Extra 2: C17 That Sounds Romantic
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Nie Chang sighed and waved for Su Yan to give him the notebook. Even though he sometimes felt that Su Yan was really going overboard with his love for the dog, he could at least count himself happy that Su Yan hadn’t clamored to call the dog right after they arrived at the hotel. If he did, he might’ve really collapsed from a lack of sleep. Now, he was already energetic again and soon his food would also arrive so he would have something to do while Su Yan was playing around with Xiao Bai.

Nie Chang casually input the Wi-Fi password for his little darling, waited for the connection to be established and then handed the notebook back. "Here you go."

Su Yan’s eyes widened. How come it suddenly worked after his boyfriend had just pressed some keys? This was too strange! Well, he had always known that Nie Chang had magic hands if it was about some kind of technology. He shouldn’t be surprised by this. Thus Su Yan didn’t think about just how his boyfriend had managed to do this and just tried to contact Old Lao.

He couldn’t get through though. Su Yan panicked once again and turned to his boyfriend. "What do you think is the matter? Why is it still not working? Do you think something happened to Xiao Bai?!"

Nie Chang looked at the screen of the notebook and wondered if he should point out that he should normally be worried about Lao Lao instead of the dog. But since the dog was even more important than Su Yan’s own boyfriend, he probably couldn’t expect him to place said boyfriend’s employee over the dog.

Nie Chang pondered. It was unlikely that something had happened. If it couldn’t connect, then it should be that Lao Lao wasn’t around right now to take it. Since he normally took his notebook everywhere with him there should be a reason.

Right now, he should be … Nie Chang’s brows twitched when he glanced at the time. He hadn’t paid any attention to it before since he had only woken up when Su Yan returned and then had been occupied with listening to his story but now that he saw, he could imagine what the problem was instead. "Darling, it’s 8 PM here."

"So do you think that Old Lao already went to sleep? That can’t be! I know that he normally stays up late! He shouldn’t be asleep now."

Nie Chang rubbed his neck and wondered how he should say this. "That’s true but it’s 8 PM here in Las Vegas. It’s only 4 AM back in Shanghai."

Su Yan blinked his eyes. "What do you mean?"

Nie Chang sighed and pointed at the clock on the screen. "We’re in a different time zone right now. There’s a sixteen-hour difference between Shanghai and Las Vegas. So followed Lao, it’s very late at night. Even he should’ve gone to bed by now. I think it would be better if we try to contact him tomorrow morning. You certainly be awake by then."

Su Yan pursed his lips. Now that his boyfriend mentioned it … there really was such a thing. He sighed as if this was really inconveniencing him and leaned back. "I guess we can’t contact Xiao Bai then."

"We can do so right tomorrow morning after we get up. How about that?"

Su Yan still pursed his lips but finally nodded. "Alright. Then what are we doing tomorrow after that?"

Nie Chang smiled when they finally got back to the original topic. He put the notebook to the side and pulled Su Yan into his arms. "Well … We could go sightseeing together —"

"With my parents?"

"Uh … No, I meant without them. You know like, a date."

"A date?" Su Yan blinked his eyes. "But we’re going to marry in two days."


"Then why would we date? Don’t you normally just do that before you marry?"

Nie Chang looked at his boyfriend stunned. "That doesn’t sound too great. I’d say we should date some more. Don’t you think it’s fun?"

Su Yan pondered and finally inched. "That depends on what we do! So what do you want to do? I thought we were going on a honeymoon to sightsee after the wedding. Maybe we should do something else tomorrow?"

"How about … going to eat in some nice restaurant and see a show or something?" He pondered. "Ah, but that’d probably be better for the evening. Then for tomorrow morning …"

Su Yan blinked his eyes in anticipation. He hadn’t prepared for anything on this trip. Whether it was their wedding or the things they could do, he had let Nie Chang choose everything. Anyway, he trusted in his boyfriend’s good taste. The fact that they were going to marry in two days showed that he definitely had that, didn’t it?

Nie Chang had no idea why Su Yan was grinning madly but he took it as an invitation to suggest some things. "I think there are balloon rides we could try. They’re supposed to be very romantic."

"Really? Won’t it be cold?"

"If it is, I can hug you and keep you warm." Nie Chang leaned closer and pecked his lips. "How does that sound?"

"Mn …" Su Yan didn’t seem convinced.

"We could also go for a Gondola ride. It might be less chilly but would still be just as romantic."

"Mn …" Su Yan pursed his lips. It wasn’t easy to choose, ah.

Seeing his expression, Nie Chang wasn’t sure if he had thought of the right things. "Then maybe the art gallery?"

Su Yan’s expression soured. He didn’t want to go to a gallery!

"Alright, then definitely not that. What about the botanical garden? It’d be a new impression …"

"New impression?" This time, Su Yan perked up. He did like new impressions. It was always important to get as many as he could!

Nie Chang laughed. "Alright, let’s do that then. Since we have the whole day how about going to the botanical garden in the morning, then try that balloon ride in the afternoon and then come back for a show in the evening? We can choose one that’s closer to our hotel so we won’t have to be out for too long." After all, he didn’t want his little darling to be too tired to get married the day after.

Anyway, Su Yan was already sold on the idea. "Sounds great!" He hugged his boyfriend, smiling from one ear to the other. Before Nie Chang could heave a sigh of relief though, Su Yan sat up and looked at him seriously. "We can’t forget to call Xiao Bai first thing tomorrow though."