Chapter 25 – Oh, shit…
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I immediately decided to pick my monster class. I then received a list of possible evolutions. I had the ultimate total of a single choice.

Possible Evolutions:

Taintless Eldritch Larvae lvl --1Well, I didn't say 'Choices' in the author's comment last time, did I?

Taintless Eldritch Larvae: Eldritch Larvae are the most basic, and only, default form after hatching for an eldritch egg. As a taintless eldritch, you possess clarity of thought far more superior than your other more unfortunate siblings, as well as the original body of the eldritch. As a Larvae, you have almost no combat options other than manipulating some chaos energy, and your teeth. Also, unlike some of your unfortunate corrupted siblings who developed early malformed genitalia, you will develop normally, and have no genitalia until the weakness period of 2 weeks is over. After the weakness period, you can start class branching, depending on your performance and achievements. 2Did you seriously expect something that just hatched from an egg to be able to reproduce? NAIVE PERVERTS

Requirements: Be a Taintless Eldritch Egg.

There was no surprise there. The system could never expect a powerless egg to kill anything, let alone a fucking god. Nor for it to feel anger, meditate, be blessed, to have sex, or to even think. I was an egg that was just hatching. The thing equal to a baby just about to be born. I was a glitched existence. Humanoid monsters that were born humanoid, had to reach the age of 18 to start leveling up just like a human would. Also, while it was technically possible to summon them, no sane witch would do that, since they needed to wait a whole 18 years for it to grow enough to actually fight. In contrast, non-humanoid monsters were different. After being born, or hatching, they only needed from a few days to a few months to start leveling up. All monsters, after the weakness period, started at lvl 1, even a dragon. However, some monsters would level up naturally until an absurd level like lvl 500 by just eating and sleeping. Dragons, phoenixes, and other inherently powerful creatures are an example, but at the same time, their growth was extremely slow. It could take years for a dragon to naturally reach lvl 100, and the more they level up, the slower the growth until it stops. To speed up the process, they need to kill things.

In any case, non-humanoid monsters can only reproduce after reaching adulthood. Some reach adulthood immediately like the rabbit types, some reach it after reaching lvl 10, some after reaching even lvl 200 like dragons. In any case, 2 weeks to reach adulthood after just hatching can be considered extremely short, and that usually only happens with either weak monsters or extremely diverse monsters such as eldritch.

"Well... Baby steps I suppose. Literally. Anything beats being inside of this shell though. Luckily, I have that Godslayer skill, or I would really be powerless."

And so, I just selected it. My body, which was developing inside the egg for the last 7 days, started expanding itself slowly. Soon, I felt the pressure of the egg walls on my body, but very easily, the crust broke apart and I have emerged out of it. Finally, I could see, hear, smell, and taste. And more.

Congratulations, you have evolved to Taintless Eldritch Larvae lvl --

Vitality increased by 3
Endurance increased by 2
Strength increased by 1
Dexterity increased by 1
Intelligence increased by 3
Wisdom increased by 5
Chaos magic is 50% stronger
Body enhancement magic is 50% stronger

Congratulations, you have unlocked 3 Active class skill slots and 3 Passive class skill slots

You automatically Learned the Active Class skill Chaos Creation lvl 1
You automatically Learned the Active Class skill Eldritch transformation lvl 1
You automatically Learned the Passive Class skill Chaos Manipulation lvl 1
You automatically Learned the passive class skill Eldritch vitality lvl 1

You have skills that you can now learn.

The Beyond has granted you the name Zhathrh'ma.

The Beyond has taken great interest in your literally absurd existence. Gained unique skill Watched by the Beyond.


Name: Zhathrh'ma

Monster Race: Taintless Eldritch Egg lvl -- :

  • Active: Chaos Creation lvl 1
  • Active: Eldritch transformation lvl 1
  • Active: Available
  • Active: Locked
  • Active: Locked
  • Active: Locked
  • Active: Locked
  • Active: Locked
  • Active: Locked
  • Active: Locked
  • Passive: Chaos Manipulation lvl 1
  • Passive: Eldritch vitality lvl 1
  • Passive: Available
  • Passive: Locked
  • Passive: Locked
  • Passive: Locked
  • Passive: Locked
  • Passive: Locked
  • Passive: Locked
  • Passive: Locked

Class 1: None

General Skills:

