time so please lead the way.”

Mirai took one last look at his Mistress who was engaging in playful banter with her sister and Lady Norn. He smiled before taking his leave not wanting to keep his summoner waiting.

The guard led him through the twisting paths of soldiers and tents until they arrived at a small tent resting in northern part of the encampment, there was nothing externally that distinguished the tent from the dozens of overs that littered the site.

“Please go ahead.” The guard gestured.

The tent was essentially empty save for a medium sized mahogany desk and two lavish chairs, sitting opposite of Mirai was the last person would have ever expected.

A towering man with a mane of crimson hair stood before him,  his frame broad as his muscles showed through his gallant ashen robes, a black and carmine cape pinned to his shoulders while his face was hidden behind an iron mask forged in the image of a phoenix.

“Good Day, Your Highness ” Mirai knelt.

Enough with the pleasantries, now come join me.”

As you wish, Your highness.”

The king poured two drinks into diamond chalices, as they filled Mirai couldn't help but think that the wealth of the Hyogo family never ceased to surprise him, even Milly seemed impressed.