Chapter 16 – Candy Land III
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"Where is that fucking girl!?" Cecile asked. When no one could tell her where Ange was, she sucked her bottom lip before unleashing on her companions. "Find her, now!" 

Cecile, with murderous intent, wandered solo into the north. The rest of the adventurers split into groups. I was under no obligation to help any of them, as such, I tagged along with the one heading south. 

"Alright, so which one of us will be the group leader?" Elyssa asked. She was unaware that Ilve and Haela were my pawns. After a rather fair vote, they elected the group leader. 

[You are now the group leader]

Two votes were enough to grant me a victory, 'What a surprise.'

We strolled aimlessly for a few minutes, across The Wonderland. We kept running into fair booths, carnival rides and other peculiar games, but something was inherently wrong. 

"Succy-chan, why that face?" Ilve asked. 

The elves likely couldn't tell, it wasn't their fault. "Nothing," I said. It was a lie.

"Can you guys see what's wrong with this place?" I asked. They just shook their heads.

"Is it the pastel colors?," Ilve asked. 

"No, don't worry, forget about it."

"Aww, come on, you can trust us."

It was pointless; they weren't transmigrators. To them, this place was nothing but a place to explore, an adventure. But I on the other hand couldn't stop paying attention to the lack of crowds. It was like wandering through the hallways of a high school after all the students had graduated. I kept sulking in my thoughts until we reached a crossroad. 

"Succy-chan, should we go left or right?" Elyssa asked, unaware of the danger that loomed behind her. We were so far away from the rest of the groups, that my malicious acts could go unseen.

I unzipped her outfit from behind and then slid my hands inside, rubbing her skin, my arms wrapped around her belly. 'Here is my answer,' her flesh was so warm and smooth. When I tightened the hug, she let out a small whimper.

"S-succy.... w-what is the meaning of.."

I ignored her and reached for her delicate breasts. "How about, we stay here instead," I asked. 


I began to fondle her nipples with love, my face pressing against her warm back. It was already too late for her to fight back. My charisma skill was too high. When her nipples got hard, my tail made its way inside her outfit and I ravaged her mind. My two pawns begged me to destroy them too. But I was only interested in subduing Elyssa's mind. When she was on the brink of orgasm, I slapped her in the ass and shoved her to the ground. The unexpected pain and abandonment prevented her from climaxing. She looked back at me, confused, desperate, her eyes were filled with need and rage.

"Please," She said, begging me on her knees. But I couldn't do that. If I did, the curses might render her a vegetable. There was also a chance she would turn into a corrupted elf. This was a risk that I couldn't take or else my treachery would be clear as day. 

"Once this is all over, you can be my slave, now stand up."

She obliged, and her smile was bittersweet. All three of the girls looked at me like sad little puppies. The entire party was under my command.

As we looked for Ange, I stumbled upon a vending machine. The machine had a list of prices and a ticking clock at the top. "Next sale at 8 o'clock," the time was about 7:20pm. 

"Whoever wins the most tickets for me, gets a kiss," I said. My simps immediately scattered across the booths. Some games gave teddy bears, fluffy toys and other prices, but even if you didn't win, you earned tickets by playing. All the games were free to play, clearly the intention was to make people waste their time.

'What was the point of the games?' I tried to cheat by opening the guidebook, but I only got;


Regardless, the tickets would be collected in no time, or so I thought. For my group was full of high elves. Ilve seemed happy when she ran towards me, with around forty tickets in her hands, "Succy-chan, look!, I did it!"

Her share of earnings was about twice as much as the other two elfs combined. But they were nothing compared to my three hundred tickets. High elves were absurdly incompetent at the booth games. 

When I felt that we had more than enough, I began inserting the tickets into the vending machine; only for it to get clogged.

"Dammit, the stupid thing is eating my tickets," I ignored all the warnings and pounded the machine to no avail. While I did so, the clock ticked into 8 o'clock. Almost as if a god turned the page of a book, the sky shifted from day to night with no transition. Darkness overtook the wonderland briefly, then neon lights lit up the place. Every booth had its own combination of yellow, purple, pink and orange, even the vending machine. I didn't let the colors distract me, and I settled for buying a map and a bunch of balloons.

[Three balloons and a map have been added to your inventory]

And by that, the system meant my hand....

Suddenly a cryptic message appeared;

[Don't let him catch you]

'Who was he?'

I ignored the message and kept farming tickets with the elves. But then he arrived. "Oh-" 

We bolted out. The neon lights were no longer our friends. Hundreds of booths in the dark made The Wonderland feel like a maze. Despite my best efforts, after a mile my low constitution couldn't take it anymore. When we stopped, I couldn't see that thing anymore. Perhaps we lost him.

'Good', these girls were my toys, not his. The audacity of this floor to steal prey from a fellow demon. While I gasped for air, we ran into a group of another three elves.

Like their cousins, high elves always sought to establish coherent hierarchies. 

"Let's have a vote," They said. It was a joke. Out of the six elves, three drooled over me. I broke the tie, and I was democratically elected as the leader of the entire group. Effectively, by controlling a minority of three, I had become a tyrant over six, which in turn were a majority within the total of 11 elves if we included Cecile. 

