62. ~Scared~
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Chapter Fifteen

The movie played through the end credits and eventually fell silent.

Once again Yatsu was stuck, and this time, she used his lap like a pillow and held his arm like her teddy bear.

As Yatsu stroked her head, she breathed easy and her lips perked in a cute smile.
Without pigtails her hair scattered every which way, and with her eyes closed, she looked innocent, defenseless… adorable. It was hard to believe Sasha could fight a grown man and win. One of those guys might even be dead! But if she hadn’t fought them… if she hadn't been able to... Yatsu glanced at her hands.

We should go to the hospital tomorrow. I didn’t seem to hurt her while I bandaged her up but those cuts looked bad. And-

“It’s beautiful Yatsu~”

A chill crawled down Yatsu's spine. Was that Sasha in shock? He wasn’t sure, he was just happy Miya knocked on the door and interrupted them yesterday.

Yatsu yawned and brushed Sasha’s hair away from her eyes.

I’ll figure you out eventually.

He watched her sleep a long time until his own eyes refused to stay open.

Four black clouds floated across the purple sky. After a while the clouds dissipated one after another, not a trace of them remaining.

Four girls approached Yatsu, one lagging behind as if she had a broken foot.

“We finally found you,” one of them said and grabbed Yatsu’s arm. “Let’s stand you up.”

They all helped Yatsu to his feet.

“You are ours now. With you, The Queen won’t hurt us.”

They all laughed, triumphant.

“You see?” She pointed and Yatsu was spun in that direction.

In the distance, two large men surrounded The Queen.

One foolishly lunged toward her. The Queen spun, dodging his attack, blades out, cutting open the foolish one’s stomach before lunging at another man, slicing his throat. She turned toward one more, but he was already running.

“She’s ruthless,” the same girl said and stepped in front of him. “She’s smart, but now she has a weakness.” She leaned in close. “I wonder why she won’t kill you.

She leaned in more, closed her eyes, puckered her lips. “If I kiss you, she might not kill me either,” she leaned in but suddenly a blade punctured through her left eye and she dropped like a rock, dead.

The Queen scurried toward them on three legs. Closer and closer, her piercing eyes targeted another girl before raising another dagger and throwing it.

The dagger whizzed by Yatsu’s head.

One of the girls behind him cried out.

“Run!” Another screamed.

The Queen stopped when she reached Yatsu, and checked him over three times.

Finally she smiled in satisfaction before laying Yatsu back on the ground.

“No one will ever touch you again, Yatsu~”

The Queen leaned in.

“I love you~”

She kissed him.