Extra #4: Someday
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Age was a mean thing.
The Gods aged significantly better than humans, that was for certain, but their diet and healthy way of living did let Farin feel and look younger, even though he was in his mid-thirties already. He just often felt that he wasn't as flexible as the overly spontaneous race of the Gods.

Face twitching, he looked at the group in front of him.

The twins, golden hair and dark yellow eyes, standing right up-front with wagging tails like two puppies. Their teeth were showing through their wide grins, their faces excited.
Behind them, a younger, smaller one, with red hair like Alvarr and reddish brown eyes. He was slightly crumbling under Farin's glare but stood straight with pursing lips.
In his hand, he held the hand of a little girl - not Farin's daughter, but he was also regarded as her father, since he often took care of her. She had the darkest hair color and eyes of all of them.

At the farthest, his husband, Alvarr, with a sweet and begging look on his face.

It wasn't often that Farin - who was quite doting - would be the stricter one, but this was certainly one of those moments.

"You can't leave one of them behind", Alvarr said sadly, placing his hands on the younger son and the little girl. "They all want to come along."
"It's for one week", Farin countered with a frown. "And it's dangerous. I intended to just see how humans react to you, not a whole group!"

The unknown races that had come from underground, from high up in the mountains, from forests and who-knows-where-else were still rare, but at least they appeared often enough that people reacted with curiosity rather than hostility. As long as they didn't try to hurt anyone, of course, and they hadn't yet, so things were quite peaceful. 
No one knew what had triggered their appearance, but more than enough scholars were trying to find the reason.

When Skari had come with that info, Alvarr's eyes had changed. And Farin knew that this was already decided.
The God wanted to go out, wanted to see the village (even from afar), wanted to explore. None of the children were blood-related to him, but for some reason, they all shared his abnormally high curiosity.

Farin sighed and rubbed his head, leaning his other hand on his waist.

They all stilled, aware that this was the point where Farin was making a decision.

"We're shortening it to four days and no one moves anywhere or does anything when I haven't given my permission. And we need her parents' permission, or we can't take her along." He pointed at the youngest girl.
Everyone looked up, excited.

"So we can go?", the twins shouted at the same time, pouncing Farin. "Thanks, Dad!"
The Gods didn't have that word - it was human, but since Farin was human, they called Alvarr 'Father' as was the common word and Farin 'Dad'.

The human tried not to melt under their adorable, happy giggles and their loud purring as they clung to him, giving him small licks on the cheeks. 
His younger son was shyer than his older siblings, so seeing him stand at the side with an unhappy look, Farin shooed his oldest to over to his husband and motioned for his younger one to come over. Ears twitching happily, he went to hug his father. The little girl followed after a moment of thinking, deciding that she would ask her birth-parents later.

"We haven't even packed yet and I'm worried already", Farin sighed once all of his children had run away to tell their friends of the news.
Alvarr came over, rubbing their foreheads together and purring. "I can always carry you out of danger", he tried to coax his husband and failed. Farin lightly hit his head.

"I don't want things to get that far, in the first place. I'll send Ragna to my master with a message, maybe he can stage something so that humans don't think you're dangerous."
"Hm. Can we go down to your village?"
"Did you just ignore me? Well, I don't think we can. We can go to the outer parts and you can take a look, but entering is too dangerous."
"Alright, I understand. It's your world, so we will listen to you."

Happy, Alvarr tilted his head to gently place a kiss on Farin's lips, who spontaneously decided to respond by prying the other's open to slip his tongue in.
It was something they could do in public, just not in front of their children.

Those lot were too curious about human behaviour, so seeing their parents display a purely human thing, they'd stop and stare.
Alvarr didn't care at all (he wouldn't care even if the children walked in on bedtime activities), but Farin did.

One time when the children had just taken an interest in their parents doing things the other adults didn't, Alvarr had tried to ignore Farin's unhappy reaction and continue what they were doing.
The punishment was a bruise on his face and a husband that ignored him for two days. That did convey the message clearly enough. 

Other than that, their lives were incredibly peaceful. The Gods weren't prone to fighting with each other, so it only rarely happened that Alvarr and Farin turned a bit louder. 
Maybe that's just what I wanted in a relationship, Farin mused. Just something uncomplicated, where you don't have to worry what your partner is thinking because they just honestly talk to you.

Feeling that Farin was falling into a thoughtful daze, Alvarr pulled back, licking over Farin's lips in a God-style kiss instead. 

"Anything wrong?"
"No", Farin responded in a tone of amused surprise. "Not at all. Everything is alright."

Then he smiled, pressed a kiss on the confused God, and turned around.

"I'll go help our kids with what they should take along for our trip", he declared happily, folding his hands behind his back. "Are you coming, too?"
"Yes", Alvarr just responded with a complete lack of understanding, then decided it wasn't worth the trouble to think about.

He caught up to Farin and walked close to his side, back to their home.  

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