Chapter 216
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Chapter 216

Smiling at them, Amon stood up from the dining table.

"Alright, I need to go now."

He glanced at the people, Raki, Isa, Aisa, Bob, Karna, and Otama – who waved at him from their chairs. They just had dinner together after almost 2 months.

He glanced at Raki, who seemed fine for a person who fought Big Mom just a week ago.

Not only her, the other Sins were also fine after Amon fed them teardrops of the dwarf princess. He just had to threaten Doffy a little to get his hands on it.

While he was busy thinking, Raki stretched her arms and yawned. "Uuu… You're not done yet in Alabasta?"

"Nope, it would take a while more."

Raki whistled. "Damn, to think you're actually working hard and not just fucking around."

"Shut it."

Isa and the others laughed at this, while Raki stuck out her tongue. "Bff!"

Deadpanning, Amon was just about to teleport just as he sensed something…


Skypiea is only 10 kilometres above Jaya, so Amon can 'see' everything happening there in real-time. And currently, he was doing just that.

He frowned – which got noticed by everyone in the room.

Some people are coming to Skypiea via the newly made road in Jaya.

There are three routes to Skypiea. The Summit of the High West, the Knock-up stream, and the recently-added Milky-road connected to Jaya.

Amon created this milky road because of two reasons. First, he would rather have the entrance to his Base under his Observation Haki's range than to leave it be in the West blue. Second, this allows a much easier method of travelling.

'That's Honey Queen's presence… Hmm, I haven’t checked her report for a while.’

Even Amon can't 'see' with his Observation Haki. The best he can do is something similar to Fujitora. Though – he did have his <Thunder Eyes> that let him see everything clearly.

He closed his eyes as a bolt of lightning left his forehead, penetrating the land of Shandora and entering Jaya in less than a second.

"Whoa…" Otama was fascinated seeing it while others waited for what Amon had to say.

Opening his eyes almost immediately, Amon turned to Raki with a small smirk on his face.

"You know the Straw Hat Pirates?"


"..." Amon sighed. "Go and do some research on them right now. They'd come here soon, you make sure they don't die."

Raki was confused as to why she would even care about some measly pirate, but by that time she could have asked him for an explanation – Amon had vanished from Shandora, and Skypiea as a whole.

"Yikes..." she exhaled. "I wanted to train."


A few hours later,

Straw Hats finally passed Heaven’s Gate with their ship as a huge lobster brought them to Angel Island.

In this timeline, to just enter Skypiea, one would need a fortune. This was - in the end - the base of an Emperor of the Sea, after all.

Yet, the Straw Hats were able to do so.

Unlike Canon, they actually had more than enough money to enter Heaven’s Gate, because this time - they got to fight and loot a lot of Marines coming after them because of Alice, and a bunch of newbie pirates who started their journey after Big Mom’s death.

More so, the initial price has been halved so that more people can come up here – because a "special event" is being held right now on the west side of Angel Island. This event is based on 13 daughters of Big Mom – who survived from Amon's massacre, but still came to him for revenge, regardless.

Though Straw Hats were unaware of the fact.

Moving on,

“Wow, this place is pretty fancy...” Nami looked around the city as she walked by with Alice and Honey Queen.

“Fancy is an understatement!” The blonde, Alice, exclaimed. “This place is heavenly! Almost as good as Mariejois!!”

She wore a blue dress with her blonde hair tied by a black ribbon. Some balloons were in her hands, that she was grabbing tightly to not let them fly away.

[Image Here]


She nudged closer to Nami who shook her head slowly, as the girl said, “Nami, Nami, I want to eat those cotton candy-thingies… buy me some~”

Nami sighed hearing this. Normally she’d disagree, those things looked expensive. But this girl was too adorable, so she had to reluctantly nod her head.

Amongst all this, Honey Queen followed them with a disinterested look on her face.

