Extra 2: C16 What to Do?
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In case you're not following me and didn't see the announcement: I was sick so I couldn't update. Anyway, to make up for the chapters you previously lost out on, I'll be changing the update schedule to Monday/Wednesday/Friday from now on. That means an additional chapter per week :)

Nie Chang hurriedly dialed the number and called for some dishes. He was sure that the matter would be over after that but … a certain someone got up after half a minute and ran to the door, poking his head out to see just where their food was.

"Ah Yan …"

"It’s not here yet, ah. What are we supposed to do?" Su Yan closed the door and looked back at his boyfriend with a worried expression, rushing over to look him up and down. He had barely prevented Nie Chang dying from exhaustion and now, his boyfriend was close to starving because room service took too long. This had to be a bad joke! How could fate be so cruel?! He didn’t want to lose Nie Chang!

Nie Chang gulped when he saw Su Yan’s aggrieved expression. He rubbed his neck and then gave a wry smile. "You know that … was just a figure of speech."

Unfortunately for him, Su Yan wouldn’t just believe him. "You don’t have to try to console me! I can take the truth."

"It’s the truth though?"

Su Yan wildly shook his head and then hugged his boyfriend’s arm. His expression became even more disturbed afterward. "I can already feel how much weight you’ve lost!"

Nie Chang wanted to speak up but had once again trouble coming up with an appropriate response. "Ah Yan, it’s not even been a whole day since we ate something. Remember how I cooked before we went to the airport? And we had some snacks on the plane, right?"

"That …" Su Yan felt confused. What his boyfriend was saying did sound quite logical but … "Maybe it wasn’t enough?" He reached out and poked his boyfriend’s stomach next. "I feel like you’ve also lost weight there."

"If I did, that’s only because I put in a lot of effort prior to coming here because I wanted to look as handsome as possible next to you on our wedding photos."

Su Yan hesitated even more. "But … Wouldn’t it still be better if I went to look where our food is? I could ask them to hurry up a bit. Or maybe carry it over here myself. They might just be slow! What if you —"

"Ah Yan, do you really think I’d starve after just a day of only eating a bit? You can survive three days without water and three weeks without food. I’m nowhere even close to starving to death."

Su Yan pursed his lips and gave his boyfriend another once-over. What he said sounded quite logical and … well, he still looked good. Even if he was a bit slimmer than before, it might really be because of something else. "Alright, I see. But if you can’t hold on anymore, you have to tell me!"

"Mn, I will." Nie Chang reached out and tousled his darling’s hair. At the same time, he made a mental note to himself to make sure not to mention anything related to dying in the next few hours or maybe the next two days. One could never know when his little darling’s memory might be jogged. For now, he should make sure that he had really escaped the trouble.

He pondered and his expression finally lit up. "Right, what do we want to do tomorrow? The ceremony is only the day after tomorrow so we can do something you’d like. Since you already went to the casino, I guess you won’t want to go again?"

Su Yan shook his head. Since he hadn’t won he didn’t feel that playing in the casino wasn’t all that great. Anyway … "Didn’t mom and dad want to go sightseeing tomorrow?"

"Mn, but how about us? You want to accompany them or …" He smiled and grabbed his hands, interlacing their fingers. Even though they had agreed to have a honeymoon after the wedding that they would spend on their own, he also would have liked to do something with just the two of them on the day before their wedding as well.

Su Yan didn’t quite catch on though. "Or what?"

"I mean or do you want to do something else?"

Su Yan blinked his eyes. "But what else could we do? It’s not like we have anything to do. I mean I do have my notebook with me so I guess I could write a few chapters but I guess it’d be pretty boring if you had to sit next to me and code timers all the time, right?"

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. "It’s not just timers, you know?" Actually, when had he ever written a timer? Maybe when he just learned how to code?

"Yes, yes, I know. It’s also able to count words. Don’t be sad. I’m not looking down on you."

Then why does your gaze say something different? Nie Chang cleared his throat and shook his head. "Anyway, that wasn’t what I meant. Don’t you think there are a lot of other things we could do other than writing?"

"But what? We don’t even have Xiao —" Su Yan’s eyes bulged and his fingers dug into his boyfriend’s arms. "We didn’t contact Xiao Bai!"

"That —"

Su Yan let go and jumped out of bed before Nie Chang could say anything else. He rushed over to the suitcases they had put into the corner before and pushed it to the ground, rushing to open the zipper. He didn’t take any time and just threw everything out that he didn’t need, searching for something in a frenzy.

Nie Chang sighed, got up himself and went to get Su Yan’s notebook from the other suitcase, silently handing it to him. "I guess you were searching for that?"

Su Yan’s eyes lit up and he nodded eagerly. "Yes! That’s it! Let’s go and face-time Xiao Bai!" With that, he leaped back onto the bed, opened the notebook and … paused. Uh … Why didn’t this work? Wasn’t everything just as usual? Why didn’t he have a connection? He blinked his eyes in confusion and pitifully looked at his boyfriend who had started to tidy up his things. "Ah Chang!"

Nie Chang looked up at the aggrieved tone, shaking his head. If he didn’t know any better, he never would have thought that Su Yan was being like this because of a dog and would instead think some close relative was on the verge of dying and could only be seen one last time if he managed to solve this problem in the next five minutes. It really made him question his own status in this relationship sometimes …