67. ~Invitation~
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Yatsu yawned, opened the door to the school rooftop and paused. Oh right, Sasha didn’t come today… should I go to the cafeteria? Yatsu shrugged. I’m already here.

He sat in his usual spot and took out a boxed lunch.

Taking a bite, he gazed over the city.

The view turned into Sasha wearing a polka-dot apron, holding out a boxed lunch for him.

Yatsu’s face heated up and he shook away the image. “Why did she have to wear something so cute?” He took another bite.

After Yatsu finished eating he sat back and closed his eyes but suddenly the rooftop door opened and three girls filed out.

Yatsu sat up and waved a greeting with a raised eyebrow. “Hello?”

The girls glanced around as if looking for something until the thinnest one confronted him. “There are usually two girls here eating lunch…” she said.

Two girls? That’s right, Eva’s not here.

“Sasha stayed home today,” Yatsu said. “Do you have a group project you need to discuss or something?” Yatsu sat back again.

“No, we just wanted to invite them to the place only popular kids go. You wouldn’t understand.” The girl waved him off.

Has Sasha mentioned these girls before? Why would she be invited to...

“...three girls dolled me up…”

They opened the door to leave but the thinnest one paused and spun back toward him. “How would you know Sasha wasn’t here today?”

“I’ve seen him a couple times with her,” the girl with blonde hair on her left said as they walked toward him again. “Sasha dragged him off of school grounds once.”

Yatsu searched for an escape but the only way out was to jump or walk through the door they blocked. Trapped, he stayed seated.

“Wait, you’re that boy that protected Sasha that day we dolled her up for her confession to Brandon!” The thin girl eyed Yatsu up and down. “She was supposed to go looking like the slut we turned her into or not show up at all! Why did Sasha turn to you?”

Yatsu shrugged, scratching his head. Because I’m her boyfriend! He almost said it. He wanted to blurt it out and get it over with but the girl with black hair on the thin girl’s left leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear.

“Okay. Fine,” The thin girl nodded. “You’re invited too as an exception. Bring Sasha and Eva to the club room tomorrow after school. Try not to be late.”

The left as abruptly as they arrived, door closed shut behind them.

They won’t leave her alone, will they?