She is more interested in seeing any kind of drama that might happen soon. After all, she notified Amon but he never responded. What would he do when Straw Hats starts doing something stupid in his base?

More so – when they've divided each other like this?

The Straw Hats are divided into 3 groups. The first is Nami, Alice and Honey. The second is Ussop and Sanji. The third is Zoro and Luffy.

She was really looking forward to it. If her luck is better, she might have to stop playing around them after this… No, ‘playing around’ would be an understatement, this is clear babysitting.

Without her, the Straw Hats would have been dead 10 times by now.

She shrugged and followed Nami while eyeing the cotton candy. This is her 2nd time in Skypiea. So she was maybe a little interested in the things here… just a little.

“Oi, Cat Burglar, buy me some too…”

Nami smiled at her and nodded. Nami really respected her, from what Honey Queen could tell. Maybe the little girl felt that women who can stand on their own are cool…?

‘Heh. This feels good sometimes.’


Well, Straw Hats are somewhere and problems wouldn’t occur, is that possible?

Not in this timeline.

“You bastards! How dare you treat women like this?!”

Sanji kicked the guard who was flown a few meters behind.

“S-sanji… stop it, this is not a place we should be fighting in. Remember what Honey said before coming here?? No matter what we do, we mustn’t start a fight!”

"How can I stay calm in such a situation!?" Sanji announced. "They're treating women as sex dolls!"

Sanji and Ussop were wandering around Angel Island's west side. Ussop was interested in the dials they were using while Sanji was interested in the literal angels walking around him.

His gaze that examined all the women's rear and bosom was easily noticed by the people from the red-light district.

Taking Sanji as a potential customer – they approached him and explained to him about the "new goods". Big Mom's daughters – starting from the ugliest to the most beautiful one. They were all available for a play as long as he had money.

This pissed Sanji off. He already knew about prostitution, and he hated it. He didn't like the fact that women sold their bodies for some mere bellies. Though he still had to bear with it since the girls working there do this willingly.

But this? It was clear that Big Mom's daughters were being forced!!

First and foremost – they shouldn't be punished for Big Mom's mistake. And secondly – even if they were to be punished, this was not the way!

"But, Sanji! By doing this you're endangering all of our lives!"

Sanji clenched his fist at Ussop's words. On second thought, it was indeed reckless. Maybe he shouldn't have done that.

Alas, it was too late.

The guard who he kicked got up with a pained expression. "My, my. We got a troublesome one."

He took out the walkie-talkie-like device hanging from his waist and clicked the connect button, then saying, "We need reinforcements."

Ussop sighed at this. "We are done for…"


On the other hand, Raki, who was watching T.V got a sudden call on her SmartDial.

["Miss, since you've asked us to notify you if anything happens with the Straw Hats – we believe you should come here ASAP."]

Raki deadpanned at this and sighed, getting up slowly after cutting the call.

"This is pissing me off. He said not to kill… I can at least break their legs, right?"

Amon didn't actually mind, and in fact already knew something like this would happen. The reason he put the 'No Kill' rule on her was because of this. Cut them, break them, just don't kill them. He didn't want to babysit the strawhats, but he didn't mind fueling them with a bit of oil since he did have a free chance lying around.

And…. It would be a spectacle to see when Sanji meets Raki. Unfortunately, Amon might miss it.


Meanwhile, in Marineford, Sengoku stared ahead, at the Silver-haired girl with a dazed look on his face.

"Fuyu… are you sure?" He asked for one last time.

"I am certain, Fleet Admiral. Vice-Admiral Hina couldn't follow them anymore since they entered Sky Emperor's base."

Sengoku heaved a sigh and leaned back on his chair. "I am done for."

If that kid, Amon, discovered the relationship between him and Alice, it would be a disaster.

...Though luckily for poor Sengoku, the current Amon was strong enough to not care about small-time manipulation like this anymore.

After all, what's the meaning of power if he still had to manipulate people to gain things? Just a gaze should be enough.