Aisa’s worth (1)
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Chapter 192: Aisa's worth (1)

She could feel it. A slight buzz in her cheeks.

Her brother must be caressing her cheeks with his hands coated in electricity.

She felt her body jolt as she started to laugh, her nervous system failing her. "Brother, it tickles. Haha, stop." She somehow grabbed his hands and pushed them away, making him bring upon a 'sad' face. Aisa shook her head dismissively. "Sigh… you're back, already? So, what do you want from me?"

Her older brother didn't answer, he rather slipped his hands in his side bag and took out a… Devil fruit. "I got a gift for you."

"Oh, what is this?"

Her brother frowned. "Don't act like you don't know. It's the devil fruit you've been looking forward to."

She flinched. "O- oh, you already know. Haha… sorry, I read big sis Raki's thoughts accidentally. I didn't mean to..." She made an apologetic face, yet looked at the fruit interestedly. "So… is this the Float-Float fruit? Are you sure you want to give it to me?"

Her brother released a sheepish smile. "Hmm, maybe if you kiss me-"

Amon was interrupted.

"Forget it. I don't want it anymore." Aisa said, making a deadpan face and prepared to turn around, only to be stopped by his hands.

"Alright, fine." Amon sighed. "You can have it either way. This is a good power. Although you'd need to train hard to make the islands that I brought float. But I believe when you awaken the fruit, you would become Emperor level easily."

Aisa's eyes widened as she stared at the fruit with expectation.


"If awakened, you can even reach Emperor level," He pushed the fruit to Aisa and she cautiously grabbed it.

If not for the fact that Amon wanted the Op-Op fruit, he would have eaten the Float-Float fruit. It's simply overpowered. It's not simply the power of Floating – rather – it's Telekinesis, and even Matter Manipulation to some degree. Everything can be done by this fruit, as long as the user had touched something previously, he would have absolute authority over it.

Suppose, after eating the fruit Aisa had touched an island and added it under her 'authority'. In that case, she would be able to shatter the island into dust with just her thoughts alone – theoretically.

She can also touch the ocean, and the sea would be under her control. Of course, in both cases, there is the weakness of range and control, but that can be overcome with time. Other than that, this fruit needs creativity and quick thinking to be used at its full potential – Aisa's Observation Haki would cover that area. So she was one of the better candidates for this fruit.

Amon watched as Aisa slowly grabbed the fruit and stared at it for a while. "Um…. So I just bite it?" Amon nodded, as she then gulped. "Alright… here it goes."

Aisa brought the fruit closer to her mouth and took a bite – her face immediately morphed into a sour look. "Argh… this tastes b- bad. Very bad."

Amon laughed at her antics while she forcefully gulped the piece and decided to devour the whole fruit at once.


"Woohoo! This is awesome!"

Amon stared at the sky where Aisa was flying triumphantly. A huge grin plastered on her face, as she enjoyed the wind caressing her hair and cheeks.

"Hey brother!" Aisa called as Amon locked eyes with her. "Why can't I control the wind even though I am technically touching it?"

Amon tilted his head hearing her. "Maybe because they have very little weight and their molecular bond is very weak? I don't know. Why don't you try making an orb of wind using <Wind Style> and then try to control it, might work."

Aisa nodded at him and did what he said. She raised her palm and concentrated Wind Style on her palm.

Wind Style. A martial art the A.I, Seraph, had created from the scratches of Fishman Karate. Most of Amon's people knew this technique. This was easy to learn, but hard to master – Amon was the current best use of this technique since he can control the electron present within the air and manipulate it at will. After that is Tsumi – but Aisa might soon surpass her.

As the wind ball appeared in Aisa's palm, almost fading as soon as it appeared, Aisa touched the ball as she felt it coming under her control. "Fuu…" releasing a breath, Aisa moved her hand, but the airball didn't disappear, it simply kept floating.

"Brother," Aisa called again. "Catch!" She threw the ball as Amon caught it with his hands, like a solid ball.

"Oh, interesting. So you can control the air too, as long as it's dense enough? Good to know." Amon clutched the ball with his hand as it 'broke' and vanished. "Now try summing the orb back. Since it's not like the air just 'vanished' completely, it's still in the atmosphere."

After blinking twice, Aisa did as he asked as bits of air started appearing in front of her face, soon forming the same ball that Amon had broken. Seeing this a smile appeared on Amon's face.

If she could do all this right now, it's not farfetched to say that she would reach Emperor level just with this fruit alone after it awakens. But the problem is, Shiki was more than 70 years old, yet he never managed to awaken the fruit (if he did he wouldn't need to touch things to activate his ability). So that means Aisa won't be awakening her fruit anytime soon. But time's not a problem – Amon is experimenting on Oars' body, on his strangely long lifespan and his special strength – it won't be that long before he unlocks the 'Gene/Lineage' of Oars, and renders it to be implantable on himself and his seven Sins.

If an average Fishmen are 10x stronger than an average human, then how strong would an average Giant, or an average Oars be? Only time shall tell.



|Aisa Pov|

I grabbed the water jar and dripped my hand in the water as I heard a click in my head, I felt a connection being created between me and the water. Taking a calculated breath, I commanded my mind as the water floated out of the jar.

Oh my God, this is so awesome!

Is this how power feels like? So lovely!

Just then, I slowly Imagined the figure of my mother, Isa. I visualised her face, her legs, her chest, her waist, her complete body in extreme detail – my Observation Haki allows me to do so.

Soon, the water morphed into herself, a perfect g version of her that was wearing lavish clothing. My mother wears the best, eats the best, gets the best treatment – she didn't ask for any of that, it's just brother Amon seemingly loves her that much.

Ignoring the thoughts, I changed the figure of my mother back to the ball of water. I then imagined the constitution of a complex hand-gun, as the water changed again. It took a second since I only recently memorised the constitution of a gun, but it soon formed in the air.

After that, with a sheepish grin, I controlled the gun to turn around and meet with Brother Amon's head, as he waved at me.

"Brother," I called, he looked at me with curiosity. "Dodge!"


I mentally pulled the trigger as a blue bullet left the gun, very fast, and almost hit Brother. Almost, because a blue energy jumped up from brother's body and made a half-transparent wall of condensed electricity that blocked and even vaporised the bullet.

I humphed. "Hmph, showing off your powers even though the bullet would have just gone past your Logia body."

He just smiled at my remarks, not looking offended at all.

'That shield…' Brother is strong… stronger than ever. I always wondered why he was so heavily dependent on attacks that were based on his Max Volt. Electricity has more uses, much more uses. What confuses me more is the fact that brother Amon always reads books and Myths about electricity, so it's not as if he isn't aware of the many uses of electricity… anyway.

The good thing is, he is finally focusing on those uses now. Most likely because he has hit another block. Hm, when Brother Wyper hit a block, he had awakened his fruit… would brother Amon awaken his too?

'That would be…' The thought gave me chills. What in the world would the awakening of Goro-Goro no Mi be like? 'Disastrous.'