1 A Bad Bedtime Story (1): A Not-So-Good Bedtime Story
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Yan Hong Min raised the cultivation manual he had brought as a cover for the story he was going to tell his little junior today and cleared his throat.

"Once upon a time, there was a little bunny that looked at the big moon every day. In the morning, it would get up and run out of the house to see if the moon was already up. In the evening, it wouldn’t go to sleep before it didn’t make sure that the moon hadn’t gone to sleep yet. Even in its sleep, the little bunny couldn’t help but dream of the big moon.

"'Mn, senior martial brother of another Master,' the little bunny would murmur before rolling to one side and 'Mn, senior martial brother, your white robe …,' would it murmur before rolling to the other. And when rolling onto its back, it would mur—"

"That’s not a good story at all!" A certain little bunny sat up again and puffed up its plump little cheeks. It even reached out wanting to tug at his second senior martial brother’s sleeve to make him stop. Unfortunately, the little bunny’s arm was too short.

Thus the bad person just grinned. "No? I think it’s a very good story. I can clearly picture the little bunny rolling around on its little bed and the big moon standing on top of that hill, practicing its martial arts …"

"Why would the moon even practice martial arts?"

Yan Hong Min raised his brows. "Naturally, so the big moon can protect the little bunny one day."

The little bunny furrowed his brows. He didn’t like his second senior martial brother’s story but he would begrudgingly help him to tell it better. At least, he could help him make it a sensible story like the ones his first senior martial brother told. "But why would he do that?"

"Eh? Naturally, it’s because the little bunny’s affection won’t go unnoticed. After admiring the moon for so long, naturally, the moon will find out and look back at the little bunny. Wouldn’t it be unromantic if he didn’t?"

The little bunny shook its head. This time in confusion. "What is second senior martial brother talking about? Unromantic?" This word, he didn’t understand it.

Yan Hong Min grinned. "Well, that’s something I’ll tell you another time. It’s late. This little bunny should go to bed now and sleep." He reached over and patted his junior martial brother’s head before pushing him back down onto the pillow.

"That’s mean! I’ll ask first senior martial brother tomorrow!"

Yan Hong Min grinned even more. "Please do so! I’m thrilled to see what first senior martial brother will have to say to that." Then he got up and walked out with an evil grin. Mn, who knew what their big senior would come up with? It would certainly be hilarious.