Chapter 2 – My first STD [+18]
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When my mind returned, my eyes stayed wide shut. The smell of vanilla and the smoothness of the bedsheets were impossible to resist. My naked flesh surrendered to the sin of sloth and allowed itself to be embraced by the scent and peculiar textures of the bed. I pressed my breasts against my pillow, which felt warm like tea and smooth like flesh.

"Fifteen more minutes of rest won't do me any harm," I said. Digging my face deeper into the softness of what felt like flesh. 

The system flashed me awake. 

[New status: Slave]

[Race: Succubus]

[New trait: Pet]

[Job: Floor Guardian]

When I opened my eyes, I was hugging no pillow. Despite the room being poorly lit by a soft lavender light, I could perfectly see that I was on top of a naked human-looking monster girl. My hands were groping her breasts, but for whatever reason, I felt no shame. 

Her white horns complimented her burning red hair. She sported a well groomed Hime cut that extended down to her shoulders. This, combined with her pointy ears, gave her an aura of royalty and elegance. 

I resisted the temptation to do her dirty and instead squished her breasts a bit more than what I want to admit. Rubbing her red-pink nipples gave me such a satisfying vertical smile.

The more I played with her nipples, the redder her skin pigmentation got and the hotter I got. When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I raised my hands to the sky, like a director at an orchestra. I begged the gods to strike me down, but when nothing happened, I plunged my oily hands down onto my victim. I squished her breasts and thighs so so hard, her crimson red wings started twitching and she orgasmed. 

[+35 Experience - As a succubus you induced a wet dream]

This woke her up. When our eyes met. Her amber eyes made me blush.

I smiled, but she slapped me. Her strength was brutal. It threw me out of the bed. My butt fell onto the rug that decorated the floor. Somehow my back had ended pressed against the linen of the bed. 

I inspected the room. It was everything I would expect from a dungeon dedicated to lust. The walls were made of flesh, there were no chairs or tables. The only places to sit other than the bed were small, circular cushions spread across the floor. They didn't seem that useful, given that the red rug on the floor was so soft it made my toes tickle. The temperature of the room was warm enough that most non-revealing clothes would make you sweat. 

It seems they design every texture and scent in the room to tempt people into giving away to sin. 

I felt an arm lock around my neck. I was being strangled. I stretched my arms and pulled the hair of whichever bitch was trying to kill me. My feet pushed against the rug as I grasped for air. I bit her. Her grip got tighter. My eye sockets were going to blow up. It was that stupid dragon girl. My legs grew weak, and my hands slowly fell to the floor. My mind started fading, I curled my toes and fingers as a last attempt to distract myself from the feeling of asphyxia. But then they too gave up. 

Then a cute young woman walked into the room. She threw a magic blast at my direction. I fell to the floor, and as my body could breathe again, I started having a spasm. 

The young woman was wearing black, semi-transparent tights instead of shoes. As she walked into the bed, a black, kinky leather strap appeared in her hand. When our eyes met, I had an orgasm. My mind went dark. 

[As the Dungeon Core's pet, you take extreme amounts of pleasure when receiving attention from your master]

When I opened my eyes again, I could hear moans and flesh getting spanked. I tried visualizing the color of the eyes I just had seen. But that only induced another orgasm, and my mind shut down for good. 

When I woke up, I was back on the bed. I was being sandwiched between the breasts of the dragon girl and a cute ghotic girl that I hadn't noticed until now. But she was not the dungeon core. While I looked at her, I noticed that the part between my legs felt sore. 

[Congratulations, you just obtained your first STD]

[Slimy Encounters: (-1 Intelligence +2 Charisma) Each time you climax, there is a 1/100 chance a pet slime pops out! ]

[Succubus race detected, adjusting stats]

[Slimy Encounters: (-0.5 Intelligence +4 Charisma) Each time you climax, there is a 1/50 chance a pet slime pops out! ]

"Ahhh fuck."

When I stood up, I noticed the room had around twenty purple slimes the size of a soccer ball. I wonder which ones are mine.....