The brown haired princess’ first day of school
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Hey, I'm back. And as you can see, there's a new cover. This chapter was supposed to be uploaded last night, but sleep-deprived me forgot to upload it and fell asleep. As for why this was very late, I happened to be very busy this past week, both school and non-school related stuff. I want to say that I'll make a new chapter later, judging from my past record, I'd rather not. Anyways, thank you, and please treat me well.

Today is going to be the first day of class. I'm currently in a carriage going that's heading to Aerith Academy, the top school in the Hecaron Kingdom. While it may be under the jurisdiction of the Hecaron Kingdom, there is a decent amount of nobles from other countries that decide to study here for different reasons. Some come because they're from smaller countries whose leading education institution is lacking compared to Aerith, others come here for political reasons such as exchange student programs. From what I've heard, nobles make up the majority of the student body, and only a few commoners ever get in Aerith. Speaking of commoners, I kind of miss Riel.

It's been a week since I've last seen Riel. The last time I saw him was during the written exam for Aerith Academy, and that may just be the last time that I'll ever see him. Well, unless another coincidental meeting happens just like what had been happening, or if he manages to get into Aerith Academy, then it would really be the last time I'll see him. I knew I should've asked where he lived so that I could visit him sometimes, but I was a bit too embarrassed to really ask him about it. But now isn't the time to give up! The next time I see him, I'll definitely ask him! But before that, I should really find him first. 

There's also the possibility of him getting into Aerith, but I'm not gonna count on it. From what I know, he's a commoner that is pretty smart, but he might be a little lacking compared to nobles who have gotten proper education. As for me, I crammed a lot of my studying a day before the actual exam, which might be the only reason why I passed the exam. Well, I can at least hope for the best. As I was busy contemplating, the carriage suddenly stopped.

"Ojou-sama, we have arrived at the academy." (Coachman)

I then exit the carriage. After that, a female servant comes and greets me.

"Greetings Miss Elizabeth Harmonia. We welcome you to Aerith Academy. Please follow me to where you are supposed to be seated." (Servant)

As I follow the servant, I notice that there are other students that are being led by other servants but are going in another direction. Before I could even ask the question, the servant had answered.

"We are currently heading into a room where Miss Elizabeth and 4 others are supposed to be seated. This is because there is a special event arranged for you 5." (Servant)

I see. I'm guessing it has something to do with the 5 great families. I've heard about how this year's new batch has a lot of special individuals, especially those from the 5 great families. I overheard it from my mom and dad talking about it. Nobles, huh? Come to think about it, the first friend I've ever made was Riel who was a commoner. I don't remember speaking to any nobles other than mom and dad so I'm curious about what nobles are like. I'm at least aware of how different my parents are from other nobles so I know not to use them as a standard. A few minutes later, We've arrived at the special room where I'm supposed to be while the entire ceremony happens. The servant then directs me to my seat before leaving the room.

There were 5 different seats that were all spaced evenly with the exception of two that were slightly closer together. I saw that there were three people already seated. When I went to take my seat, I felt like the entire atmosphere of the room had changed. I noticed that the people around me exerted a certain kind of pressure. It was then that I finally understood what a noble really was. Fortunately, this was slightly weaker than what my mom had me experience just to prepare me for these situations. I then exerted some pressure of my own and that led into a three-way stalemate. While keeping that three-way stalemate, the person next to me suddenly spoke.

"Greetings miss, I don't think I've ever seen you before. May I ask as to who you are?" 

The person who spoke to me had red hair and was very handsome, maybe even as handsome as Riel. He might have greeted me with a smile, but his eyes sure weren't. Just like the other two, he was looking at me as if he was sizing me up. The fact that he asked for my identity without even introducing himself means that he sees me as an unknown variable while expecting me to know about his identity, who I don't. I then respond.

"I am Elizabeth Harmonia, first daughter of Duchess. Now then, who might you be?" (Liz)

"I see, so you are the mysterious heir of the Harmonia family. Well then, I guess I should introduce myself. I am Markus Agnis, the first son of Duke Agnis. Seeing as you're a member of the Harmonia family, I will let your ignorance slide. But you should remember my name from now on. After all, isn't it basic etiquette to have even the slightest knowledge about your peers?" (Markus) 

Wow, I haven't even done anything and he's already hostile from the get-go. He doesn't seem to be a bad person, but he sure feels like an actual noble, not like some certain people. I guess this is just how nobles work. I guess I should just go with the flow and not start any unnecessary arguments right now. After all, if he does piss me off later, then it's a good idea to make him lower his guard and then get him when he lowers his guard, or so Maria-nee says. I then respond while wearing a graceful smile.

"I see. I apologize for making such a blunder. I shall keep your words to heart." (Liz)

"I'm glad to have been of help." (Markus)

Hehe, just you wait. If you mess with me, I'll make sure to bite back 10x harder. As for the other two, they don't seem to be interested in speaking to me right now. However. the pressure that was previously being emitted has disappeared completely as if nothing happened. If I'm right, these three were just testing me to see if I was an unruly noble that didn't deserve to be on their level. I'm glad that that's over with. But now, I feel so bored. Nothing interesting is happening, and I can't do anything fun with these guys around. As I was busy trying to entertain myself in my mind, the last person had finally arrived. 

""""We greet Your Highness.""""

The moment he entered the room, we had immediately risen from our seats and kneeled while greeting the prince.

"Greetings as well. You may all rise and go back to your seats." (Prince)

""""As you wish.""""

Out of all these 4, I only knew about the prince beforehand. This was because mom had shown me a picture of him while saying "Isn't he a handsome boy? I hope you two get along well. But if he does anything rude to you, I want you to kick him right here just between the legs~". I never understood why it had to be between the legs so I kept asking the servants but no one ever told me why. When I asked Maria-nee, she just replied with "For your own sake, don't ask any questions about it and just do what Master told you to do." so I just stopped asking.

After a while, we heard a familiar voice come from out of nowhere. It was the headmaster's voice. Just when thought that this couldn't be worse, his boring speech made it worse and almost made me fall asleep. After 10 minutes of that sleep-inducing speech, we were finally called to the stage. The headmaster started off by listing our names. After going up the stage, I started looking around the gym and saw a familiar face.

I didn't know Albert was a senior here at Aerith. That's pretty interesting. I would've never guessed that such a laid-back guy would make it into Aerith. I guess that would make for a pretty interesting stay here I guess. I then continued on looking around as I saw yet another familiar face. We then made eye contact and I suddenly had the urge to do something funny. 

"But not only are the members of the great families joining us this year but so is the crown pri—"


Fufufu, school is gonna be very fun.