Extra Ch – Ch 16.3 – Punishment for a naughty fox (Part 2 – 18+)
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As I felt her asshole contracting and twitching, I moved one of my hands to her breast. As my fingers slid under her bra, I could feel her hard nipple. She once again came in my arms once I pinched it. This time her body jerked forward and onto the floor of the tent limply.


"Ahhh.... This is... A lot"


"You tired already? I've not even gotten to the main part yet." I said, moving my hands up over her body whole body and around her ribs to remove her bra. She moaned very softly, indicating how sensitive she had become.

As raised her bra with my hands, her naked breasts fell softly into them, beneath her body. A jolt of pleasure assaulted her body as I started caressing her breasts and pinching on her nipples.

"Turn around"


As she turned, I immediately started to suck on her gorgeous breasts. Only for a second though, before taking my time to kiss her pretty cherry lips. I ran my right hand over her bosom and down, over her navel and groin, until I reached her inner thigh. Our kiss muffled her moans as I started to caress her dripping wet pussy. She spread her legs, allowing me to have a better reach as my fingers ran over her labia. I parted our lips and looked straight into her gorgeous violet eyes, now hazed by the intoxicating pleasure.

Her body felt completely alien, her hot and needy pussy producing so much fluid it flowed out in a small stream, mixing with my saliva over her asshole before further flowing onto the mattress. A aligned my middle finger over her slit, and slowly inserted it while looking at her melting face. Her eyes rolled up as my finger slid into her. It was so wet I barely felt any resistance as it slipped right in her. I started moving my fingertip upwards, touching her most sensitive spot. She gasped violently while rolling her eyes all the way up, as her body arched, and her legs thrashed in a violent orgasm. As her twitching legs started to calm down, I started moving my finger again, this time, sucking on her breast instead of just staring at her face. I wanted to stick my dick into her mouth badly. but first I needed to line her up for the pleasure to come.

As she started to loosen up and seemed like going to cum again, I turned around and knelt on the mattress, my hips above her face, putting my own face over her pussy.


Fuck! was the smell of it good. I can't even begin to describe how good it smelled. The sweet and sour scent was inebriating as I felt compelled to go down on it.

As my tongue first touched her clit an indescribable taste spread through my whole mouth. It tasted fucking delicious; her wet fluids were simply the best thing I'd ever tasted. As I instinctively pulled her thighs up with both my hands, the slurping became far more intense, as I shifted between licking and sucking on that delicious pussy. Not only did it taste amazing, it also looked simply beautiful. Her small lips were visible under her labia and a tiny pink bud was a clear indicative of where her clit was. I looked very tight but also extremely welcoming. I could barely keep going without imagining my dick going all the way inside her. Her moans suddenly became sultry and softer at the same time an electric impulse ran through my whole body as she started to lick and suck on my balls. I reacted involuntarily by tightly gripping her thighs and softly nibbling on her clit. Her body thrashed once more as pleasure assaulted her.

I held her pussy open with my fingers, as my tongue slid over her entrance, teasing her. It was too much for her and she started spasming under the pleasure of another mind-blowing orgasm, wrapping my head with her legs and pushing it onto her.


"How do you like it?"


"You~... You're gonna kill me from cumming! Haaah.... I can't even breathe..." She spoke beneath me, her every breath giving me a hot sensation which made my dick twitch in front of her eyes.


I turned around and kissed her. Her body was wet from sweat but also incredibly hot. As our kiss continued, she moved her hand and grabbed my dick. She started to rub the head onto her pussy, moaning loudly yet not parting our kiss...

I don't want to do it today though... She has to look forward to surviving the fight...

She had already given up... Also, Her first time has to be special, not something we do in a small tent...


So, I moved my hand to her navel while parting our kiss and moving my face down to her chest, kissing her neck and bosom along the way.


As I started to lick her breasts my hand reached her crotch. I put it between her slit and my dick.


"Why? Give me..."


"Because. Today I'm punishing you, remember?" I said, squeezing her breast while pulling my mouth away to speak.


As I slowly slid my fingers towards her pussy, her body started shivering once more and her breath started getting ragged again.


I turned my hand upwards, using my thumb to caress her clit. Her moans became more and more intoxicated and her stretched arm let go of my dick to instead embrace my back.

She gripped me hard, scratching my whole back, as I carefully put my middle and index fingers into her dripping wet pussy.



"Are you okay?"


"Haah~, Hah~! Yeshhh~! Don't shtop!"


I started moving my hand, fucking her with my fingers.

Her body slowly started arching as my fingers against the walls of her pussy. It felt amazing. It was wet and slippery. I started sucking her nipple while holding her amazing breast in my hand. The moans once again filled the room, she continued arching her body as her breath became more and more ragged. Calling my name in between every moan.

"Hah, Gunther! Haaaah~!"


As my fingers slipped deeper and deeper into her pussy by every thrust, I started feeling a ridged surface on the inside of her. Something told me that was a special thing, so I put pressure on my fingertips, rubbing them hard against it as I fingered her.




Her body arched upwards, pushing me with it, then started violently convulsing at my fingers' movements.


I started moving my fingers even faster, her body still convulsing.




She came once again, this time, a large amount of fluid gushed out from around my fingers.


Her body was limp and lacked any strength. I could see her eyes still rolling in pleasure and her feel her pussy twitching even after her stopping cumming.


I held her face with both my hands and gave her another long kiss, our tongues fighting over the space inside her mouth.


After a few seconds, I let go of her mouth and kiss her forehead.


"That's as far as we go today?"


"Moo... Why?"


"Because I want to leave the rest as a celebration for after the fight. Now, come here, let's get some sleep..."


"Okey..." She looked a little dejected, but I knew this was for the better... She had already given up about tomorrow... I can't have that.


She cuddled with me, and I hugged her waist from behind. My dick going between her thighs and rubbing her wet pussy. I knew she still hadn't actually slept due to her tail, wagging about and  caressing my belly sporadically. We remained there for a while, naked, cuddling. We had so much to say to each other... Neither of us slept fast or anything, but none had the audacity of interrupting the lovely moment. So, we slept, in each other’s arms.

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