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Green Life
Green Life
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3.5 (147 ratings)
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This is the story of Hatsuko, a guy without any friends or social life...
And that's how he expected his life to continue until he was invited to the best school in the entire world. A school only meant for people with special abilities. But his life didn't get any better... it got much worse!
While trying to endure the continuous bullying and humiliation, he began seeing weird things that were changing his life. When he thought his life would get better if he left the school, the whole world began collapsing until every city was destroyed... except 'Sakuru', the city he was staying in.
This was the beginning of his new life... or actually the end which was filled with nothing but hatred towards that city and everyone on his school!

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ActionAdventureHaremLitRPGMartial ArtsMatureSchool LifeSupernaturalTragedy
Abusive Characters Academy Accelerated Growth Adventurers Aggressive Characters Angels Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Apocalypse Arrogant Characters Average-looking Protagonist Betrayal Bullying Character Growth Gods Monster Girls Multiple POV Near-Death Experience R-18 Selfish Protagonist Sudden Strength Gain Survival Underestimated Protagonist Weak to Strong World Invasion
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 136

    Edit... I had tried this again awhile back. Nope, it was not any different. Unless you're into NTR cucking and psychopathic tendencies, do not read!

    This is awful to read. Poor grammar and spelling with errors throughout the work. Why does everyone ignore that criticism? There's many programs out there and editing just takes time. Deserves a NTR tag too, though the author doesn't agree and some others don't. Some reviewers here, one with a name suspiciously like the story for instance claim I am lying about this or making this all up. Feel free to read on your own if you think so and please like when you find these specific examples if you find you agree. If you don't? You probably like this kinda thing anyway. No offense intended.

    The guy gets cucked four times in the story by my count. Outright explicit descriptions for some of them too with him watching that just cannot be argued to be anything but NTR. Super gross to me, I'm sorry if that's your kink but it turns my stomach. First one is a girl getting gangbanged that invited the protagonist to her apartment. It was clear he was interested in her intimately that's the very definition of the word Netorared. The second? Childhood friend gets introduced, is nice to him, he admitted to having feelings for her, thought she was going to confess to him, she still wore a gift from him, and then she cucks him right when he thought he was going to get confessed to giving up her virginity to some random smuck who tries to kill him later.  This dumb chick never realized that or didn't care. Later when there is supposedly no more NTR according to these reviews and some comments another girl who is actually in his harem living in his house later, Hina, a girl he saved by the way, was getting used up by another guy, Haruto I think his name was, and then she's tossed aside by him where our MC picks up the leftovers and doesn't touch them like a proper beta male Japanese harem lead. To clarify Hina was injured during her rescue. Comtose for awhile and haurto didn't care and was just casually banging her two friends the whole time. They were in an open relationship, but she was comatose. Fourth time was when I stopped reading. This girls dad drugs everyone, including a true dragon somehow, with human drugs so they're like zombies, and Haruto the guy I mentioned appeared to have rapes them all. He showed up with his arms around them? It was heavily implied. I admit I didn't stick around to find out if it was explicit. Lol. Could be wrong, but the implications are there even if they edited it. You're made to think he had. The writer has a weird hobby, man. It just isn't for me.

    I tried to give it another shot. While what the other reviews say is true to some extent. About it slightly improving on that front? The cucking and beta male behavior is still there and worse the MC goes psychopathic. Torturing people and killing innocents. That's not anti hero. That's evil or villain. He gets taken over by this puppet skill of his at one point and kills an entire settlement of people. He kills this girl's guards for no reason other than them following while he was training her. His sister is a bro con, but I bet you she's going to get raped or something stupid like that. She's looking for him, but she doesn't know he's a psycho murder whose dead inside. Later he gets a new harem that lacks these issues, but the writer kills a bunch of kids for no good reason. It's weird, man. Then all those girls turn on him in 136. They try to kill him. No good reason. You're supposed to buy that a dragon can be drugged? I'm just going to drop this one from my list now. 

