Chapter 2 Stay Away From Me, I Hate Snake
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I'm sorry, are you..."

Reino, who couldn't find Kuroka and was contemplating silently, was interrupted by some Japanese words.

Not only was the pronunciation smooth, but it was also very precise.

"Black hair, black eyes, around 180cm tall; though his looks aren't bad, there are flaws so twenty points are taken off his face... you are Reino-san, right?

The one who said that was a black-haired woman, around two or three years older than Reino.

Le Fay is a cute foreign girl with a slim body, shoulder-length blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her body measurements are [B77-W56-H78 cm]; height about [150 → 154 cm]  and body weight [45 kg].

She wears a Japanese school uniform which consists of a gray blazer with blue checkered accents over a white shirt with a black tie, black skirt, and black shoes while still maintaining her signature hat and robe.

"My name is Le Fay Pendragon, you can call me Le Fay. I came to pick you up at Kuroka-sama's request. Pleased to meet you."

"Greetings ... sorry, but that insulting remark, was from Kuroka, huh?"

"Right. So, it's you. Thank goodness."

Le Fay herself doesn't seem to have any bad intentions.

She looked so harmless that it was impossible to think she would come into contact with Kuroka in any way. Or maybe she just looks like a person who doesn't even kill insects from the outside, when in reality had unmatched strength, like an animal hiding its fangs?

"You may not be able to guess from my name, but my grandmother is from Pagaruyuang, ah it is called West Sumatra now. That's why I was asked to serve Reino-sama here. Please call me Le Fay. All my friends call me that."

"Then you can call me Reino too. Although not all of my friends call me that, at least Kuroka does."

"Understood, Reino-sama."

Le Fay showed a cheerful smile but still added the same ending behind my name. Is this the so-called noble karma !?

Like a lily wobbling under a gentle breeze, her appearance was exquisite.

Even if she were to address Kuroka with the suffix '-sama', she should have been a member of the group that could not recognize different eras and still claims to be mages and knights.

Le Fay-san does look very young and normal. There was nothing about her that seemed out of the ordinary. She said that he was still a trainee, and Reino could completely agree.

"But being her partner ... sounds difficult. Isn't it dangerous?"

"Ah, no, I'm just managing the daily routine of the whole team, so there is no danger, and Kuroka-sama is very strong, so she always protects me."

Taking care of your daily routine ...?

She's a maid !?

And Kuroka is also very lazy, so the tasks she can do are of course pushed to Le Fay.

... Reino started to feel sorry for this girl.

Thinking that Le Fay might also be one of those suffering under Kuroka, Reino thought he should pay more attention to it.

"By the way, why don't I see the person who called me here?"

"Kuroka-sama is attending an important meeting. She will contact you when she is finished, so please let me take care of you for a while."

Please let me take care of everything, said Le Fay. She seemed dependable.

"Does Le Fay know what Kuroka wants from me? That person didn't explain anything properly and, I'm still confused."

"I'm very sorry. I don't know about this either. I just told that Reino-sama is Kuroka-sama's honor guest  and that I absolutely shouldn't ignore him ..."

"So she didn't reveal my identity to you?"

"No ... maybe it's because Reino-sama is someone very important? Maybe that's why she didn't tell me."

"I don't think it's anything important. To put it simply, I'm just a high school student who was forcibly summoned here, so there shouldn't be a problem."

If something went wrong, it would become a reality that it was difficult to easily explain who he was.

But since there was no reason to state it out loud, Reino didn't say anything.

"Ah, talking like this in a crowded place feels a little uncomfortable. Let's go. Is this the first time Reino-san has come to Japan?"

"No, but whenever Kuroka calls me, I never have time to rest no matter where I go."

"Then this time, there should be some time, I have already been instructed by Kuroka-sama that we can take a walk before he returns, so allow me to be your guide. The car is ready."

"The car, huh ... if a luxury BMW car like that with a driver, then no thanks, I can't feel comfortable in a car like that,"

Whenever Kuroka chose a car for transportation, it was almost always a car like that.

When he asked for it once, he replied that he had no experience riding buses or trams. Le Fay looks different from him, but ...

"Don't worry, it won't be that fancy."

To let Reino's worries go, Le Fay smiled and stepped forward.

And what happened afterward filled Reino with admiration. For Kuroka to choose someone worthy like Le Fay to take care of the daily routine - that's just amazing!

The important part wasn't that she was conscientious, but the most important part is she was a normal person.

... However, only then Reino would realize that he had reached this conclusion too quickly.

After drinking the espresso, Reino felt a very hostile feeling.

As Reino put the glass back on the table, his eyes met with a young girl in the crowd.

The two of them looked at each other.


The young girl was no ordinary human, and the sensation at that time made him feel very bad.

Even though his body was tired from jet lag, which left him exhausted yet relaxed, he had recovered his senses in an instant, while nervousness filled him from his body to the tips of his fingers.

When he came into contact with an enemy like her, his body naturally entered battle mode.


The young girl also stopped walking, and checked Reino's face; Maybe see Reino as an enemy?

She is a very beautiful girl.

She was around thirteen or fourteen years old, and at her age, she looked like a charming and gentle little angel.

But that's not surprising. They are all not only beautiful but also have amazing bodies. Each one stands out.

"... I heard that there was a god killer who called himself a knight, and that man had cut many things with his magic sword ... was that man you?"

Before he knew that——

Young girls from different existences were already approaching him.

Her silver hair fell perfectly on her shoulders, like a moon that gave off a hint of light, and black pupils like a deep night.

"No, the man you are talking about was injured, and went to the southern island to heal himself, with the excuse of going on vacation."

The one who injured him was Godou, the other Campione. However, he didn't plan on showing it.

"... Is that so? Then you are a tourist too?"

As if the night's black-colored pupils were thick, she stared at Reino silently.

"What are you planning to do? Right now, my only goal is to take back [Snake], so I have no intention of fighting. But, if you plan to fight, then I will put all my efforts, and the one who loses will become another servant. . "

"I don't know what [Snake] is, so I don't plan to fight either. If possible, I want to maintain our relationship, I don't want to fight with you guys. You can fight with the champion, I have a bad cat to take care of. Just a piece of advice, I don't like snakes! So hurry and go when you're done "

"I understand. I will go quickly, but god-slayer, you are lying."


"Of course, there is no way a god killer has no interest in fighting me, so you are a liar."

After saying those words, the silver-haired girl left Reino.

Fuu, Reino sighed.

Luckily, it didn't end up fighting. But even if she was a god, calling someone a liar was rude.

While thinking about it, a blonde-haired girl rushed to his side.

"I'm sorry, making you wait for Reino-sama."

That person is Le Fay. As he walked towards the table, Reino asked him.

"Can I borrow your cell phone? I need to contact Kuroka."

"Yes, but maybe the meeting isn't over yet?"

After saying that, Le Fay lent her cellphone to Reino.

"Le Fay, what's wrong?"

After calling her many times, the other side finally picked up the phone. It was Kuroka's voice, which she hadn't heard since yesterday.

"It's me. I need to ask you something."

"So you've arrived, how about Le Fay? Are you familiar with Le Fay?"

"About that, I don't have much to complain about, but let's discuss this later. Is it because I needed to fight a god that you summoned me here?"

"About that, I'm still not sure, even though the possibility is high ... could you possibly meet her?"

"Of course, there was a goddess."

"Is that so ... then we need to move quickly. Let's meet now. We need to prepare for tonight's battle——"

"...What did you say?"

Reino heard a few words that he couldn't ignore and asked again. But the girl on the other hand had already turned off the phone.