72. ~Blue and Red Lights~
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Miya sat outside waiting, listening to distant sirens and Sasha sobbing through her open bedroom window.

This is taking too long. He’s smart enough o check the hospital, right? She leaned back and stared at the sky. At least Sasha calmed down.

Sitting and staring into space, Sasha’s sobs went quiet, but at the same time, the distant sirens grew louder and red and blue lights reflected off the leaves of the surrounding trees. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

That’s not good. Miya shot to her feet and ran inside. Poking her head around the corner of the hallway, she found Luna opening the front door.

“Hello young lady,” a man in uniform stepped inside, nearly shoving Luna to the floor. “I’m looking for a girl named Sasha. I have a warrant for her arrest.”

Then Sasha really did do something to Yatsu? Miya puffed her chest and stepped into the hallway. “If you tell us why she has a warrant for arrest-” Miya said, grabbing his attention away from Luna. “-I’ll take you to her,” There’s nothing else I can do anyway, and if I don’t help, they’ll probably just make a mess.

He took a second to think. “Sasha has done harm to a few of her classmates at her school,” the officer stated. “I was notified by one of her teachers she ran away and could be unstable in her current condition.”

That’s true.

“Two things.” Miya breathed in. Why does it feel like I’m betraying her? “Don’t hurt my sister and get your cuffs ready. She’s a blackbelt in karate and it’s almost natural for her to defend herself.”

“The warning is appreciated.”

As she led the way through the hallway. He took out handcuffs and did some minor stretches. At least he takes warnings seriously.

Miya escorted the officer and pointed to Sasha’s bedroom door, then backed out of the way, rounding the corner into the bathroom.

The officer nodded a thank you and placed his hand on the door. He breathed in. “Sasha. This is the police. We have a warrant for your arrest. I want your hands where I can see them. I’m coming in in three, two, one,” he opened the door and stormed inside.

No struggle. Moments later, Sasha walked out willingly, the officer right behind her. Cuffs at his side, he never used them.

Sasha stared at the floor, eyes dried out and red. She approached a second officer outside the door. That officer placed a hand on Sasha’s shoulder. Sasha flinched but didn’t respond otherwise.

The door closed behind them. Miya just stared.

She looked so drained, did she just give up?

“Miya?” Luna showed up from the kitchen, tears flowing from her eyes. “If Sasha’s not here, what’s going to happen to us?”

“I don’t know.” Sasha didn’t even respond to someone touching her shoulder! She’d never let that happen! Miya’s eyes blurred and she collapsed.

Luna embraced her. “What should we do?”

What happened Sasha? You’ve never looked so defeated, this sucks, has she given up? Should I give up?… No! Miya stood back up, breaking out of Luna’s grasp. Fuck that! I’m not going down with you! Not over a boy. “First,” Miya sniffled and wiped away the water in her own eyes. “We need to find out what happened to Yatsu.”