    While there's elements here of what could have been a good series, it's maligned by a terrible MC, verisimilitude breaking dark writing, and weird cuck fetishist stuff. The rating is 3.6, but it really should be one star series legitimately. What kind of beta doesn't f**k a dragon that is throwing herself at him? What a waste. She is the only girl that wasn't torched besides the new one he was training at the time. The new harem is more like those fake Japanese ones, but then they all just try to kill him for reasons. What a sh*t show. I just wish people would stop lying about the NTR. You don't get a 3.6 for nothing. 

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    55 Likes · Like
    Status: A sister that wont give...

    Update at the bottom!

    Holy Hell, as of right now I would give this story a negative star review if I could... The MC has been betrayed so much that it is honestly annoying. He has been cucked multiple times. Reading up the the point I am at now has been a horrid chore. I hope the MC finally has good things start happening to him. If he just gets more and more f**ked over then I really would give this story a negative star review. There is betrayal and tragedy to set up a plot, then there is just plain "I'm gonna f**k over the MC for 30+ chapters" like this story so far.

    He is becoming very OP so maybe that will help with the horrible things that keep happening to him, but the author is going to have a hard time writing it without it just seeming like the good things are happening because people are scared of him.

    I have to give myself a break from this story because it honestly pissed me off, but I will be back and may change have a different opinion and will change my review (if able to).

    UPDATE: The story has gotten a bit better. The tragedy and all the other sh*t hasn't returned yet. The MCs attitude is understandable based on the sh*t he went through before. I hope more good stuff keeps happening and his attitude turns around. Also, hope that the people who did bad sh*t to him get what's coming to them. Updated review to 3 star. The beggining was rough as sh*t, but its coming together and a bit better.

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    Status: the encounter with chloe! – chapter 84

    For me the low ratings coming from some readers is a testament to how good the writing is. You as a reader immersed yourself to the story so much that it actually affects your feelings. The story is capable of bringing out emotions to the point that  you are subjected to a roller coaster of emotions. Its like eating spicy food you know its hot but you just keep wanting more. Lastly I'm sure that mah Boi will get his due or may be not its up to the author you can't judge the novel with preconceived notions from what you have read so far remember that the story has to progress and we are seeing a character development through the last couple of chapters.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: the six members in black! –...

    People often said the story was poor and the grammar was bad and it was deserve a ntr tag for this story but you now I was think that it was pretty good though, althought the story was made me sick at first, but the plot became much better, and personally I liked it 

         and one think ntr is when the MC has a relationship and he got cuckcold, and so far I read, the girl that with MC doesn't have any relationship at all/ I can say it was just a crush so it more suitable to betrayal 

      (Sorry for the wrong word, english is not my native language, and nice job dude ;)

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    4 Likes · Like

    Good for killing time, not worth if you want something above the average.

    Story started out great. It was a bit over the top abuse conga, but managed to not become a suffer porn. MC was relatable and a decent character at first, but then things went downhill very fast.

    Author clearly tried to make him an anti-hero, but he ended up being an bland psychopath that can't get his priorities straight. MC constantly wants other people to die because they annoy him, yet ends up saving and helping them. He's a badly written character that relies on "much trauma" card.

    The harem and human interaction is what kills the story: Almost everyone is an total a-hole for the "strong eats weak" or no reasons, while first three harem members are glued to MC by force. Everyone lacks personality, and harem members are slowing MC so much that I started skipping chapters involving them.

    Story had a lot of potential, but now it's nowhere to be seen. Most of meaningful things happens during other characters' POVs, while MC is just sitting around on power creep and waiting for god knows what. So far the story is a feast of cliches.

    The grammar is decent and readable, but dialogues feel stiff and author abuses exclamation marks.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: a trip back to u....

    Just created an account to say that this novel is amazing! (Came from webnovel)

    Even though that the author posts one or two times a week, thats still a little slow but I dont mind since the story is really good. Can't wait for more chapters!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: at the bottom of hell! –...

