58. ~Pew Pew~
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One of the staff walked in and opened the door into the arena. “You guys all know the rules? Find your starting places, the game will start momentarily.”

Sasha led everyone in and vanished from sight.

Yatsu entered last, his eyes quickly adjusting to the neon colours scattered around the dark room. Pillars lined the bottom floor and mirrors were scattered along the walls.

Yatsu followed a kid that seemed to know where he was going, climbing a ramp to an upstairs area. Paths broke off left and right, developing into an easy maze.

The gear beeped and the lights flashed on, signaling the battle was on.

Immediately the pew pew of laser guns echoed all over the place.

Yatsu glanced around a corner, witnessing someone getting shot. His gear blinked red a couple times before flashing back on.

Yatsu raised his gun and fired, making the guy’s gear flash red again.




His gear switched on again and Yatsu shot him down a second time before hiding.

Three second intervals, I could time this.

Yatsu poked his head around again, observing.

Some hid, others walked around shooting at everything. Yatsu blasted away, until his gear shut down for the first time.

Yatsu spun around, catching a glimpse of pink pigtails vanishing around a corner. After three seconds, Sasha popped out and hit Yatsu again before he could react.

“Common Yatsu, they’re too boring~ let’s have fun,” Sasha shot Yatsu down one more time before disappearing again.

Yatsu smiled.

She’s right.

This was still a date, what fun would it be if they didn’t go for each other during this one-on-one battle? Besides, the longer her gear was shut down, the better chance Yatsu had in winning.

He chased after her, and the real fight began.