Despite all of this, I was clueless as to what to do. 'Hmm, let's take a look at the map.'



"I found Ange," I said. 

We marched towards the mark on the map. Which placed us directly in front of the castle's gates. On our way, we met up with other elves, rising our number up to eleven. But Ange was nowhere to be found. Maybe she was hiding? 

Either by bad luck, or due to trickery, the mark actually took us to Cecile. When she saw that I had assumed the leadership of all the elves, she grunted. 

"Why is the meaning of this?" she asked, confused as of why all the groups had combined into one, effectively contradicting her order to search for Ange. "Why are you all together?"

"We are just following Succy as ordered," Elyssa said.

"Under what authority?" 

"We had a quick election," I said. 

"Well, here is your fucking democracy."

Cecile tackled me and sat on my stomach. Then she began the debate by pounding me in the face. 'I'll make her pay for this. If only I wasn't so weak'. Unable to shove her aside, I protected my face. When the punches got stronger, a laughter began. Above us, sitting at the edge of a wall, was Ange, who was observing the fight. 

"Loosing control already? you heroes are so predictable, always resorting to force." 

Cecile looked up. The demon in her view was mocking her. 

"Come down and face me, you bitch!" 

However, the demon did not fall for the provocation. Ange jumped and landed behind the comfortable protection of the gate. "Catch me if you can, she shouted."

When the gate opened, Angee pulled her tongue at Cecile, then dashed away. Cecile, who at this point was foaming from the mouth, with zero consideration, gave chase. 

When I was finally able to stand up, all but three elves had followed Cecile into the castle. 

"Stay here," I said. 

"But Succy-chan...." 

"Don't worry, wait until I return."

Upon entering the castle, my sense of smell was assaulted by pheromones. Pumpkin pie, Vanilla, Cotton Candy... There were multiple floor guardians in here. 

As I walked deeper into the dark hallways, I was met by moans. The elves that had followed Cecile were each fornicating with a different demon girl. I made my best attempt to fight the building urge to join them. For there was still a bigger fish in the tank. 

I kept navigating the lonely hallways until I found an athletic, well-built elf, who was resting on the floor in a fetal position. Her polar bear outfit was set aside. Cecile's mental fortitude had taken her this far. But even potions could not negate the pheromones of three floor guardians. Her mind seemed to be on the edge of breaking. 

When I walked up to her, she started shaking and then adverted her gaze. In a last ditch effort, she tried to crawl away. But it was futile. I grabbed her hand and lifted her up. 

"Come on, I'll take you to the exit," I said. When she finally stood up, I had to drag her by the hand, hallway after hallway. The mere touch of flesh was enough to push her over the edge. Against all my expectations, Cecile began to bite her fingers. To keep herself from masturbating. 

"W-why are you helping me?" She asked, her voice was girly and weak. 

I smiled, "I want to help you reach the exit."

My act of kindness was noticed. She for once responded not with a grunt, but with a smile. We both walked through the castle, holding hands. Until we reached the door to the 7th floor. Then I let her go. She walked ahead of me, surprised at my sudden act of kindness. Her smile was genuine, and full of excitement. 


My arms embraced her, keeping from walking her any further. My hug had locked her in place. Her gaze slowly shifted to the succubus behind her, eyes wide open. Cecile tried to say something, but only a moan came out. My hands had moved to her nipples.

"I only told you that I would take you to the exit." I said. "Bold of you to assume you'll walk out of this floor." 

She tried to say something, but only a rattle came out. Laughter flooded the hallway as other demon girls emerged from the dark. Cecile's little journey was doomed before it even began. 

I made her bend her knees until she was prostrating doggy style. When my tongue began massaging her clit, her hands became unsteady as her fingers dug into the rug. She uttered nothing but low moans as I worked her out for minutes. When my fingers finally began to pound Cecile's g - spot, she was dripping wet. Tears started to flow freely from her eyes as I increased the phase of my thrusts. Her mind had completely succumbed to lust, eventually she couldn't hold it anymore and orgasmed. When the rest of the demons saw this, they got jealous and one shoved me aside. 

I was going to complain, but a demon girl climbed on top of me. Our tongues fought, but she won. Her hands began to caress my chest, and soon enough I didn't feel like complaining. When we broke the kiss, she showered my flesh in kisses on her way down to my belly, then further below. 

"why did you st-"

I let out a low moan as she sucked and pleasured my clitoris. She squeezed it so hard I almost fainted. But she did not let go, I tried to resist as much as I could, but she kept sucking and licking me until she pushed me into a forceful orgasm. 

When she stood up, I forgot what I wanted and I just pushed down the next demon girl. The orgy went uninterrupted for a few hours until someone tapped me on the shoulder. When I looked back, it was Lady Eva, along with Eligos and the guardian of the 6th floor. 

"Hello there," She said.

Two catgirls lifted Cecile, who at this point was mostly gagged and covered in black ink and sweat. What the guardians were going to do to her, I did not know. Once they left, the orgy continued.