70. ~Alone~
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“YATSU!” Sasha Cried and turned to the girls. “GET SOME HELP!”

The girls scrambled. One of them pulled out a phone, the idiot male ran out the door.

No no no no no. It’s fading. Yatsu’s going to die! It’s not as strong anymore. “Yatsu!” Sasha kissed him but the lightning never happened.

“He’s in here! Hurry!”

A couple teachers rushed into the room. With Yatsu’s head on her lap, she helped them gently lift him off the floor.

“Front doors,” the male teacher said. Everyone helped. Some held doors open, the girls cleared the way of lingering students. One of the guys helped carry him.

The blaring ambulance rolled in the drive the same time they exited the school’s front doors.

Paramedics jumped out and took control of the situation. Sasha helped place him on a stretcher and they put an oxygen mask on his face. One of his teachers jumped in the ambulance, Sasha tried to get in too but she was stopped.

“We can only take the adult,” the paramedic said and jumped in, closing the doors behind him.

The ambulance took off as quickly as it arrived.

I’m alone again. The only one.

“Now can someone explain to me what happened exactly!” The remaining teacher glared between the girls and the idiot for answers. They all stayed silent. Eventually his gaze landed on Sasha. “Sasha? What happened?”

“I… I…” I killed him. I killed the one person I could hold forever.

Sasha enclosed her arms around herself. She craved him, she wanted to hold him, she wanted fuzziness to spread through her. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted lightning to shock her. She loved him.

It’s gone. It’s all gone. The teacher wants to know what’s going on? Sasha grinned, tilted her head and looked at the teacher. “He’s dead. I killed him.”