Chapter 132
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Rose suffered for a long time, she did not let go of her brother's head for a second.

But soon her brother's head was forcibly taken away from her, because it began to rot, they burned her brothers head in front of her eyes and only the skull remained, which was given back to her.

She hugged her brother's skull and waited for the dream to end.

Time passed, and one day a cat appeared next to her. He began to constantly pester Rosa. He spun around her, scratched, licked, and even climbed into her head in every way trying to distract her.

Rose ignored the cat for a long time, but eventually gave up. This cat was too persistent and cute, when she once again looked into his sad eyes, she could no longer resist. She began to interact with the cat little by little. At first, just a little bit. But time passed.

One day the cat took her fishing and started showing off his fishing skills.

But Rose never parted with her brother's skull anyway.

Time passed and one day they were teleported with the cat from the Earth. As a result, both of them ended up on a planet where was mostly animals around.

It turned out that the cat was bought by one of the elders, she was originally also a similar cat once upon a time, so when she saw the cat, she decided to take it for herself and raise it.

Of course, she was not going to buy the freak Sam, and she was enraged by the very fact that such a beautiful creature as a cat interacts with someone like that.

All this Rose learned later. When Rose herself began interacting with the cat, the elder decided to take her too. Rose was much better than Sam.

Many years have passed since then, Rose was already an adult girl. She recovered long ago and became much stronger.

Although even now, she often took her brother's head out of the ring. Sometimes, she even hoped that it was just a very long dream and that it would end someday. Although now, she rather simply consoled herself with such thoughts.

But she only felt sadness, she did not feel hatred.

The cat had told her everything long ago. It was a difficult period, she really hated Sam and even the cat. But no matter how she tried to maintain her hatred, after a while the cat still achieved his goal. She couldn't hate the cat anymore.

Many years have passed. She was almost twenty.

Rose sat on the top of the mountain and looked into the distance, remembering the past.


The cat once again visited the elder, he did it regularly and did not give up.

Cat - I want to go look for Sam!

Elder - How many times should I tell you? Until you reach the stage of the Spiritual Origin, do not even stutter about it! The universe is limitless, where will you find him? Until he appears in the spiritual web, he cannot be found!

Cat - But I want to find Sam!

The elder facepalmed. It was also difficult for her to resist this cute creature, but here she was adamant.

Elder - Stop pestering me with this nonsense, if you have nothing to do go meditate.

- The faster you reach the stage of the Spiritual Origin, the faster you will hit the road, I will even give you a ship, and in the spiritual network I will exhibit a huge reward for information about your Sam.

Elder - But first, please try harder and cultivate well! Now get out of here!

She waved her hand and the cat flew away. The cat growled and tried to resist, but he could not help it.

He ran to Rosa and began to complain about his terrible fate. Rose smiled a wry smile, but tried to console him.

They even contacted Jane again through the spiritual network, Rosa met her through the cat. Jane was one of the cat's friends and he contacted her as soon as he could.

The cat once again began to drive to Jane, and at the same time praise his friend Sam and complain about his elder.

Jane could only play along with the cat and listen to his chatter, hiding a smile.


For the first time in her life, Anna found someone who actually cared about her, she did not doubt a bit that the master loves her and worries about her, she felt it intuitively.

She was dying there in the woods alone, an ugly and useless cripple. But now she finally met someone who managed to love her.

She tried her best to get stronger and not disappoint the master.

Anna learned many techniques, she even came up with some of her own. She broke through to the Nascent Soul stage, studied the professions of creating artifacts and formations.

She was sure that now, when the master returned, she would definitely be able to win and she would never have to part with him again. She believed his every word, since he said so, then it will be so.

But time passed, and he did not return. Sam's contact fingerprint is missing.

Anna worried more and more, if only she knew where to look for him, she flew around the sect, searching every inch of the ground.

Gradually, she expanded her search and did not give up.

One day she broke down and burst into tears. But why? What did she do wrong again?

She did everything that the master told her, she remembered every word of him by heart and repeated like a spell.

But he never come back ...


Sam didn't even want to turn around and look at whoever came. What does it matter now?

Although even if he wanted, he could not ...

He subconsciously realized that this fool was clearly not a simple girl from nowhere, but he still completely lost his temper and stepped into shit.

He knew that there was a small chance that something like this would happen, but he just could not control himself when he saw what happened to this fool.

And what was the probability? Despite the fact that Sam was not himself, if he thought that the probability was too high, he would hold back ... But he was clearly unlucky.

He really managed to meet such a mutant on this shitty planet ... It's like winning the lottery. Why was he was not that lucky in his treasure hunt?

How stupid, he thought that he would die wandering somewhere in space, well, or perhaps calmly live out his days on this planet as a king.

He was not at all scared, finally all his memories would disappear forever, anyway it would have happened sooner or later.

It was only a little sorry for Anna, he could only hope that she remembered his words properly, and would be strong.

It's a shame he never sees the cat and Jane. But even if he would survive, would he see them?

The man behind him was the sea, and Sam was the ant.

Who is right? Who is guilty? What does all this matter?

He hurt this fool, and another pumped dick came running that would tear Sam to pieces, how banal.

- Die!

Sam was torn to pieces, his entire body turned to dust and shattered in the wind.

The universe continued to exist, nothing changed. Life went on, but without Sam.