- Ekkaryon Standard language lvl 5
- Identify lvl 3
- Sex Technique lvl 4
- Cooking lvl 17
- Dagger Mastery lvl 1
- Bare Handed Mastery lvl 1
- Riding lvl 1
- Haggling lvl 2
- Meditation 2nd lvl 1
- Rage 2nd lvl 2

- Pleasure Tolerance lvl 3
- Pain Tolerance lvl 1
- Lightning Resistance lvl 1
- Chaos Resistance 2nd lvl 20
- Corruption Resistance 2nd lvl 20
- Fear Resistance lvl 1
- Rage Resistance 2nd lvl 5

Unique Skills:

- Class +1
- Nourished By Goddess Milk
- Baptized Pure Soul
- Divine Protection Of Ellisiel
- True Sex Monster 
- Contract Of Equals - Familiar
- God Slayer
- Watched By The Beyond


Vitality: 54 (+6.2)
Endurance: 102 (+6.6)
Strength: 31 (+4.1)
Dexterity: 31(+4.5)
Intelligence: 53(+4.7)
Wisdom: 342 (+8)

Health: 602/602
Stamina: 1086/1086
Mana: 3500/3500


Active: Chaos Creation:

Tier 1: The most basic skill that any chaos mage needs to learn to cast chaos magic. With this skill, you can now create chaos energy needed for chaos spells using your mana. The chaos corruptness is affected by your own level of taint. Needs chaos manipulation to control. Each level increases chaos quality, speed of conversion, and mana cost for creation.
Category: Chaos

Active: Eldritch transformation:

Tier 1: The most basic skill that all eldritch possess. Eldritch in their very definition is unstable, alien, and ever-changing. Taintless Eldritch is no exception. You can now actively manipulate your body shape, but your body is still bound by the laws of size and mass. Control over body shape increases with each level up.
Category: Body-enhancement


Passive: Chaos Manipulation:

Tier 1: The most basic skill that any chaos mage needs to learn to cast chaos magic. With this skill, you can now Manipulate the Chaos energy you created for chaos spells or the Chaos that surrounds you. Each level increases control.
Category: Chaos


Passive: Eldritch Vitality

Tier 1: The most basic skill that all Eldritch possess. To survive the harsh beyond, rife with danger, spatial distortions, and pockets of dense chaos, radiation, and more, All eldritch developed an unparalleled vitality, unmatched by any other species. From now on, you no longer possess an actual weak point. Health regeneration is now (500 + 5*skill level)% higher. Body parts will automatically regenerate. Be warned that you will need sustenance to maintain this skill.
Category: Body-enhancement


This did not come as a surprise. Eldritch all had to possess the chaos creation and manipulation skill to survive in the beyond, even the most powerful, godly ones. It was like how a fish needed fins to swim, how a mammal needed limbs to move. It is an obligatory skill that can never be removed from the race itself. Now, the available skills were a different matter. An eldritch had a vast amount of options to pick from. Any choice might impact my evolutionary path. I should not blindly pick any choice right now. Even if I am angry.

However, there was a teeny tiny thing that was bothering me now. "Watched By The Beyond?!!!!"

Watched by the Beyond: One of the greatest and most ancient powers in the multiverse, The Great Matron and Progenitor of all Eldritch beings, The crawling corruption, Chaos incarnate, The unlimited madness, The ever-expanding dark universe, The Beyond itself! Has taken great interest in you for some reason. Whether it be a great ungodly blessing or a dooming and soul-shattering curse, time will tell...

Effect 1: From now on, all eldritch and eldritch affiliated forces, even the most tainted of them all, will turn neutral, generally more friendly to you, and will not attempt to harm you or your possible contractor in any way, at least unprovoked. If they do, however... ɦɛɦɛ.

Effect 2: As one who is watched by The Beyond, chaos will follow you more willingly. All chaos magic is twice as strong and costs half to cast overall.

Effect 3: From now on, besides gods that have already marked you and other great powers, no other entity may use augury vision on you, or the one contracted to you.

Effect 4: Rarely, You will be randomly affected by an irresistible bout of madness, just like The Beyond.

"Oh, shit..."

In the end, I decided to go with a more real-world setting. Let's face it, a monster that can suddenly level up like crazy after just hatching only happens in those crazy Japanese novels. After that, people copied them. I wish to go outside that tradition for a change.

Besides that, the madness now begins! MWAHAHAHAHAH

Oh right, and my other novel now reached 20 chaps, along with 2 R-18 chaps. do read it.