Falling into the girls’ claws! – Chapter 167
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As we continued going forward, everyone was either ignoring me or just couldn't look me in the face anymore. Even during lunch break, none of them talked to me...

Chloe was talking something with Akemi and Ichika while Shiro was walking near the twin sisters.

I won't deny that it feels a bit empty being ignored like this, but I don't want to force them to do anything just because I felt like it.

On the next floor, all of the girls were working together to defeat all of the snakes that were slithering their way out of some holes. Working together like that, they managed to pass through this level without a sweat.

“Oh, let me talk to Hatsuko for a bit.” Akemi said to the girls after supporting them with a buff skill that increased their speed and stamina at the same time. They managed to wipe out all of the monsters that were trying to get away, then they turned back to Akemi.

“You can leave him alone for now. Let's talk together for a bit longer! I’m sure we have plenty of stuff to talk about.” Chloe put on a ‘scary’ smile on her face as she locked Akemi’s right arm while on the other hand was Ichika that was occupying Akemi’s other arm. Akemi looked back at me with a bit of disappointment on her face, then she decided to listen to what Ichika and Chloe had to say. 

The way to complete this dungeon was becoming really boring for me since I had nothing to do other than watching everyone defeat everything in their sight. My only job was to watch all of them as they had fun by themselves...

“Hmp!” Even when I tried calling out to Shiro, she simply looked back at me then she averted  her eyes away while pouting in anger. That's when Hina looked back at me before she started walking by my side.

“They are not mad at you so please don’t worry.” She said as she casually continued walking by my side.

“I don’t mind it… besides they have changed compared to when I first met them….

And... I’m glad that they have each other’s backs in these kinds of moments...” She looked at me after I said that to her.

“If I had to say, then you are the one who has changed the most.” She showed a smile as she continued looking forward.

“Is that so?” I have heard those words before… And I remember how my past self used to be. I didn’t have these powers and I was always weak, to the point of not being able to not protect myself. At some time I even thought about shutting myself away from society and not coming out of my room for the rest of my life. If I had never received the email from Sakuru High school, I wouldn’t have never met everyone…

“How was your life before ‘Angels and Demons’ destroyed all of the countries?” Since I got to meet Hina, I barely knew anything about her. 

She looked at me for a moment before she started talking about the past.

“My father owned many companies like energy drinks, classic restaurants and many hotels, so my life wasn't that bad." She began telling me her story of what happened. And from what I could see, she was basically rich.

"My father had many connections, and one of them was with someone from the U.G.C. 

While I was spending a few weeks in that… city… 

the war between Angels and Demons began. It didn't take long before the news that my father was dead reached me.

I thought I had friends I could trust, but in the end they all were after my money and status." She didn't mention her ex or anything too detailed about her personal life. It was as if she no longer cared what happened.

"Must have been tough…" While I couldn't exactly relate to her story, I still listened to her. But the moment I said that, she giggled.


"That's unlikely of you to be concerned by someone as low as me…" She looked a little sad as she said that about herself. "...but that makes me a little happy…" She looked down while whispering those words to herself.




Before we were about to enter the last floor of this dungeon, everyone decided to take a rest so they would be fully prepared for the last floor. But as I was resting near Angela and Demonica, the others came towards me while crossing their arms. They had serious looks on their faces as if they were about to interrogate me.

"Hatsuko, we decided to put up some rules!" Chloe said as the rest of them nodded to each other.

“Rules?” I wondered as I was looking at them. 

“Yes!” Chloe nodded.

“S-starting from now on, you are not to spend time alone with Akemi! If you want to talk or be with her, you need to take one of us with you just in case!” Ichika stated.

“W-wait, I never agreed on that one!!!” Akemi confusingly looked back at Ichika while Chloe was preparing to speak.

“Next! If you don’t treat any of us equally then we won't talk to you ever again.” Chloe proudly said as she took a step back for the next one to speak.

“U-um, you don't really need to listen to me, but… please don't treat us harshly.” Hina also added as she awkwardly walked back to everyone.

[ Give Shiro belly rubs every day and night! ] Shiro blurred that out in my head with a smug but proud look on her face.

“Is that all?” I asked as I was looking up at them.

“One last thing…” Chloe looked on her side as she said that. “We also want a chance to… get a kiss from you…” Their faces were slightly blushing as Chloe said that to me.

“It's not fair that Akemi gets a head start while ‘I’ your girlfriend hasn't even gotten the chance to k-kiss you!” And Ichika whose face was even more embarrassed compared to the rest of the girls.

“I don’t think I understand why you-” 

“Its pointless to act dumb, H.a.t.s.u.k.o.” Akemi interrupted with a smirk on her face before I could finish talking . 

“...” They all were waiting for my response as I was trying to come up with an excuse. But in the end, their gazes were getting even stronger... until I gave up.

“Fine, I agree with your rules.” They all showed signs of joy the moment I said that. While I still don't feel like a lucky person... The least I could do was give them a better life than I once had.




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