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Farin had lost sight of Ragna several times in the high grass, so they switched over to her sitting on his raised hand and looking into the direction he was supposed to go.

The hidden path was located at an especially uneven part of the mountain, rock growing into all kinds of directions. From where he stood, Farin couldn't see any entrance at all, especially with vines and foliage covering the area. He tilted his head, scanning over the rock and trying to find anything suspicious while ignoring his racing heartbeat.

Ragna had climbed up and was nibbling lovingly at some strands of his hair, clicking quietly and rubbing herself against his sensitive neck while they waited.
Farin had no idea how long it would take - probably depending on where Alvarr was while he had made his way towards the path, although the God would certainly cover much more ground in the same amount of time.
After walking around for a bit, scanning the area and finding some rarer herbs he might as well pluck later, Farin sat down near the rocks, leaning against them and closing his eyes to wait.

Several minutes passed by, not that many but dragged endlessly because he strained his ears for every sound. Finally, rough scraping alerted him, stone on stone.

The carrier jumped up, retreating a bit to have a better view on the mountainside, and looked at the area where the sound was coming from. He couldn't see anything at all, until blue-ish horns and bright red hair came out from behind the rocks.
Ragna clicked in greeting of her own mate, jumping down from Farin's shoulder and jumping over.

Farin debated on greeting Alvarr, but the God jumped down quickly, motioning for Farin to hurry over. Even if the risk was low, it wasn't zero, so the carrier mutely ran into his beloved's arms and allowed himself to be awkwardly carried up into the path.

The path was - due to its nature of worming through the mountain and with the hole closed up again - pitch black, so Farin nervously waved around to find Alvarr in the darkness.

"I'm here", the God purred, grasping his hand and tugging into a direction where the human guessed he was supposed to walk to. "Let's go out first."

The path went down for a short bit, then curved up and harshly down again. The air wasn't too comfortable to breathe, sounds were scarce and the darkness was pressing down on him, especially since he could tell the path was much smaller than the official one he'd taken for the sacrifice.
He hoped he would get used to it in time since he was planning on using it often.

Maybe the wall was thinner where Alvarr had chosen to dig into the mountain, but despite its winding, Farin reached the outside sooner than usual. He blinked into the bright light, then smiled sweetly. Alvarr didn't let go of his hand despite them being outside but kept holding onto it and came close to rub their noses together.

"I'll have to thank your family and friends for helping with this sometime", he said quietly, using his free hand to place on the back of Alvarr's head to pull him a bit closer. Their foreheads knocked together.
The God lowered his eyes, golden color glinting from below his eyelashes. He purred evenly, keeping the position for a while.

Then he spoke up in a soft and insecure voice, eyelashes fluttering.

"I will build myself a home here, so I'm closer when you want to come."
Farin was stunned for a while, forgetting to react, then broke out into laughter. They really were an idiot couple, having the same idea. How could he deny him that, when he himself was going to do the same?

"That would be great", he agreed. "I'll do the same, though probably not yet. It will take a while to prepare for me."

He pulled back, looking around for a nice place to sit down and choosing a flower field close by.
Bees were humming around him, curiously approaching, then leaving once they had decided Farin wasn't interesting to them. Alvarr sat down close to him, making sure there wouldn't be any squashed under his body.

"Won't you be lonely moving away from your people? Will it be okay?", Farin asked, unable to stop himself from reaching out to touch Alvarr's tail. You could almost say it was human nature to want to touch something fluffy and the God didn't look offended.
"Some are coming along", Alvarr responded. "It will be a new... settlement? Two or three villages have too many young ones, so it's fine to start a new area."

"Huh..." Farin made a quiet sound, thinking about it. So it was normal for one of their villages to not expand too far but rather for them to build a new one when things got tight? "Why do you do that?"
"Easier to watch", the God explained. "And easier to protect from the... bugs?"
"Do you have a problem with bugs?"

Alvarr thought about the branch-like things that turned active at night. He nodded.
Meanwhile, Farin was trying to picture what kind of bugs would be a reason to avoid expanding a village. Although... it wasn't like he knew all the weird species that crawled around in the cave, so there was surely something he couldn't guess yet.

"There is a good place close to here, and everyone is fine with it. It won't take too long."
"They wouldn't mind me coming over, would they?"
Alvarr blinked his eyes in confusion and Farin cleared his throat. Indeed, the Gods probably wouldn't care even if he came over with his whole family.