    Okay, at first I was really hesitating on reading this novel of what a review said in this novel. But I started reading anyway to find out myself of how much I was going to hate this novel.I won't lie that at some extend, that review was true, but most of it were just him/her being triggered. The first 20 chapters were really hard to read, but once you get past it, things become much better.I didn't find any grammar mistakes other than some errors, so no problems on that part. Anyway, I'm glad that I started reading this novel because its amazing! 

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    Status: the boss of the last...

    The story is good but I advise to skip the first 20 chapter if you're not good with tragedy

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    1 Likes · Like

    First I'll address the NTR issue since a few reviews have said he was cucked multiple times that's not true there was only girl who was NTR'd and that was his dumb childhood friend who gave it to a piece of human garbage she just met after reuniting with Hatsuko. When Hina met Hatsuko she had a boyfriend and they did it so that wasn't NTR and the others were just misunderstandings that the MC made since he's been through so much sh*t. Hanna was built up as a love interest as someone who wore the hair pin he gave her as when they were children and she said power doesn't matter but oof she ended up giving her V card to the worst piece of scum in the school which says something considering the fact that everyone there is literally the worst humanity has to offer in terms of personality and IQ what's more disappointing is her actions after that but you'll just have to read through it on your own to find out. There are a few grammar and punctuation errors here and there but they aren't too common. D a couple of things are forced but overall this is a good story although the first 20 chapters are just painful to read emotionally. Now I'll address something else that people need to be warned about since it will trigger people this novel does contain child rape and well other cases of rape the world had gone to sh*t and there are monsters zombies? Idk I can't remember that go around mass murdering and raping others woman from children to old are not spared if you can handle some dark sh*t it's overall a decent read and it's a story worth checking out. 

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    Status: 165

    EDIT: FYI, most what Ouroboros said in his review isn't true.  Some other reviews have pointed out the same.  I'd like to avoid drama, but since I received a message from Ouro asking for clarification I'll outline a few issues.

    1) "The guy gets cucked literally four times in the story"; He doesn't.  The Hanna think is NTRish, I'll explain that more below.

    2) Ouro said Hina cucks him, but she doesn't.

    2) "so they're like zombies, and Haruto rapes them all."; He doesn't.  Plus considering how strong Ken is, raping his drugged up daughter seems like a good way to die :-P

    3) "Then all those girls turn on him in 136. They try to kill him. No reason."  Reason = Brainwashing.

    If you're going to leave a bad review, that's fine.  I honestly hated the first 20 chapters.  But if you're going to complain, don't make stuff up. ->END OF EDIT

    So first, I'll address the whole "NTR" issue.  The MC goes through a lot of trauma in the first 20 chapters, both physical and emotional.  I don't know if it deserves an netorare tag or not, but the feelings of pain and betrayal are definitely there.


    There's actually 2 instances of something netorare-ish in the first 20 chapters.  The first one wasn't a big deal, but the second one seems to have been set up as a "final straw" trauma to emotionally break the MC.

    Hanna, a childhood friend of the MC is set up as an obvious love interest, she still wears a hair pin he gave her when they were kids, and says something to the effect of "strength/weakness doesn't matter".  A little while later she's in a graphic s*xual relationship with one of the strongest men at school, and hanging out with the MC's bullies (including the girl from the first netorare-ish incident).  The MC was completely blindsided by this, and found them having s*x in a classroom.  Later in the story she's following her boyfriend around like some sort of f*ckable puppy...

    The author, KrisVFX, has said that what happened in the story isn't NTR and that it's all the MC's delusions.  Kris, buddy, this might not technically be netorare, but the MC wasn't delusional.

    From around chapter 150 it's like a completely different novel. The MC went from abused, to broken, to still broken but also strong.  150 is where he's starting to get put back together.


    If you can't deal with the abuse, then I suggest skimming the first 20 or so chapters.

    Also, this story is categorized under Sudden Strength Gain.  Something else I like is that the MC actually earns his strength.  It's not handed to him by some isekai goddess, he goes through hell to survive.  He actually goes through so much hell between school and the forest that by chapter 37 he's almost lost his humanity.  So... trauma ftw?

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