V.2-Ch.40: Hunting Divine Beasts
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In the void between the Blood Plains and the Aquatic Plateau, Xia Yunyi and Chen Li stood next to Ye Yuyan. Ye Yuyan stood stalwart in the void as his right palm shined with heavenly lightning.

"Fellow immortal, it's your time to act!" Ye Yuyan proclaimed into the void with a rapturous smile that left Xia Yunyi and Chen Li afraid.

With Ye Yuyan's intonation, a world of lightning erupted from the veil, all the thunderbolts blasted in an array towards the Blood Temple. The void became filled with the streaks of lightning bolts passing through at unfathomable speeds.

The lightning covered Chen Li and Xia Yunyi's vision, the only thing visible was Ye Yuyan's form standing amidst the crackling and seething lightning with his right palm extended out. The deep blue gash gushed out electrical forces as it guided the lightning into the blood temple.

The temple became increasingly filled with power as the lines across it shined with a red light. The dead quiet temple lit up with life releasing a vile and unspeakable horror from a grand era.

Without warning, the temple's red light exploded out as the top split open, revealing the throne room as the ominous screams of a million souls filled the senses of all the onlookers. The lightning condensed toward the red throne, filling it up with various motes of light.

On the sides of the throne, the red sea swayed as if coming to life and suddenly the throne flew up with the electric current.

As it ascended to the skies, it grew and grew until it reached the limit of the blood plains, then it suddenly pierced through the barrier like it was paper and stepped into the void.

Xia Yunyi and Chen Li looked on in horror as the colossal red throne exited from the blood plains and stopped behind Ye Yuyan.

The heavenly power filled Ye Yuyan's body, which suddenly grew a thousand meters. His massive body automatically flew onto the red throne, and as if fusing with it he sat down in perfect harmony. The screams of millions of souls below the throne acted like a morbid welcoming tune.

Ye Yuyan reached out with one gigantic palm and grabbed Maven and placed him on the armrest. Maven looked up at Ye Yuyan's godly form with awe passing through his eyes.

"You two can run as far as you like. As soon as I finish my hunt, you're next." Ye Yuyan said as his gaze landed on Xia Yunyi and Chen Li making their blood run backward, a deep-seated primordial fear erupted from their hearts as they turned to flee.

Ye Yuyan disregarded them as he activated the red throne, pushing it to fly through the void at max speed. The red throne zoomed through the void leaving a trail of blood and souls in its wake!


Inside the immortal graveyard, vermillion flames danced under the starry skies leaving streaks of Vermillion. The flames ignited the various graves stretching to the limits of the graveyard the flames rapidly moved as they gathered into one place, the heaven-piercing tombstone!

The entire construction shined with vermillion flames as it stabbed through the skies, the words on the tomb lost all legibility as the flames atrophied into incoherent garbage.

At the edge of the graveyard, flashed two lights one yellow and the other gold. The lights dissipated revealing Su Yan and Emily's forms.

Each of them held two of the Cardinals, the moment they escaped the vermillion flames they threw down their individual cardinals and looked back at the flames.

"What?!?" Su Yan eyes narrowed as he looked toward the skies. The vermillion flames exploded into the skies with like a brilliant sword slash. The flames danced across the skies like an Aurora, the intense light illuminating the starry sky.

Suddenly the vault of heaven split open as if it was being cut open by the vermillion flames. The hole resembled a sword scar as the rippling forced open the gates of heaven's realm!

The sky scar rippled as grew slowly engulfing the sky, hundreds of air currents formed as they drifted into the void of the scar.

In a few moments, the scar completely consumed the starry sky and a crackling sound spread throughout the valley.

The sky filled with the scene of lightning crackling as the electrical forces jumped across the sky. The thick veil of lightning slowly condensed together as if it were forming something.

Emily's countenance grew gloomy as she watched the lightning bolts fuse. The first few thousand lightning bolts rippled together near the ground as they fused together and ascended higher and higher.

The lightning condensed into physical form as it turned to a massive lightning tail with fur made of electrical forces!

The electrical forces kept gathering as it reached closer to the sky, the lightning veil dissipated almost entirely as a massive pair of legs formed together, the hooves of the legs rounded into perfect circles.

Then the other bolts lined up coiling around one another as they formed a magnificent lightning mane. Su Yan's eyes lit up with shock as the strange abdomen flew into the void, disappearing from sight.

The entire immortal graveyard transformed into ashes, and the tombstones had already disintegrated. Even the vermillion flames died down, even a rank 4 expert couldn't remain long in those flames and it was still put out by that strange beast.

"What was that?" Su Yan turned to ask Emily.

