Lion Hunt (5)
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Chapter 187

Title: Lion Hunt (5)


"Kaido?!" Hearing Shiki's yell with his super-enhanced sense, Amon moved through the air with Otama in his hands.

'That's not Kaido, that's Raki.' Amon laughed to himself as he grabbed a Dango from Otama's hands and shoved it in a monkey's mouth before it could even realise. They were moving fast, not fast enough to make Otama uncomfortable, but fast enough to meddle with the animals without getting noticed.

"Otama, you doing okay?" Amon asked as he patted the little girl's head lightly. "Bear with me, this will be over in a zippy."

Otama just giggled childishly as she threw her arms around, her hair fluttering in the air. "I am fine, I am enjoying the wind. Don't worry too much."

She again grabbed her cheeks and separated it into a white ball, handing it over to Amon. "Oh, also, will sister Raki be fine? You said the enemy is strong."

Amon shrugged as he fed a snake some Dango at a fast speed. "She won't die at least."

"Wait, so you mean she might get super injured?" Otama asked, worry clear in her voice. Her tone immediately changed as she giggled. "Hehe, I would tease her when she would be bedridden."

Hearing Tama's 'hehe', Amon curled his lips up. How nice. Perfect. Making her spend time with Karna was a fun idea. She wasn't a heartless monster, but she had it in her. Just as overly emotional people aren't good, neither are the ones who are completely emotionless as they are super hard to control. That's why this was perfect.

"Tama dear, we would be done in five more minutes, Raki would be fine for now " Amon stated, grabbing another Dango. "Let's finish this quickly, we need to teach the big bad guy a lesson."

Nodding in agreement, Otama nudged Amon and handed more Dango, she was proud of being able to help. Other than that, she is making so many friends at once – it's a win-win situation.

'-Oh, and Raki is getting beaten by Advanced Conqueror'! Haki. As I suspected, this Shiki is different.'


Tsumi 'summoned' weapons made of ice and threw them forward, penetrating the bodies of weak pirates. She was a little confused about how easy this was. Wasn't Shiki supposed to be Roger's rival? Why is his army so weak?

Looking around, as her colleagues fought with an unimpressed look, she could guess they had the same question. Amon brought them here for these bunch? Wow. Free work. Fuck.

He could have easily single-handedly finished this bunched of 10 thousand people, no? Yes, he was definitely fast enough, yet- sigh. Sometimes she hated her job. She was dragged here to fight, but this doesn't even count as training. These people... they were too weak. How the hell is she supposed to prove she is worthy of her title in this scenario?

Shaking her head as she looked at Urouge smashing everything in his sight, she realised the least she can do the prove herself is to have the highest kill-count... but that was a problem too. How the hell is she supposed to beat fucking Urouge into knocking people out?

Or even that woman... Boa Hancock, her God's lover. She was (literally) punching the brains out of the minions. It seemed Conqueror's Coating or whatever was very destructive. Ah, wish she had it.


B~zt – Crack!

'Fuck this hurts!' Feeling the black lightning coated fist hitting her in the large serpentine face, Raki groaned. What the fuck? Advanced Conqueror! Why does he have Advanced Conqueror! She heard this guy was once Pirate King's rival, so she expected nothing less from him, but what the fuck?! How did his old bones hit so hard?!

Spitting out a dragon tooth, Raki growled. "Fuck, old man, you're strong."

The man in question, Golden Lion Shiki, stopped his punch midway and frowned. "I realised you aren't Kaido, but to think I've been hitting a female. It's no wonder you're weak." He spat out, making Raki scowl. "Hm... if I am right you are that girl- ah, Heavenly Sky Princess, aren't you? Or do they call you Sin of Wrath?"

"Both." Raki didn't anything else.

She raised her head up and went for a headbutt. At first, when she devoured his body in her mouth, she assumed it would be finished – but the guy actually broke her teeth and came out. Not only that, even though her teeth did grow back immediately, the guy used his power to float the teeth around and used them as blades. Raki's teeth were sharp, very much so (at least in her Serpent form), so using them as blades was a smart move.

Still, Raki growled. She focused on her powers and formed many balls of light above and beside her head. She doesn't need to spit out a ball of light, not anymore – she has learned ways to control her power.

As the light balls glowed brighter, dashing towards Shiki at a fast speed, Shiki waved his hand and the ground below him sprung up and formed a barrier.

"Argh," Raki groaned and raised her head up, flying back into the sky. "Brother was right, your fruit is broken. It says it's supposed to make things float, but it's literally a nerfed matter manipulation. Damn."