"Could I stay over for a night or two once it's finished? Is there a place for me to sleep?", Farin inquired, remembering that he wasn't sure how the Gods dealt with their sleeping habitats. Alvarr whistled.
"My place", he announced, nodding. Then he blinked. "Or do human spouses not share a home?"
"They do", Farin exhaled, relieved. "I just wasn't sure whether your people do. It's a bit hard to guess what our races have in common and where our habits differ... But I guess we'll learn about that in time."

He tilted his head, then clapped his hands and smiled. "Right! I'm not the first human here, correct?"
"Then I could ask Ives for an empty book! I could note down important things, for example, your body language and what kind of animals live here... The next time a human gets along with your people, you could give him the book. That would make it much easier for them, and if we leave it with you, then it can't fall into the wrong hands, either!"

Farin was visibly excited about his idea and while Alvarr had no clue what a book was - or why it would be useful for other visitors -, he got swept away by Farin's mood and smiled while letting his tail wave around happily. His attitude was a complete 'whatever you say is right', causing Farin to cough awkwardly. The carrier made a mental note to watch his words closely, otherwise he'd be spoiled by Alvarr always doing whatever he wanted.

He'd prefer a more balanced relationship, but he needed to find out what kind of things the God wanted before he could work on that.
The thing was that the God didn't appear to be a greedy person in the first place, so either he didn't show greed or it was like curiosity - it wasn't something they had as much as humans...

"Alvarr, is there anything you want to have or do in the future? Something we can do together?"
Alvarr blinked, prompting Farin to elaborate a bit.
"Us humans, especially with people we are close to like family or friends, we want to share our wishes with them. For example, one of my friends wants to go to... a really large... village, and my other friend wants to accompany him. Or, I want to stay with you, so my family will want me to introduce you to them. Do you understand?"

Alvarr made a mewling sound. "I want to learn more about humans, about how you live. I want to see what the world outside is like, because it's your home." His ears flicked, then he tilted his head upwards, pointing to the sky that shone through. "I want to climb up there and look outside. It is a high point, isn't it?"

Farin nodded solemnly. The mountain peak was a bit too high for him, but he could understand the desire to climb up and have a view over the world. "It is very high compared to the surroundings. I imagine you could see very far."
He leaned against Alvarr, shoulder to shoulder.

"Who knows, we might be able to find a way for you to explore outside some day. I'll accompany you."
"That's all I want", Alvarr purred. "I can't think of anything else right now."
"Tell me if you think of anything, okay? You always have to talk to me. I'll talk to you when I have something I want, as well."

The God agreed seriously, causing Farin to roll his eyes to himself. This was so much easier than dealing with humans. 
Tell him to talk to me when he has a problem and he will. There isn't too much room for misunderstandings if you know your other half isn't ever going to hide anything from you, he thought, interlocking fingers with Alvarr. He pulled it up before his face again, looking at the God's fingers.

Fingernails, teeth, and horns. Things he needed to be careful of in daily life, lest he hurt himself. 
...The Gods probably slept on their stomachs, considering the ways their horns grew. That definitely wasn't very suitable for hugging to sleep, sadly.

"Can you hunt? Your hands are so..." Alvarr struggled to find the right word, looking at Farin's hands. The carrier had calluses from working as a youth, so his hands certainly weren't soft, but compared to the thicker skin of the God's hands, they definitely were...
"Soft?", Farin finished, raising an eyebrow.

"We use tools to hunt... Oh, maybe I should take along some knives to have with me. I don't want to be completely defenseless..."

Farin was talking to himself, so Alvarr just quietly leaned against him. The carrier planned away, mumbling as he played with the grass and flowers with his free hand and staring to nowhere in particular.
There was a breeze going, very soft, and the scent of the flowers felt calming.

When the human finally wondered why his lover hadn't said anything in a while, he carefully glanced over.

The napping God breathed so evenly that his body almost didn't move, nothing giving any hint that he had, in fact, fallen asleep, except for the lack of reaction. With his forehead leaning on Farin's shoulder, the God managed to sleep while keeping half his weight up on his own. The bit of weight he leaned onto Farin was so minimal, the carrier had barely noticed it, only now that he knew did he feel it.

Farin carefully poked the God's cheek, not getting more reaction than a soft sigh. He smiled to himself, keeping still and looking around.
Ragna and her nameless mate were curling not too far from them, cleaning each other's fur and sometimes following the flying bees with their eyes.

Human and God sat quietly, one asleep and one in a daze.

At that moment, Farin's greatest worry was whether his arm would go numb by the time Alvarr would wake up.