Emily didn't respond as her eyes were glued to the sky as she processed what had just happened. She looked toward the immortal graveyard as a thought passed through her mind.

"I'm not sure, but we did our part. Let's leave while we still can." Emily spoke wistfully as she grabbed her cardinals and punched out into the air. Suddenly the void ripped open as the portal to the outside world opened.


Shadow Mountain:

A massive red beam blasted through the barrier of the shadow mountains, releasing an intense rippling force through the void. The red beam engulfed the skies with the sheer lightning force that left an electrical trail in the sky.

A dark beam of energy transmitted from the shadow mountain into the lightning veil. The rumbling dark clouds are the mountain crackled with power.

Alister scanned through the rubble of the shadow chains, his psyche forces transmitted all across searching for any traces of Yunshi's corpse, but he found nothing. Suddenly a high pitch screech echoed from the top of the mountain.

"Hmm... guess that's my cue to leave." Alister thought as his blood wings flapped raising a storm, Alister's draconic form flew through the skies piercing through the shadow barrier rapidly.

He looked back toward the mountain, at the top the lightning condensed together into a pair of terrifying blue eyes. It's electrifying gaze shot thunderbolts toward Alister's condensed physique.

"Damn!" Alister roared in the void as his draconic body turned, towards the incoming lightning bolts. His blood wings flapped releasing a volley of red lights toward the array of lightning bolts.

The void filled with the crashing of the two arrays, thousands of electrical currents clashed transmitting crackling sounds throughout. The blue lightning charged through the red light and blasted toward Alister.

He didn't bother to watch the results as he turned to flee almost immediately. As he tried to escape his left blood wing a stray lightning bolt hit his left bloodwing wounding him.

"Aargh!" A low growl escaped his throat as the left blood wing shattered from the sheer power of the lightning bolt. Fear flashed in his eyes as he turned into a red beam shooting through the void at hypersonic speeds.

Behind him, the roar of a horrifying beast echoed throughout leaving a trace of fear in Alister's heart. His conjured physique showed cracks across it as the remnants of the blue lightning crackled from the cracks.

Alister's dragon form looked towards the lightning veil surrounding Heaven's realm as he flitted through the void. Suddenly the veil gathered as it formed into a pair of perfect legs, a sprawling abdomen, and a lightning mane!

The lightning veil decreased in size at a visible rate as the lightning condensed together, and suddenly the pair of blue eyes returned with a vengeance. A blue lightning bolt crossed from the shadow mountain in an instant, the sheer speed was similar to teleportation!

The lightning bolt was the massive head of a Qilin! Its majestic horn shined with a 9 colored light as it rippled through the void towards the abdomen.

At that moment, Alister's conjured physique shattered entirely transforming into thousands of red light. Hundreds of blood disciples' bodies manifested from the red light, and suddenly a gathering of red lights manifested into a white-haired old man.

The Qilin head rapidly fused into the abdomen of the beast, the lightning mane crackled intensely as the horn of the beast shot a 9 colored light into the lightning veil. The lightning veil seethed and turned into an array of thunderbolts.

Each bolt struck the massive Qilin inundating it in heavenly power as electrical currents formed across its body.

The thunderbolts condensed one by one making an intricate system of lines that followed a heavenly principle, the power of heavenly judgment formed creating a pair of thunderwings that stood unmatched.

The seething lightning released a heavenly 9 colored light as the wings sprouted covering all of heaven's realm in a single bound! Alister edged back in fear but then he felt a power surge behind him, he looked back to see in the horizon flash a red light unlike any other.

The cause of the red light was a throne the size of a great world. The throne came crashing down from the void toward the Qilin beast, the void rumbled as it passed through at high speeds.

The beast's beady blue eyes shot out thunderbolts to no avail, as the red throne crashed down undeterred slapping the beast away.

"Well done Alister, I'll take it from here." Ye Yuyan said from atop the red throne, he sat like an eternal divine god watching mortals toil in their affairs.

"Thank you, Master!" Alister said through gasped pants, his entire face was pale and bloodless. Such was a consequence of overusing his conjured physique along with blood magic to form that blood dragon.

Ye Yuyan's divine eyes turned to meet the Qilin's radiant blue eyes. The meeting of gazes reminded him of a scene in his past and he couldn't help but lick his lips in excitement.

"Now it's time to hunt!" Ye Yuyan roared with excitement as he drove the red throne to attack once again!


Author's notes: Longer chapter than usual so it took a little longer, school is starting soon for me so the release rate will go down to about 4/week from 7/week. But luckily this arc will be finished this week so no delay on the good stuff, and as always I take a day break to plan after a volume finishes. Have a good night and thank you for reading!