"Right, right. I've heard that a lot." As Shiki also floated up, he scoffed. "Girl, don't you think you should use your Hybrid form? Because currently, you are just a large punching bag." Raki chuckled at hearing him.

Shiki moved his hands, as the water in the ground started to move. Raki grinned in her dragon form. "Nope. You think I am dumb? I won't stand two minutes against you if I go hybrid. My defence is the only thing keeping me conscious, yet your blows hurt a ton. You want me to go hybrid where my defence is shittier?" She shook her head. "I was instead thinking of using my Ultra Defence form, my defence is supposed to double. But if I do use it, my training would be ruined."

Shiki had a scowl. "Brat, you're taking this as a training montage? Your friends are here too, beating up my people and you're keeping me busy. What's your goal? Training? Or something deeper?"

Raki laughed out loudly. "Oh dude, training? Yes. That's one reason, but we have other reasons too. Anyway, I am not supposed to talk too much, or I would get grounded." She said, "Maybe try to make me talk? Either way, you're gonna die today."

She hissed as her jaws parted, revealing her tongue as an orb of yellow light started to form. After less than a second, she spat out the ball as it blurred and a beam of heat left towards Shiki, causing him to throw his hands upwards, as the water below them sprung up and formed two water dragons.

Immediately, as the beam started to approach Shiki, the two water dragons stepped in front as they shot their own beams, water beams.



Raki is getting beaten, nice. Anyway, I am close to done so I guess it's time to finish Shiki. I looked at Otama and patted her head, "Tama, stay with your new friend, okay? I will be back in a zippy."

Tama nodded as she was sitting on top of a yellow duck.

This is the duck from the movie Strong World, a bird with thunder powers. Nice guy. I can talk with him telepathically because of our similar powers. At first, he was scared when we approached him but when Tama fed him her Dango, it became strangely obedient as its emotions for Otama sprung up. Damn, dangerous power.

"Alright, duck, protect her. If she gets hurt I will kill you." I said, electrifying the duck as it flinched, nodding profusely. Otama also nodded.

Then I focused on the part of the island where Shiki was fighting. B~zzt! Grabbing my sword, Kiyu, I teleported past the air and moved above Raki and Shiki. Kiyu said something about going all out but I didn't heed to it.

"Yo, sorry for interrupting, but it's time up," I said, standing about Raki's head and rubbing it. Raki had her mouth open, preparing another beam as she frowned. "I said time up, slut."

While Raki groaned, Shiki, who was preparing a punch for Raki, paused briefly before he kicked the air and dashed towards me. I shot Raki a glance and told her to stay back with my gaze. Shiki approached me, but instead of punching, he raised his sword-attached left leg.

I noticed... he changed his weapon because of me. My hand was resting on the hilt of my sword, which caused him to assume I would use the sword instead. 'He's gonna use his own sword to respect my weapon of choice? Good guy.'

I grinned. Grabbed my sword but didn't fully take it out from the sheath. I charged my body with electricity and entered a world of speed. A world where I was as fast as a bolt of lightning.


Grinning, I flicked my wrist as I swept past the frozen Shiki, slashing across his neck.

«Sky Sword Style: Form Seven»



— General Pov —

He didn't expect the child Emperor to be here as well. More so he didn't expect him to appear out of somewhere above that dragon girl's head. Most likely an ability of the Goro-Goro no Mi. Either way, the situation changed, so he did the most sensible thing, target the stronger opponent.

As he changed his target, launching at the Child Emperor, he noticed something. The child Emperor had his hands on the hilt of a sheathed sword. 'Ah, a Swordsman.' he nodded to himself in his head, drawing back his fist and rather raising his left leg. Cladding it in Conqueror's Haki, he decided to end this once and for all.

The girl only survived since she had Kaido level defence. But that wasn't the case for the child Emperor, was it?

He was right, but-

Shiki made a mistake in his calculation. He didn't realise, the same applied to him as well. He didn't realise his defence wasn't great either.

Just then he moved... or did he? Honestly, Child Emperor was too fast for his eye, another ability of his devil fruit. At last... he felt a slight itch in his throat as he understood what happened... Before his head was separated from his shoulder, he could have sworn he heard this question: "Answer this, Golden Lion, what happens when you get slashed at lightning speed?"

The answer was simple. However, there was no Golden Lion Shiki left to answer it.




A/N: Kind of anti-climatic, I know, but that's that. You don't really have much chance against a sword that moves 100k km/s (unless you're Kaido or Marco). I buffed up Shiki, but in the end, his match was the wrong dude. These days since Amon also has the DF Encyclopedia, he doesn't even bother to ask for the fruits' names eithier.