59. ~Kisses~
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“I want my kiss now,” Sasha said as they put away their gear.

“How do you know you won?” Yatsu asked. “I think it was pretty close.”

Sasha shook her head. “Nope, I won for sure.”

“I don’t think so,” Yatsu led them out and together they read the TV displaying the scores.

Leading with seventy-two points was a random kid picking his nose behind them. Beside Sasha’s name displayed a close sixty-eight points. Below Sasha was the kid’s friend, and in fourth place sat Yatsu, with a sucky score of fifty-two.

Sasha beat him by a landslide!


Sasha pointed at the screen, it now switched to specifics.

“Oh, well if I knew that before we-” Yatsu stopped and took a deep breath. He should have read the rules when Sasha did. At least then he would have known shooting the lights on the shoulders was worth one point more than shooting the light on the chest.

That one point difference…

“Well that sucks,” Yatsu scratched his head. She said in front of everyone, right?

Sasha grinned victory, pulled Yatsu aside and turned to face him.

"Now where's m-"

Yatsu interrupted her, pressing his lips to hers. He placed his hands on her shoulders, deepening the kiss. Her lips were soft, her taste addicting. Yatsu pulled back to breath for a second and kissed her again.

Pulling back again, they both gasped. Sasha looked dazed and ready to collapse.

Yatsu moved her side and she weaved her arm around his.

People observed them, staring at them. Do they think I’m- that she- this probably doesn’t look too good.

"Time to go," he led Sasha outside.

"Y-Yatsu-" Sasha begged.

"Yes?" Yatsu glanced over, finding her legs shaking like crazy.

"-I c-can't walk," she finished.

"Erm..." Yatsu scanned the area for somewhere to sit, but the only nearby bench was occupied. The only other thing is-

He stood her up on her own and crouched in front of her, like his sister used to do for him. “Ride my back.”

After a moment, Sasha's arms wrapped around his upper torso and Yatsu lifted her off the ground. Yatsu hopped, getting a better hold. This is nice, wonder if she’d be willing to do this every once in a while.

Sasha leaned forward, her chest pressing against his back, and held on tighter.

“Okay?” Yatsu asked, focusing on figuring out the route he was going to take.

Sasha wiggled in response.

“Right then...” Yatsu stepped forward, taking it slow. He walked a city block before hopping again for better grip.

I don’t think I can carry her the entire way, unless… “We’re taking a shortcut,” Yatsu crossed the road and cut into an alleyway. Looming shadows veiled some of it in darkness already.

Yatsu hopped again, and carried Sasha through one ally and entered the next.
Almost there.

Her home was close, but pressure built up in his forehead like a warning to turn around and flee.

Something is wrong.


Sasha refreshed her grip.

“Sasha’s okay…” Yatsu slowed down, but kept going, almost reaching the end when a stranger stepped out from the shadows, blocking the way.

Big, adult, missing his front teeth and holding his fingerless mitt out like a stop sign.

“Whoa there, little man,” he said, shuffling closer. “We don’t mean to scare.”


Boots scraped the pavement behind them.

“Sasha,” Yatsu whispered. “Danger.”

Sasha stirred.

The stranger cocked his head. “Is that yer little sister?”
“No,” Sasha replied and the stranger stopped moving toward them. She tapped Yatsu’s shoulder. “Let me down.”

Yatsu obeyed, and crouched down. When he went to stand again, Sasha took his cheeks and pressed her lips into his.

“Oh snap!” The creeper behind them covered his mouth in surprise. “She’s a diva!”

Sasha pulled back and whispered into Yatsu’s ears. “I’ll protect you Yatsu~” She pecked him once more.

Yatsu couldn’t move, didn’t dare move. Sasha’s eyes turned cold, reflecting an emotion Yatsu had never seen before.

She released him, and spun toward the stranger.

“Oh,” the stranger perked up. “Am I next? Lay one of those smooches on me, come on  now,” he said and walked up to Sasha.

Sasha said something Yatsu couldn’t make out, but the stranger bent down for her, puckering his lips.

Sasha took one more step closer, then in a blur, she thrust the palm of her hand into his nose. Before he could react, she followed through with two fast strikes to his neck and jump-kicked him in between the legs.

The stranger collapsed to his knees as Sasha spun to face the other creeper.

Yatsu shivered as a chill crawled down his spin.

Sasha walked by him and stood in front of the creeper with her hands up.

The creeper flipped open a knife.

“Lookie here baby girl, I don’t want ta hurt ya, we just wanted a little fun, ya know?” He waved the knife back and forth.

Yatsu held his breath.

They started circling each other.

Creeper faked a lunge and thrust his knife forward.

Sasha didn’t fall for his fake and sidestepped his attack. She grabbed his hand holding the knife and tried twisting it, but the creeper yanked back.

The creeper smiled and stepped forward, slicing down.

Sasha backed out of reach, but he chased with a slice upward, then across.

Sasha dodged and kept backing out of the blade’s reach until he spun the blade around in his hand and swung down fast.

Sasha fired both her hands up criss-crossed above her head, blocking him. From there she grabbed his wrist and twisted.

The creeper’s back arched, following the pain, but he still held the knife. Resisting, and using his greater strength, he threw a left punch.

Sasha saw it, and propelled his captured arm down, moving back to avoid his punch at the same time.

The creeper cried out, and stumbled forward a couple steps.

With both his strength and Sasha’s added force, the knife drove into the creeper’s leg.

Sasha already had her fists up again.

The creeper glared at her and put his hands up in front of him.

Sasha feinted high, and punched low at his injured leg. He limped back and switched his footing.

Relentlessly, Sasha threw a few more punches in rapid succession, making him focus on her fists, then thrusted her heel into his other knee.

She backed away as his legs gave out and he fell to his hands.

He breathed heavy. Muttering nonsense.

Sasha snapped her head toward Yatsu, and back again.

She didn’t look at me.

Yatsu looked back.

The stranger was unmoving, face on the ground.

Yatsu’s stomach flipped upside down.


Gentle hands took his hands, soft lips brushed against his lips.

Her eyes sparkled. One of her pigtails came undone.

“Are you okay?” She asked him. “You froze,” she added, and moved in for a hug.

The creeper didn’t look like he was about to stand up, and the stranger...

Yatsu hugged her back. She’s warm.

He pulled away, and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

Red streaked across her cheek.

Yatsu paled, and looked at his hands.

They were both covered in blood.

Sasha snatched his hands to investigate and Yatsu noticed a deep gash across the bottom of Sasha’s right palm. Her other hand too.

“It’s you!” Yatsu quickly grabbed both wounds, applying pressure. “Your place!” He commanded.

Sasha nodded in agreement, frighteningly calm.