71. ~Normal~
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Unrealted to this specific story, but maybe the next if I ever get around to it
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  • Luna's romance experiance (prolly R18+) Votes: 4 80.0%
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Chapter Eighteen

Miya opened the front door to their house and found Sasha’s shoes in the entrance. Messy, tossed aside like she didn’t care. That’s not normal.

There were no signs that Yatsu might be with her, no other pairs of shoes and his bag wasn’t here either. Is something wrong?

Luna entered right after, waving goodbye to her group of friends she usually walks home with.

“Why are you still in the entrance?” Luna asked.

Miya just pointed at Sasha’s shoes.

“Oh. Ohhhhhh,” she glanced around, unable to hide her growing excitement. “Is Yatsu here too?”

“I thought the same thing,” Miya took the initiative and put Sasha’s shoes in their usual spot. “It doesn’t look like it.”

Luna’s excitement died and her eyes grew big with fear. “Then this isn’t good.”

I should’ve had them tailed today. The reports were the same recently though. Nothing happened except Sasha always hanging onto Yatsu. A kiss every once in a while. It all sounded so bla she didn’t want to hear about it anymore. There’s only one way to ask.

“Let’s find out then,” Miya led the way, dropping her bag by the basement door before rounding the corner to the hallway leading to Sasha’s room.

Luna quickly checked the living room, kitchen and laundry area but shook her head.

Even on her bad days, Sasha has never locked herself in her room like this.

“Sasha?” Miya called out and they both shuffled forward until they reached Sasha’s bedroom door.

Miya reached to knock but hesitated. She heard a sniffle, and then rambling.

“I miss him I love him I need him I killed him I want him I killed him I stabbed him he’s dead… Yatsu’s dead...” Sasha repeated herself over and over again between crying and sniffling. “I killed him I miss him I need him he’s dead I killed him...”

Luna put her hands over her mouth and tears fell from her eyes.

What? Miya tried to make sense of it. She killed him? She can’t just kill Yatsu. He can’t just die. Why would Sasha stab him? She gestured for Luna to follow her and they went out the back door.

Miya whistled and almost immediately a boy showed up, dressed in all black, kneeling before her.

“Find Yatsu,” Miya commanded.

The boy nodded and disappeared.

It shouldn’t be hard to find him. If something did happen and if his family already knows about it... he’s likely at the hospital.

“It’s not true, is it?” Luna asked, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. “They were cute together, I don’t think Sasha will ever find another Yatsu.”

“No,” Miya glanced at Sasha’s bedroom window. "She won't. I’m sure Yatsu is fine.”

He better be fine because if he really is dead.

I’ll kill him.