Adventure’s (2)
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Chapter 203: Adventure’s (2)


New World, Suzdal Kingdom. 

At the western shipyard, a huge ship the size of a Marine Warship was getting docked. Gold adorned the ship gorgeously as it shone under the bright sun. People with wings on their backs rode the ship while sailing a flag of the Einherjar Pirates.

The Einherjar Pirates' flag was made of black cloth. It had a white human skull in the middle that was encircled by majestic purple lightning.

While the Government refers to Amon's people as 'Einherjar Pirates', the group just refers to themselves as "Einherjars". To them, they can be Pirates if their God wants, they can be Marines if their Diety orders, they can be Revolutionaries if their Daemon desires. So they avoid adding anything before their group’s name, usually.

There are 8 battalions among the Einherjars, 6 of them are under full control of the Six Sins – one is a commander-less team waiting for the emergence of the 7th Sin and the last team is composed of people like Reo, Conis, Honey Queen, and Hina - The spies…

Without counting the last two, each of the battalions has a vice-leader and multiple captains – since they are an extremely massive group. The actual Leaders rarely do anything and mostly spend their time training or messing around.

Being one of the Leaders of one of the battalions, Raki had a submarine under her name. Amon has officially claimed Tesoro's title of the richest man. So he was in no shortage of money. So with alien tech and Germa Tech fused with Seraph tech, he has made Submarines for each battalion. After all, a Submarine filled with advanced weapons is always better than a normal warship.

Raki wanted to bring that exact submarine with her today. But she was quite disappointed as Robin did not deem that as a good idea for this mission and instead decided to use a normal ship.


"So this is the place?" Raki jumped down from the ship and looked around. The shipyard was a generic one, the people were generic too. A light of disappointment flashed through her eyes. "Eh, I thought since this is the only base of Sky Inc in the New World, there would be special things to see."

Raki was wearing a white jacket that reached her knees, the chain was open and revealed the black buttoned-up shirt under it. On her legs, she wore black short pants and high boots.

Behind her, Robin slowly walked down a stair made of hands and stood beside Raki. She wore similar clothes, but instead of a white jacket, she wore black.

Robin said, "Don't be disappointed yet. The Capital is beautiful enough." She added, "Though it's nowhere close to Shandora, so I guess you won't be impressed either."

"Huh… Well, guess that works too.” Raki sighed. “Anyway, I am just here to spend some time, it's fine as long as I am not bored." Raki moved toward Robin and locked her arms around her neck, smiling cheekily. "I am sure it won't be boring, with you here, tehe."

Robin used her devil fruit to sprout extra hands from her back and removed Raki's hands from her neck. She surpassed a giggle and shook her head. "I thought you stopped pursuing me?"

Raki shrugged. "I was just busy training. Now that I am free, I can mess around a little." She said, "Brother is not around to keep me in the watch too, so I am pretty free-minded right now."

It was then as Robin frowned. She ignored Raki’s blabbering and focused… her Observation Haki has just noticed something. All of the crowd had their eyes locked on them. While that might not be anything surprising since they are two beautiful women exiting from an outstanding ship, she could feel a few shrewd gazes among the admiring and lust-filled gazes. 

Robin's armament is barely average since Amon didn't really need her to be a fighter, but her Observation Haki is better than most. Nowadays, it's almost the norm for people around Amon to have strong Observation Haki. But even with that, she was having a hard time focusing on those particular gazes because of the crowd.

Robin maintained her smile and whispered to Raki, "Do you see anything out of the ordinary…?" She asked, knowing about Wisdom Eyes.

Raki smiled as the two of them started walking casually. "It's a few well-built men… and a woman, wearing black robes and shades. Suspicious. Oh, they are following us."

"Following huh… Fufu, suspicious indeed." Robin grabbed Raki's hands and started walking. Raki used her wisdom eyes to look through walls and search for an empty area.


Inside a white room, lots of scientific equipment decorated the boring walls. The room reeked of chemicals with the clear sound of different chemicals boiling apparent. 

In front of the computer sitting in the middle of the room, a little boy was sitting on a comfy chair with his eyes locked on the screen while a tall man stood beside him. 

"So how does this work?" The little boy, Karna, asked. Looking at the screen that had a line of DNA, or as the scientists of One Piece liked to call, Lineage Factor, dancing on it. "Like I get the gist of it, but the Factor is supposed to be extremely fragile. How can we artificially change it?"

The person standing beside him, Vinsmoke Judge crossed his arms at this. "That's the mystery. If we knew that, creating devil fruits that don't even have the general devil fruit weakness wouldn't be a problem." He then said with a slight pride in his voice, "Though for your knowledge, I have almost achieved it."

This caused Karna to widen his eyes as Judge grinned. "I can create artificial abilities. Three of my childrens' Lineage were changed to a point where they gained special abilities. A poison body – an electricity ability – and an energy controlling ability." He added, "The problem is, according to my formula, only a fetus who is inside their mother's womb can survive Lineage manipulation. An adult or even a child would die immediately."

Karna then moved his gaze at the screen again and turned the page to show a picture of a devil fruit. "If that's the case, how does devil fruits work? We know that devil fruits change a person's Lineage Factor, but contrasting to what your research says, why can people of any age eat a fruit and get special abilities?"

Judge frowned and said in a slightly annoying tone. "That's what we are researching." He added, "From Caesar Clown's research that Lord Amon has gotten us, we are aware that – unlike my way of doing things, in Caesar's way – directly altering an adult's Lineage would immediately kill him, and while doing that to children would also result in death, it would happen slowly it has the same result! For example, Ceaser has tried making some human children into giants by altering their Factor, but none of them lived past a certain age."

He added, "Still, while his research on making artificial giants has helped us close to zero, his research on Slimies has helped us a lot – well, calling it 'his' research would be incorrect as the first model was made by Vegapunk." 

"So can the Slimies change the so-called Lineage without any backlash?" Karna asked, his eyes filled with curiosity of an extreme calibre. 

Judge glanced at Karna for a second. He couldn't understand why his Lord had asked him to share their research with this child… he daren't question Amon's judgement, but this still bewildered him. 

In the end, he gave up. He shook his head internally and opened his mouth, "No, not really. With my Formula, you can change a fetus' lineage but when he grows up, he would still be able to eat a devil fruit without getting his body exploded. It's the same with Caesar's Giant children. While they are still alive, they can still eat a devil fruit without dying. But if we use a slimey to change a person's lineage, the person would die immediately when he eats another devil fruit, or in this case if the person has already eaten a fruit before – so since Lord Amon has already eaten a devil fruit, using this method won't work."

Karna hummed, "Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. We are researching this so that we can alter Big Brother’s Lineage with Oars’, while also not making him grow in size or die outright, right?"

Judge was almost angry at the kid for forgetting about the main reason for this talk. But he just took a deep breath, "...Yes."

Looking down on the floor, Karna then tilted his head. "...Even the best scientist alive, Vegapunk, couldn't do it?" A strange light flashed upon his eyes. Is this an opportunity to become the best? "Fine, then I will do it myself."




Author's Note:

Welp, my semester exam is going to start tomorrow, gotta ace it 🙄 so updates will be late for a while. (I didn't want to do this since update stability is already so shitty that most of the readers left, but I got no choice.)