A Little Pumpkin Basking in the Moonlight (3)
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Luo Lin slipped back over to the table and sat down on Yun Bei Fen’s other side, happily brushing through his hair. "Aren’t you happy that your first senior martial brother is back now?"

Yun Bei Fen looked at Zhi Guan who was following behind Luo Lin and nodded.

Shen Lei picked up the plates and brought them over to the table before he sat down on the seat next to Luo Lin. "Well, your first senior martial brother really did some awesome things today. Would you like to hear about that?"

Yun Bei Fen looked from Shen Lei to Zhi Guan and then blinked his eyes.

Zhi Guan, in turn, glanced at his second junior martial brother and felt like giving him a beating. Anyway, why had he needed to go and spew so much nonsense? If he hadn’t, then their little junior wouldn’t be sad now and he wouldn’t need to come up with some story. Who would believe that he was good at telling stories?

He grabbed the hilt of his sword, seeking some comfort and then cleared his throat. "Mn, Shen Lei said it right. We … We did some very awesome things today."

Four pairs of eyes swiveled around to him, making him tense even more.

Luo Lin decided to give his big senior martial brother a break and picked up a small pumpkin pastry, turning to Shen Lei. He raised the pastry to his lips, successfully diverting Shen Lei’s attention.

With the number of people looking at him halved, Zhi Guan found his voice again. "The Elders told us that we should go and …" He looked around, searching for some inspiration as to what the Elders had told them to do that had nothing to do with eradicating demons. He finally saw Shen Lei brushing a few crumbs of pastry from Luo Lin’s cheek in a very unorthodox manner. Mn. That might do. "They told us to go and help the people."

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes. "What should you help them with?"

Zhi Guan stared at the two lovebirds and narrowed his eyes. Yeah, what were they supposed to help them with? "Well, the people … They had a problem. And they wanted us to help them solve the problem."

Another piece of pumpkin pastry was picked up and held out between slender fingers.

Zhi Guan looked at the pastries in front of them and picked up one as well. He didn’t care about food but he had also heard that story about how Elder Moqi had acquired some pumpkins. "Pumpkins." He nodded to himself and decided that pumpkins were very good. "They had a problem with pumpkins."

Shen Lei looked over and raised his brows. They had a problem with pumpkins? Zhi Guan really had a strange way of telling stories. He had no idea where he was trying to go with this. Well, he didn’t mind at all. It was good as long as it could make his little fairy’s junior martial brother happy again. After all, if his junior martial brother was happy, his fairy he would also be happy. And if his fairy was happy, then he was a very happy man.

Yun Bei Fen also didn’t know where the story was going. "What was the problem with the pumpkins? Aren’t pumpkins something to eat? Third senior martial brother told me about them today. He said that there are different kinds of pumpkins. What kind of pumpkin did you see? Were they dangerous?"

Zhi Guan’s brows twitched and he nodded. "Well, yes, they’re something to eat and there are different ones as well. The ones I saw …" He thought of the demons they had killed and the grip around his sword tightened. "They were a very special sort of pumpkin. They weren’t just some vegetables. They were … living pumpkins."

"Living pumpkins?"

Zhi Guan nodded. "Yes, those are … those are pumpkins that have mutated … spiritually. They are just like small animals. Like bunnies." He looked at his little junior martial brother and couldn’t come up with any other comparison. Little bunnies should be something cute, not terrifying at all.

"Second senior martial brother said that bunnies are pesky little animals."

Zhi Guan glanced at his second junior martial brother and his eyes narrowed. "Did he say that? Well, you shouldn’t believe everything your second senior martial brother says. He doesn’t know too much. He hasn’t studied well. You should listen more to your third senior martial brother or to me."

Yun Bei Fen nodded earnestly, believing every word Zhi Guan said.

Zhi Guan cleared his throat and tapped the table, finally biting into that pumpkin pastry. Ah, Luo Lin really knew how to cook.

Yun Bei Fen leaned over the table and tugged at Zhi Guan’s sleeve. "So what was the problem with the living pumpkins?"

Zhi Guan barely managed to gulp down that piece of pastry and put down the rest, not really wanting to eat anymore. "They …" He looked back at the two people opposite him that were not sharing any pastries anymore but looked like they were about to find an excuse to leave their Master’s house and go to Luo Lin’s. Ah, that wasn’t really able to give him any inspiration.

Yun Bei Fen tugged at his sleeve again. "First senior martial brother?"

Zhi Guan absentmindedly reached over as well and patted his head. His hand remained on top of Yun Bei Fen’s head for a moment longer than usual before he took it back and looked at it. "Well … Those living pumpkins are … They are very sticky. They will leap at people and hug their legs and demand to be patted."

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes widened. "Is that a problem?" He remembered that he was doing that as well. Well, he wasn’t asking to be patted but he was leaping at his senior martial brothers and hugging their legs. And then his senior martial brothers would always pat his head or maybe ruffle his hair. Was that something bad?

Seeing his little junior’s complicated expression, Zhi Guan once rubbed over his sword to calm himself down. "No. That is the problem. Just that …" He once again looked around, searching for some inspiration. He couldn’t find any though. Ah, he really needed some help. Unfortunately, nobody was around. Yan Hong Min obviously wasn’t an option since he was the person that had caused this whole mess and Shen Lei’s thoughts were somewhere completely else. Mn, well, that might also work "They didn’t have enough help."

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes. "With patting the pumpkins?"

Zhi Guan nodded earnestly. "Yes, there weren’t enough people to pat the pumpkins. So they could only ask our Teng Yong Sect for help. The Elders recognized what a huge problem this was so they send a team of our best disciples over so we could pat the pumpkins."

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes seemed to glow. "So you went over to pat the pumpkins and you did that for the whole day?"

Zhi Guan stiffly nodded. "The whole day. We didn’t take any rest. There were so many … They surrounded us from all sides."

Shen Lei looked up from where his hand had just slipped below Luo Lin’s hair. Even though he didn’t find the story believable at all, it seemed that it was different for a small child. Unfortunately, Zhi Guan seemed to be unable to hold on. "Yes, we patted them the whole day." He nodded to reassure Yun Bei Fen that it had really been that way before he turned back to Luo Lin, his fingers once again combing through his hair and gently drawing some patterns onto his robe.

Yun Bei Fen nodded his head. "So you went out to pat pumpkins."

Zhi Guan once again nodded his head. Yes, yes, they had gone out to pat pumpkins. That had to be the truth.